Operational Fresnel Lenses within the United States - Revision 4 as of December 24, 2016                DIOPTRIC PANELS     UPPER CATADIOPTRC   LOWER CATADIOPTRIC            
                    NumberDegreesNumberNumberDegreesNumberNumberDegreesNumber    Degrees Type     
LensLens Assigned          UseLensMfg.YearLensFocalof Dio.ofofofofOfofofOf  ReflectorReflectorofType ofRotation     
OrderChar.Ver.Light Station NumberLatitudeLongitudeAreaCountryTownAreaCountryCurrent Location Contact NameContact AddressCodeManufacturerNo.MadeStyleLengthPanelsCoverageElementsPanelsCoveragePrismsPanelsCoveragePrismsColorReflectorTypeMaterialCoverageSuspensionDriveContact / RemarksAssessorOrganizationDateFDB Number
5th DrumFYesBattery Point LighthouseG-4417.5 (1994)41 44.6124 12.1CAUSCrescent CityCAUSBattery Point Lighthouse577 H Street  Crescent City, CA 95531A   D187.5 MM  11       No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001 
2FYesPoint Bonita LighthouseG-4052 (1994)37 48.9122 31.8CAUSSausalitoCAUSPoint Bonita LighthouseMarin Headlands  Sausalito, CA 94965AL. Sautter 1877C700 MM  13  12  5 No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2001FDB-011
3FL/WYesPoint Cabrillo LighthouseG-4362 (1994)39 20.9123 49.6CAUSMendocinoCAUSPoint Cabrillo Lighthouse45300 Light House Road  Mendocino, CA 95460AChance BrothersUSLHE 3211909C500 MM4906490114904 No   BMCoastal conservancy. Brass painted; prior to restoration 2000. In lantern, inactive.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/9/2001FDB-012
3OCC/FYesPoint Pinos LighthouseG-3992 (1994)36 38.0121 56.0CAUSPacific GroveCAUSPoint Pinos Lighthouse77 Asilomar Boulevard  Pacific Grove, CA 93950AHenry-Lepaute 1855C500 MM467.513467.511    No     Active ATON, Eclipser in MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-015
5th DrumFLYesTrinidad Head LighthouseG-4408 (1994)41 03.1124 09.1CAUSTrinidadCAUSTrinidad Head A   O187.5 MM  11             Active ATON, Drum in TowerGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-023
4OCC/WYesYerba Buena Lighthousenone  CAUSYerba BuenaCAUSYerba Buena Island Lighthouse ABarbier & FenestreBF-831886C250 MM490549064904       Active ATON, USCGKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
5FYesLynde Point (Saybrook) LighthouseJ-0746 (2003)41 16.372 20.6CTUSOld SaybrookCTUSLynde Point LighthouseOld Saybrook, CT 06475A  1890C187.5 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-024
4FYesNew London Harbor LighthouseJ-0730 (2003)41 18.372 04.7CTUSNew LondonCTUSNew London Harbor Lighthouse150 Bank Street  New London, CT 06320A  1857C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-025
3FYesFenwick Island LighthouseJ-1354 (2003)38 27.175 03.3DEUSFenwick IslandDEUSFenwick Island Lighthouse A  1859C500 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-026
3FLYesAmelia Island LighthouseJ-2856 (2003)30 40.481 26.5FLUSFernandina BeachFLUSAmelia Island Lighthouse ABarbier Bénard  C500 MM                Active ATON. Revolving.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-027
4FLYesAnclote Keynone  FLUSAnclote KeyFLUSAnclote Key AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009FDB-345
2FL/WYesHillsboro Inlet LighthouseJ-2934 (2003)26 15.680 04.9FLUSPompano BeachFLUSHillsboro Inlet LighthouseHillsboro Beach, FLABarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1906G700 MM                Bivalve. Possible display St. Louis World Fair 1904. Relit 1999.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/20/2001FDB-034
1F/FLYesJupiter Inlet LighthouseJ-2922 (2003)26 56.980 04.9FLUSJupiterFLUSJupiter Inlet Lighthouse500 Captain Armours Way  Jupiter, FL 33469AHenry-Lepaute 1863C920 MM                Active ATON. Restored 2000.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/20/2001FDB-035
1FLYesPensacola LighthouseJ-3394 (2003)30 20.887 18.5FLUSPensacolaFLUSPensacola Lighthouse2081 Radford Boulevard  Pensacola, Florida 32508, Shell Road, FL 32508AHenry-Lepaute 1869C920 MM8451184516845  No     Active ATON. 8 panelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/16/2001FDB-037
