Classical Fresnel Lenses within the United States - Revision 14 as of December 24th 2016                                 
                          DIOPTRIC PANELS     UPPER CATADIOPTRC   LOWER CATADIOPTRIC            
                    NumberDegreesNumberNumberDegreesNumberNumberDegreesNumber    Degrees Type     
LensLens Assigned          UseLensMfg.YearLensFocalof Dio.ofofofofOfofofOf  ReflectorReflectorofType ofRotation     
OrderChar.Ver.Light Station NumberLatitudeLongitudeAreaCountryTownAreaCountryCurrent Location Contact NameContact AddressCodeManufacturerNo.MadeStyleLengthPanelsCoverageElementsPanelsCoveragePrismsPanelsCoveragePrismsColorReflectorTypeMaterialCoverageSuspensionDriveContact / RemarksAssessorOrganizationDateFDB Number
3FYesCape Decision LighthouseG-6286 (1994)56 00.1134 08.1AKUSPetersburgAKUSClausen Museum203 Fram St, Petersburg, AK 99833M   C500 MM  13  11  4        KaiserALCC5/8/2006FDB-216
3FL/WYesCape Hinchinbrook LighthouseG-6592 (1994)60 14.3146 38.8AKUSValdezAKUSValdez Heritage CenterEgan Drive, Valdez AKMBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C500 MM4907490114905 No     On Display in Valdez Heritage Center MuseumTagALCC8/17/2012FDB-351
3FL/WNoCape Spencer LighthouseG-6508 (1994)58 11.9136 38.3AKUSJuneauAKUSAlaska State Museum395 Wittier St., Juneau AK 99801MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C500 MM4907490114904 No      KaiserALCC11/14/2012FDB-359
3FL/WYesCape St. Elias LighthouseG-6582 (1994)59 47.9144 35.8AKUSCordovaAKUSCordova Museum622 First St., Cordova AK 99574 M   O500 MM4907490114905 No     On Display Cordova MuseumTagALCC4/7/2012FDB-326
4F/WYesEldred Rock LighthouseG-6543 (1994)58 58.3135 13.2AKUSHainesAKUSSheldon Museum and Cultural CenterHaines AK 99827MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  F250 MM              B Formerly in Port Chilkoot Museum (1978)KaiserALCC5/31/2006FDB-306
4FYesMary Islandnone  AKUSJuneauAKUSJuneau-Douglas Museum114 W. 4th St., Juneau AK 99801 MChance Brothers  C250 MM390739063903 YesTot. Ref.Glass90   KaiserALCC5/8/2006FDB-354 
4F/WNoSentinel Island LighthouseG-6538 (1994)58 32.8134 55.3AKUSJuneauAKUSUSCG Dist. HQ345 Egan Drive, Juneau AK 99801S    250 MM                     
4FYesSentinel Island LighthouseG-6538 (1994)58 32.8134 55.3AKUSWest SeattleWAUSAlki Point Lighthouse3200 Point Place Southwest, Seattle WA 98116SHenry - Lepaute  C250 MM490549064903 No          
4FL/WNoTree Point LighthouseG-6002 (1994)54 48.2130 55.9AKUSKetchikanAKUSTongass Historical Museum629 Dock St., Ketchikan AK 99901M   C250 MM103651036610363 No   BM+Cwith drive mechanism (1904).    
