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Keeper's Log Journal

The Keeper's Log

A thread that binds the society

A subscription to The Keeper's Log journal, a 48-page, glossy quarterly is included with our Keeper Level, Beacon Level, Prism Level & Illumination Level of memberships. Each issue is historical in nature, usually featuring a famous American lighthouse as the cover story, followed by a human-interest article and, often, a foreign lighthouse story.

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USLHS Passport Program

Track your lighthouse visits

The Lighthouse Passport Program provides enthusiasts the opportunity to help preserve lighthouses as well as a wonderful way to keep a pictorial history of their lighthouse adventures. Small donations made by Passport holders generate thousands of dollars for lighthouse restoration and preservation projects.

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Light Hearted Podcast

Tom Hoffman

Light Hearted episode 278 – Tom Hoffman, Sandy Hook, NJ

A conversation with the foremost authority on the nation’s oldest lighthouse.


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What's New

Lighthouse Tours

South Bass Island Lighthouse
2024 Lake Erie South
Jun 01, 2024 to Jun 08, 2024

The original Lake Erie South Tour has been modified to these new dates to coordinate with when the lighthouses will be open for visiting.  Also, more lights and lighthouses have been added for a total of 20.  There will be 7 nights in one hotel.

UPDATE:  3/16/2024 - there are 2 rooms available as of this date.

Tour Leaders: Kelly Bowers and Mike Rosenberger

Tour Cancellation / Refund Policy / Trip Insurance 

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Alcatraz Island
2024 Northern California
Aug 24, 2024 to Sep 02, 2024
You are in for a real treat to see them up close and personal and some of them from a helicopter. Don't miss this opportunity to see these beautiful California lighthouses!
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Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse
2024 Southern Maine and New Hampshire
Oct 06, 2024 to Oct 12, 2024

Join us on this tour of Southern Maine and New Hampshire during the fall colors.  You will see 30 lighthouses and enjoy cruising the local waters to see these lighthouses.

Tour Leaders: Tina Hans and Jeremy D'Entremont

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You can spend the night at a number of lighthouses in the United States. Some lighthouses are now operated as a bed & breakfast, while others are run as a hostel or as a vacation rental. You can even serve as a keeper at some lighthouses, where you perform duties such as guiding tours and light maintenance during your stay. 

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There's no better gift for a lighthouse lover than a membership in the U.S. Lighthouse Society; Keeper Level and above includes a subscription to The Keeper's Log journal!