1F/FL/WYesSt. Augustine LighthouseJ-2866 (2003)29 53.181 17.3FLUSSt. AugustineFLUSSt. Augustine Lighthouse81 Lighthouse Avenue  St. Augustine, FL 32080ASautter Lemonnier & Cie. 1874C920 MM        8 No   C St. Augustine LH Mus. Gunfire damage 1986. Restored/revolving active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/21/2001FDB-041
3F/FLWYesSt. Simons Island LighthouseJ-2842 (2003)31 08.081 23.6GAUSSt. Simons IslandGAUSSt. Simons Island Lighthouse AL. Sautter 1872C500 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-043
1F/WYesTybee Island LighthouseJ-2776.1 (2003)32 01.380 50.8GAUSTybee IslandGAUSTybee Island Light30 Meddin Drive  Tybee Island, GA 31328AHenry-Lepaute 1886C920 MM                Tybee Island Historical Society. Active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-044
3FYesDiamond Head LighthouseG-7328 (1994)21 15.3157 48.6HIUSHonoluluHIUSDiamond Head Lighthouse3731 Kanaina Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815ABarbier Benard 1899C500 MM                Active ATONTagALCC10/9/2011FDB-318
2FL/WYesBoston Harbor LighthouseJ-0314 (2003)42 19.770 53.4MAUSBostonMAUSBoston Harbor LighthouseLittle Brewester Island, MAA  1859C700 MM    90           Active ATON, Manned CG Station, Chipping    
3.5FYesHospital Point Front Range LighthouseJ-0290 (2003)42 32.870 51.4MAUSBeverlyMAUSHospital Point Front Range Light A   C375 MM                Active ATON. Beehive with extended Sector panel.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-059
4FYesNobska Point LighthouseJ-0456 (2003)41 31.070 39.3MAUSWoods HoleMAUSNobska Point LighthouseNobska Road And Church Street Woods Hole, MA 02543A  1876C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/11/2000FDB-062
4FYesPlum Island LighthouseJ-0250 (2003)42 48.970 49.1MAUSNewburyportMAUSNewburyport (Plum Island) LighthouseNewburyport, MAA   C250 MM         Green      Active ATON, Placed Back in TowerGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/14/2000FDB-063
4F/RYesBass Harbor Head LighthouseJ-0054 (2003)44 13.368 20.2MEUSTremontMEUSBass Harbor Head Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute 1858C250 MM                Active ATON. 1858.TagALCC6/11/2012FDB-342
4FYesBrowns Head LighthouseJ-0110 (2003)44 06.768 54.6MEUSVinalhavenMEUSBrowns Head Lighthouse A   C250 MM490549064903 No     Active ATON / Vinalhaven.KaiserALCC11/25/2015FDB-383
4FYesCape Neddick LighthouseJ-0226 (2003)43 09.970 35.5MEUSYork BeachMEUSCape Neddick Lighthouse A  1879C250 MM                Active ATON. 1879 lens damaged in explosion, replaced 1891.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-073
4FYesFort Point LighthouseJ-0086 (2003)44 28.068 48.7MEUSStockton SpringsMEUSFort Point Lighthouse A  1857C250 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-077
4FYesOwls Head LighthouseJ-0104 (2003)44 05.569 02.6MEUSOwls HeadMEUSOwls Head Lighthouse AL. Sautter & Cie  C250 MM           SphericalAg on Cu   Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-080
4FYesPemaquid Point LighthouseJ-0134 (2003)43 50.269 30.4MEUSBristolMEUSPemaquid Point Lighthouse A   C250 MM                Active ATON Lens has a silver colored painted frameTagALCC3/30/2009 
3FYesWest Quoddy Head Lighthousenone  MEUSLubecMEUSWest Quoddy Head Lighthouse AL. Sautter et Cie  C500 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/18/2000FDB-086
4FYesForty Mile Point LighthouseUS 11715 (1993)45 29.283 54.8MIUSRogers CityMIUSForty Mile Point Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/29/2000FDB-095
4F/WYesFrankfort North Breakwater LighthouseUS 18375 (1993)44 37.986 15.1MIUSFrankfortMIUSFrankfort North Breakwater Light A   C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2001FDB-096
4FL/W+RYesHarbor Beach Lighthouse   MIUSHarbor BeachMIUSHarbor Beach Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2015C250 MM103631036610363 No   BMActive PTONKaiserALCC8/8/2015FDB - 379
3F/FLYesLittle Point Sable LighthouseUS 18645 (1993)43 39.086 32.4MIUSMearsMIUSLittle Sable Point Lighthouse A   C500 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-106