6FYesMobile Bay LighthouseJ-3488 (2003)30 26.288 00.7ALUSGulf ShoresALUSFort Morgan Museum51 Highway 180 West, Gulf Shores AL 36542MChance Brothers   C150 MM490 (each)5 (each)4905 (Ea.)490 (Ea.)3 (Ea.)NNo   F Moved to museum in 1996GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/16/2006FDB-001
4FYesMobile Point Rear Range LighthouseJ-3438 (2003)30 12.388 02.0ALUSGulf ShoresALUSFort Morgan Museum51 Highway 180 West, Gulf Shores AL 36542MBarbier & Fenestre  1862?C250 MM490 (each)5 (each)4905 (Ea.)4904NNo   F Moved to museum in 1996GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/16/2006FDB-002
2FYesSand Island Lighthousenone  ALUSGulf ShoresALUSFort Morgan Museum51 Highway 180 West, Gulf Shores AL 36542MBarbier & Fenestre 1873C700 MM66013 (each)66015760/5  30/2    42 No     In Tower 1873-1971, Moved to museum in 1971GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/16/2006FDB-003
4FL/WYesAlcatraz Island LighthouseG-4082 (1994)37 49.6122 25.3CAUSSan FranciscoCAUSAlcatraz Island Museum V  1910K  250 MM6605       No    CUSCG/NPS In Storage, Battery Walace Marin HeadlandsKaiserALCC  
3FL/WYesAnacapa Island LighthouseG-3940 (1994)34 01.1119 21.6CAUSChannel IslandsCAUSChannel Island Visitor Center1901 Spinnaker Drive Ventura, CA 93001MChance Brothers USLHS 3291931C500 MM3727372113724 YesSphericalCr on Cu144BMUSCG/NPS 3 Bullseye panels on Anacapa, Is. USLHS No. 329    
5F/WYesBallast Point LighthouseG-3680 (1994)32 41.2117 14.0CAUSSan DiegoCAUSCabrillo National Monument1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA 92106MSautter Lemonnier et CieNo. 3361886C187.5 MM490549054903 No     In Ballast Point Lighthouse Until 1961    
4FL/WYesBattery Point LighthouseG-4417.5 (1994)41 44.6124 12.1CAUSCrescent CityCAUSBattery Point Lighthouse577 H Street  Crescent City, CA 95531LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM490349064904 No   BCRemoved From Tower 1953. aka Crescent City LH, Lens Located in LH ParlorGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-249
5th DrumFYesBattery Point LighthouseG-4417.5 (1994)41 44.6124 12.1CAUSCrescent CityCAUSBattery Point Lighthouse577 H Street  Crescent City, CA 95531A   D187.5 MM  11       No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001 
1FLYesCape Mendocino LighthouseG-4374 (1994)40 26.4124 24.4CAUSFerndaleCAUSHumboldt County Fairgrounds1250 5th Street, Ferndale, CA 95536ML. Sautter et Cie  C920 MM1622.5 (Ea.)9 (Ea.)1622.5181622.59 No   CC+MIn LH 1868-1951, 7 bullseyes missing. Now crated and in storage at FairgroundsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-004
1FL/WYesFarallon Island LighthouseG-4014 (1994)37 41.9123 00.1CAUSSan FranciscoCAUSSan Francisco Maritime National Historical Park499 Jefferson St  San Francisco, CA 94109MHenry-Lepaute 1855C920 MM84511845178456 No   BC+MNPS Visitors Ctr 2003. Transf from closed Treas Island Museum Msg panels, bullseyeTagALCC5/19/2012FDB-330
4FLYesLos Angeles Harbor LighthouseG-3799 (1994)33 42.5118 15.1CAUSSan PedroCAUSLos Angeles Maritime Museum329 West 6th Street  Urban Feet, Los Angeles, CA 90731MBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHS 454 G250 MM21803 (Ea.)2180621804 No   BMBivalve Door Handle Marked USLHS 454GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/19/2002FDB-005
3F/WYesMile Rocks Lighthousenone  CAUSSan DiegoCAUSCabrillo National Monument1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA 92106VHenry-Lepaute 1906C500 MM660 660 660  No   F NPS/Previous Mile Rock LH, San Francisco 1906-1966, Old Pt Loma 1980sGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/19/2002FDB-006
3FL/WYesNew Point Loma LighthouseG-3676 (1994)32 39.9117 14.5CAUSSan DiegoCAUSCabrillo National Monument1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA 92106LHenry-Lepaute 1891C500 MM1230 1230 1230  No    On display in new keeper's quarters replica.  Four panel lens  No,12GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/19/2002FDB-007