4F/WYesMendota Lighthousenone  MIUSBete GriseMIUSMendota LighthouseP.O. Box 225, Birmingham, MI 48012A  1895C250 MM  5  5  3       Active PATON  Restored 1998GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/14/2001FDB-109
4FYesSand Point Lighthouse   MIUSEscanabaMIUSSand Point LighthouseLight House Road  Baraga, MI 49908AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014C250 MM          YesSphericalAu on Cu90       
3FYesSouth Manitou Islandnone  MIUSSouth Manitou IslandMIUSSouth Manitou Island AReplica - Artworks Florida  C500 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009FDB-337
4FYesSt. James Lighthouse US 17845 (1993)45 44.685 30.5MIUSBeaver IslandMIUSSt. James Lighthouse ABarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM  5  6  4  No    Active ATONKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
4F/WYesTawas Point LighthouseUS 11240 (1993)44 15.283 26.9MIUSTawasMIUSTawas Point Lighthouse ABarbier & FenestreBF-651880C250 MM                Active ATONKaiserALCC5/31/2006 
5FYesBiloxi LighthouseJ-3578 (2003)30 23.788 54.1MSUSBiloxiMSUSBiloxi Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Active PATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/15/2001FDB-132
1F/WYesBodie Island LighthouseJ-2386 (2003)35 49.175 33.8NCUSBodie IslandNCUSBodie Island Light8210 Bodie Island Lighthouse R  Nags Head, NC 27959ABarbier & Fenestre 1871C920 MM  17  19    No     Flashing since electrified / NPS, Manteo 1871. Active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-134
1F/FL/WYesCurrituck Beach LighthouseJ-2384 (2003)36 22.675 49.8NCUSCorollaNCUSCurrituck Beach LighthouseHighway 12 North  Corolla, NC 27927ASautter Lemonnier et Cie 1875?C920 MM  17  19  8 YesTot. Ref.Glass C * Active ATON  Outer Banks Conservancy.  1875.  Polygonal Fresnel.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-136
4FYesOcracoke Island LighthouseJ-2408 (2003)35 06.575 59.2NCUSOcracoke IslandNCUSOcracoke Island LighthouseLighthouse Road  Ocracoke, NC 27960AF. Barbier et Cie.BF-931890C250 MM490549064903 No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-137
4F/GYesPortsmouth Harbor LighthouseJ-0233 (2003)43 04.970 42.5NHUSNew CastleNHUSPortsmouth Harbor LighthouseFriends of Portsmouth Harbor, P.O. Box 8232, Portsmouth, NH 03802AHenry-LepauteUSLHS 417 1/2 C250 MM                Active ATON installed after 1935 from location unknownGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000 
1FYesAbsecon Lighthousenone  NJUSAtlantic CityNJUSAbsecon Lighthouse31 South Rhode Island Avenue  Atlantic City, NJ 08401AL. Sautter & Cie 1854C920 MM  13  17          Restored 1998. Active ATON ?GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2001FDB-139
3FYesSandy Hook LighthouseJ-1036 (2003)40 27.774 00.1NJUSSandy HookNJUSSandy Hook LighthouseGateway National Recreation Area  Middletown, NJ 07732AL. Sautter & Cie. 1857C500 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/21/2000FDB-145
3FNoBuffalo Main Lighthouse   NYUSBuffaloNYUSBuffalo Main Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2015C500 MM                 KaiserALCC10/5/2015FDB-381
4FNoCharlotte-Genesee Lighthouse   NYUS NYUSCharlotte-Genesee Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014C250 MM                Active PTONKaiserALCC12/15/2014 
3FYesDunkirk Lighthouse (Point Gratiot)US 3410 (1993)42 29.679 21.2NYUSDunkirkNYUSDunkirk Lighthouse (Point Gratiot)P.O. Box 69, 1 Lighthouse Point Dr., Dunkirk, NY 14048A  1857C500 MM          YesSphericalAg on Cu   Active ATON, USCG / Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum & Veterans Park.GademskyFresnel Lens Team10/14/2001FDB-150
3F/WYesEatons Neck LighthouseJ-0872 (2003)40 57.273 23.7NYUSEatons NeckNYUSEatons Neck LighthouseHuntington, NYAHenry-Lepaute 1854?C500 MM                Active ATON, Reflector plate. USCG, Northport, Long Island Sound.KinneyEaton's Neck9/5/2012 
2F/WYesStaten Island Rear Range LighthouseJ-1082 (2003)40 34.574 08.6NYUSStaten IslandNYUSStaten Island Rear Range Lighthouse AChance BrothersUSLHE 2061905H700 MM          YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Active ATON, Front bullseye panel,sides open, rear curved. USLHE #206    
6 NoSunken Rock Lighthousenone  NYUSAlexandria BayNYUSSunken Rock LightSt. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., 180 Andrews St., Messena, NY 13662A    150 MM                     
4FLNoTarrytown Lighthouse   NYUSTarrytownNYUSTarrytown Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014A250 MM360336053603       Installed 2014   FDB-376
4FYesTibbetts Point (Cape Vincent) LighthouseUS 1735 (1993)44 06.076 22.2NYUSCape VincentNYUSTibbetts Point (Cape Vincent) LighthouseTibbetts Point Lighthouse Historical Society, P.O. Box 683, Cape Vincent, NY 13618A   C250 MM     5    No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/4/2000FDB-160
4 NoWest Bank Front Range LighthouseJ-1081.9 (2003)40 32.374 02.6NYUSWest BankNYUSWest Bank Front Range Light A    250 MM                Active ATON    
2FL/WYesCape Blanco LighthouseG-4432 (1994)42 50.2124 33.8ORUSSixesORUSCape Blanco Lighthouse91100 Cape Blanco Road  Port Orford, OR 97465AHenry-Lepaute  C700 MM84588  8   No     Active ATON, Revolving.  7 pieces replaced in 1994 after 1992 vandalismGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/2001FDB-170
1FLYesUmpqua River LighthouseG-4472 (1994)43 39.8124 11.9ORUSReedsportORUSUmpqua River Lighthouse - Douglas County1020 Lighthouse Road  Winchester Bay, OR 97467AF. Barbier & CieBF-911890C920 MM24151784517845 R & WNo   C Active ATON, USCG Coos Bay. R&W (2W, 1R FL)GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/2001FDB-174
1F/WYesYaquina Head LighthouseG-4506 (1994)44 40.6124 04.7ORUSNewport  ORUSYaquina Head Lighthouse750 Northwest Lighthouse Drive  Newport, OR 97365ABarbier & Fenestre 1868C920 MM          Yes     Active ATON, BLM, Yaquina Head.  flashed with 1000w bulb since 1939.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/4/2001FDB-175
4FYesBlock Island North LighthouseJ-0642 (2003)41 13.771 34.6RIUSBlock IslandRIUSBlock Island North LighthouseCorn Neck Rd., Block IslandABarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHE 444 C250 MM490549064904 No   BCActive PTONKaiserALCC7/24/2013FDB-369
1FYesBlock Island Southeast LighthouseJ-0650 (2003)41 09.271 33.1RIUSBlock IslandRIUSBlock Island Southeast Lighthouse122 Mohegan Trl, Block Island, RI 02807AL. Sautter & Cie.  C920 MM64517645136456GreenYesSphericalAg on Cu45  Active ATON Original Cape Lookout, VA 1859-1967, Stored USCG Portsmouth VA 1967-1994.KaiserALCC7/24/2013FDB-368
4FYesPoint Judith LighthouseJ-0628 (2003)41 21.771 28.9RIUSNarragansettRIUSPoint Judith Lighthouse1470 Ocean Road  Narragansett, RI 02882AMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/11/2000FDB-178
6FNoRose Island Lighthouse   RIUSNewportRIUSRose Island Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2013C150 MM490549054903 No     Active PTON   FDB-370
4FYesOld Plantation Flatsnone  VAUSCape CharlesVAUSOld Plantation Flats AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4FYesOld Point Comfort LighthouseJ-1420 (2003)37 00.176 18.4VAUSHamptonVAUSOld Point Comfort LighthouseFenwick Road  Hampton, Virginia 23651AHenry-Lepaute 1854C250 MM                Active ATON. Reputed LePaute but no mark. 3 drum sec, empty landwd secGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-189
4F/WYesMukilteo LighthouseG-4982 (1994)47 56.9122 18.3WAUSMukilteoWAUSMukilteo LighthouseMukilteo, WAAL. Sautter & Cie.  C250 MM  5  5  3WYes SphericalAg on Cu90  Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-196
5FYesAlgoma Pierhead LighthouseUS 20975 (1993)44 36.487 25.8WIUSAlgomaWIUSAlgoma Pierhead Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM         R      Active ATON  Surrounded by red screens   GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/8/2001 
3FYesCana Island LighthouseUS 21255 (1993)45 05.387 02.8WIUSBaileys HarborWIUSCana Island Lighthouse A   C500 MM          No     Active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-203
3FLYesDevils Island LighthouseUS 15565 (1993)47 04.890 43.7WIUSDevils IslandWIUSDevils Island Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM  8  10          Active ATON. Bullseyes. Removed by USCG 1989, reinstalled NPS 1992.    