1FLYesPiedras Blancas Lighthouse 1875-1949G-3982 (1994)35 39.9121 17.1CAUSCambriaCAUSVeteran's Park767 Main Street, Cambria, CA 93428MHenry-Lepaute 1872C920 MM822.5 822.5 822.58 No    Cambria Town Square after donation to Lions Club 1949; enclosed 1990.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/17/2002FDB-008
1FLYesPigeon Point LighthouseG-4006 (1994)37 10.9122 23.6CAUSPescaderoCAUSPigeon Point Lighthouse210 Pigeon Point Road, South Coastside, CA 94060MHenry-Lepaute  C920 MM24151724151724158 No   MLens removed to fog signal building 2011 GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-009
1FLYesPoint Arena LighthouseG-4358 (1994)38 57.3123 44.4CAUSPoint ArenaCAUSPoint Arena Lighthouse45500 Lighthouse Road  Point Arena, CA 95468LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C920 MM6609 (Ea.)66018 (Ea.)660  No   M Lens removed to fog signal building 2008. 3-sided group flashes. VRB 25 on gallyGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/9/2001FDB-010
2FYesPoint Bonita LighthouseG-4052 (1994)37 48.9122 31.8CAUSSausalitoCAUSPoint Bonita LighthouseMarin Headlands  Sausalito, CA 94965AL. Sautter 1877C700 MM  13  12  5 No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2001FDB-011
3FL/WYesPoint Cabrillo LighthouseG-4362 (1994)39 20.9123 49.6CAUSMendocinoCAUSPoint Cabrillo Lighthouse45300 Light House Road  Mendocino, CA 95460AChance BrothersUSLHE 3211909C500 MM4906490114904 No   BMCoastal conservancy. Brass painted; prior to restoration 2000. In lantern, inactive.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/9/2001FDB-012
1FL/WYesPoint Conception LighthouseG-3964 (1994)34 26.9120 28.2CAUSPoint ConceptionCAUSSanta Barbara Maritime MuseumSanta Barbara, CALHenry-Lepaute 1854C920 MM1622.5171622.5171622.56 No   CC+MIn Point Conception Lighthouse 1856 to 2013TagALCC5/19/2012FDB-331
4FYesPoint Fermin LighthouseG-3794 (1994)33 42.3118 17.6CAUSPoint FerminCAUSPoint Fermin Lighthouse807 West Paseo Del Mar  Los Angeles, CA 90731MBarbier & Fenestre 1874C250 MM390539063903       Returned to Lighthouse Museum in 2006USLHSBulletin12/1/2006FDB-373
4FL/WYesPoint Hueneme LighthouseG-3926 (1994)34 08.7119 12.6CAUSPort HuenemeCAUSPoint Hueneme Lighthouse220 North Market Street, Port Hueneme, CA 93041MBarbier & BénardBB-1111897C250 MM560356065603 No   BC+MLens being removed to base of tower for display will be replaced with plastic optic in towerGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/18/2002FDB-013
4FYesPoint Montara LighthouseG-4010 (1994)37 32.2122 31.2CAUSSan MateoCAUSSan Mateo Historical Society Museum2200 Broadway Street, Redwood City, CA 94063M   C250 MM290529062903 YesCylinderBrass?2 & 90  Formerly College of Notre Dame library. To Historical Soc. 1970.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/15/2002FDB-014
3OCC/FYesPoint Pinos LighthouseG-3992 (1994)36 38.0121 56.0CAUSPacific GroveCAUSPoint Pinos Lighthouse77 Asilomar Boulevard  Pacific Grove, CA 93950AHenry-Lepaute 1855C500 MM467.513467.511    No     Active ATON, Eclipser in MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-015
1FL/WYesPoint Reyes LighthouseG-4356 (1994)37 59.7123 01.4CAUSInvernessCAUSPoint Reyes Lighthouse27000 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, Inverness CALBarbier & Fenestre 1867C920 MM2415924151824158 No   CNPS / Original installed lens. 24 panels. Chariot wheels.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2001FDB-016
1FL/WYesPoint Sur Lighthouse 1889-1978G-3988 (1994)36 18.4121 54.1CAUSMontereyCAUSMaritime Museum of Monterey5 Custom House Plaza  Monterey, CA 93940MBarbier & Fenestre BF-841887C920 MM16Varied 16Varied1816Varied  No   8 (16) flash panels, chariot whls. >2 tons. Formerly Allen Knight, Stanton Ctr MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-017
3FL/WYesPoint Vicente LighthouseG-3886 (1994)33 44.5118 24.6CAUSRancho Palos VerdesCAUSPoint Vicente LighthouseRancho Palos Verdes, CALBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHS 312 G500 MM4 7       No   BM1926/ Group flash bivalve on chariot wheelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/18/2002FDB-018
4FLYesSan Luis Obispo LighthouseG-3972 (1994)35 09.6120 45.6CAUSSan Luis ObispoCAUSSan Luis Obispo Lighthouse Fog Signal Building1124 Nipomo St # D  San Luis Obispo, CA 93401MSautter Lemonnier & CieNo. 3251878C250 MM103631036610363 No   C4th Order with (10) flash panels. In service 1890-1974, on display since 1976.  Refurbished in 2010GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/17/2002FDB-019
5FYesSouthampton Shoals LighthouseG-4192 (1994)37 52.9122 24.0CAUSAngel IslandCAUSAngel Island Interpretive CenterAngel Island Conservancy, P.O. Box 866, Tiburon, CA 94920MSautter Lemonnier & CieNo. 3351886C187.5 MM490549054903 No     Replaced original lens destroyed in 1906 earthquakeKaiserALCC4/4/2011FDB-251
1FL/WYesSt. George Reef Lighthousenone  CAUSCrescent CityCAUSDel Norte County Historical Society 577 H Street  Crescent City, CA 95531MHenry-LepauteNo. 19C1892C920 MM12Varied1412Varied14 & 1512Varied6 No   MOne bullseye missing. 12 panels, chariot wheels. 18 ft high. To museum 1983GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-020
4FLYesTable Bluff Lighthousenone  CAUSEurekaCAUSHumboldt Bay Maritime Museum77 Cookhouse Lane Samoa, CA 95564M   A250 MM445344564453 No   BCSite's 3.5 at Smithsonian. Orig Humboldt, Table Bluff 1892, Old Pt Loma1953GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-021
3.5F/R+WYesTable Bluff Lighthousenone  CAUSWashingtonDCUSSmithsonian Institution1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest  Washington, DC 20560M   C375 MM390739083903R&WNo   BCIn Storage 59909-N transferred to the Smithsonian in 1977 complete with clockworkGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-022
4FLYesTrinidad Head Lighthouse (replica)G-4408 (1994)41 03.1124 09.1CAUSTrinidadCAUSTrinidad Head (replica) P   O250 MM3605           B Inaccessible replica. Lens is From the Real LH on Other Side of Head in 1947.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-374
5th DrumFLYesTrinidad Head LighthouseG-4408 (1994)41 03.1124 09.1CAUSTrinidadCAUSTrinidad Head A   O187.5 MM  11             Active ATON, Drum in TowerGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/8/2001FDB-023
4OCC/WYesYerba Buena Lighthousenone  CAUSYerba BuenaCAUSYerba Buena Island Lighthouse ABarbier & FenestreBF-831886C250 MM490549064904       Active ATON, USCGKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
4F/RYesBridgeport Harbor LighthouseJ-0828 (2003)41 09.373 10.6CTUSRiversideCTUSRiverside PBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM490549064904       In home of private owner. In use 1871-1954    
5FYesLynde Point (Saybrook) LighthouseJ-0746 (2003)41 16.372 20.6CTUSOld SaybrookCTUSLynde Point LighthouseOld Saybrook, CT 06475A  1890C187.5 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-024
4FYesNew London Harbor LighthouseJ-0730 (2003)41 18.372 04.7CTUSNew LondonCTUSNew London Harbor Lighthouse150 Bank Street  New London, CT 06320A  1857C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-025
4FLYesNew London Ledge Lighthousenone  CTUSNew LondonCTUSCustom House Museum of Maritime History150 Bank Street  New London, CT 06320MHenry-LepauteUSLHE 435 F250 MM4               In Museum one-half bi-valve panel, one half 3 standard flash panelsKnight 5/1/2008FDB-304
4th DrumF/RYesDelaware Breakwater LighthouseJ-1281.2 (2003)38 48.075 07.0DEUSLewesDEUSDelaware Breakwater East End Lighthouse L   J250 MM                Active ATONTrapaniALF6/28/1905FDB-352
3FYesFenwick Island LighthouseJ-1354 (2003)38 27.175 03.3DEUSFenwick IslandDEUSFenwick Island Lighthouse A  1859C500 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-026
4 NoFourteen Foot Bank LighthouseJ-1266 (2003)39 02.975 10.9DEUSLewesDEUSCannonball House and Maritime Museum118 Front Street, Lewes DE 19958MHenry-Lepaute   250 MM                9 prisms missing.    