6FYesGrassy Island Front Rangenone  WIUSGreen Bay Yacht ClubWIUSGrassy Island Front Range AReplica  C150 MM                Artworks Florida ReplicaTagALCC10/3/2008 
6FYesGrassy Island Rear Rangenone  WIUSGreen Bay Yacht ClubWIUSGrassy Island Rear Range AReplica  C150 MM                Artworks Florida ReplicaTagALCC10/3/2008 
4FYesGreen Bay Harbor Entrance LighthouseUS 22130 (1993)44 39.287 54.1WIUSGreen BayWIUSGreen Bay Harbor Entrance Lighthouse A    250 MM                Active ATONTagALCC1/24/2009 
5FYesKewaunee Pierhead LighthouseUS 20955 (1993)44 27.587 29.8WIUSKewauneeWIUSKewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/8/2001FDB-205
4FYesMilwaukee Breakwater LighthouseUS 20635 (1993)43 01.687 52.9WIUSManitowocWIUSWisconsin Maritime Museum75 Maritime Drive  Manitowoc, WI 54220A    250 MM                 TagALCC10/28/2007FDB-248
4FYesOld Port Washingtonnone  WIUSPort WashingtonWIUSOld Port Washington AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4FNoPlum Island Rear Range LighthouseUS 21310 (1993)45 18.286 57.2WIUSPlum IslandWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Ave.  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235AL. Sautter & Cie   250 MM                Moved to Door County Maritime Museum 2015    
4FYesPottawatomienone  WIUSRock Island State ParkWIUSPottawatomie AReplica - Artworks Florida  C250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4FYesSherwood Point LighthouseUS 22000 (1993)44 53.687 26.0WIUSSturgeon BayWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Ave.  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235A   C250 MM  5  6  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-210
3FL/RYesSturgeon Bay Ship Canal LighthouseUS 20995 (1993)44 47.787 18.8WIUSSturgeon BayWIUSSturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM845884510    No    MActive ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-211
6FNoCardona Island Lighthousenone   USPoncePRUSCardona Island Lighthouse, Puerto RicoCardona Island, PRA   C150 MM                Active ATON    
3FLYesEl Morro LighthouseJ-5494 (2003)18 28.466 07.4PRUSSan JuanPRUSPort San Juan (El Morro) LH, Puerto Rico A  1908K500 MM                Active ATON Dioptric Flash Panels OnlyTagALCC5/1/2010 
              USE CODES  LENS STYLES          KNOWN DESTROYED LENSES        
              A = Active in use  A = Alternating Lens Panels and Metal Panels                  
              L = In Lighthouse - Not Active  B = Alternating Flash Panels and Fixed Panels       2nd Monhegan Island ME 1956        
              M = In a Museum  C = Beehive Shaped Lens                    
              P = In Private Hands  D = Bi-Form One Lens Above the Other                   
              S = In hands of USCG Service  E = Twin, One Lens Beside the Other                   
              V = In a Visitor Center at Lighthouse Location F = Composite a Lens Made From Two Styles of Lens                  
                  G = Bi-Valve Two Identical Bull's Eye Lenses Back to Back                 
                  H = One Half Bi-Valve Lens used by itself or with Reflector                 
                  J = (Drum Lens) Lens Made From Fixed Dioptric Panels                 
                  K = Lens Made From Only Flashing Dioptric Panels                  
                  O = Other Unspecified Style