4th Range NoListon Front RangeJ-1292 (2003)39 29.075 35.5DEUSBayview BeachDEUSListon Front Range LMacbeth-Evans  H250 MM                Bayview. Large range light. Installed 1906    
2nd Range YesListon Rear RangeJ-1292.1 (2003)39 34.475 38.4DEUSPort PennDEUSListon Rear Range LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  H700 MM1180        YesTot. Ref.Glass   Port Penn. Large one half clamshell range light with rear totally reflecting prisms. Installed 1906TagALCC10/4/2010FDB-076
4th RangeFYesMarcus Hook Rear Range LighthouseJ-1314 (2003)39 46.675 28.5DEUSPhiladelphiaPAUSIndependence Seaport Museum211 South Columbus Blvd. & Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106M   H250 MM11803 Center 6 Surounding       YesSphericalAg on Cu90 (Ea.)  Half a Bi-Valve with Reflectors that are not attachedClaflinClaflin8/1/2005FDB-305
3FLYesAmelia Island LighthouseJ-2856 (2003)30 40.481 26.5FLUSFernandina BeachFLUSAmelia Island Lighthouse ABarbier Bénard  C500 MM                Active ATON. Revolving.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-027
4FLYesAnclote Keynone  FLUSAnclote KeyFLUSAnclote Key AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009FDB-345
3 NoBeacon Hill Lighthousenone  FLUSCostinFLUSSt. Joseph Historical Society M    500 MM                     
5th DrumFYesBoca Grande Lighthousenone  FLUSBoca GrandeFLUSBoca Grande Lighthouse880 Belcher Road  Boca Grande, FL 33921L   J375 MM                Installed when lighthouse reactivated 1986.TagALCC1/6/2010FDB-312
1FL/WYesCape Canaveral LighthouseJ-2888 (2003)28 27.680 32.6FLUSPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VHenry-Lepaute 1860C920 MM84511845168458 No   CMPonce DeLeon LH Pres. Assn./Restored 1993-95.Vibration damage.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/26/2003FDB-028
3FNoCape St. George   FLUSSt. George IslandFLUSSt. George Lighthouse Museum2 East Gulf Beach Dr. St. George Island, FL 32328MReplica - Artworks Florida 2016C500 MM                 KaiserALCC5/15/2016FDB-387
3.5FLYesCape San Blas Lighthousenone  FLUSPort St. JoeFLUS  MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  G375 MM          No   BCLens In Storage.  Removed from Tower Before Lighthouse was Moved 2014.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/13/2004FDB-029
1FLYesCarysfort Reef LighthouseJ-2974 (2003)25 13.380 12.7FLUSMiamiFLUSHistorical Museum of Southern Florida101 West Flagler Street  Miami, FL 33130MHenry-Lepaute 1857C920 MM1222.591216171222.56 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/18/2001FDB-030
3FNoCarysfort Reef Lighthouse   FLUSIslamoradaFLUSCG Station Islamorada183 Palermo Drive, Islamorada, FL 33036S   C500 MM                 KaiserALCC3/30/2013 
4FLYesCrooked River Lighthousenone  FLUSNew OrleansLAUSUSCG 8th District SHenry-Lepaute 1894O250 MM2903       No   M 2 asymmetrical bullseye panels in V shapeGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/15/2001FDB-031
4FLYesCrooked River Lighthousenone  FLUSNew OrleansFLUSCrooked River Lighthouse SReplica - Artworks Florida  O250 MM2903       No   M Replica on Display in TowerTagALCC5/24/2012 
2FLYesDry Tortugas (Loggerhead Key) LighthouseJ-3060 (2003)24 38.082 55.2FLUSYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SHenry-Lepaute 1909G700 MM21808       No     Bivalve.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-032
1FYesFowey Rocks LighthouseJ-2960 (2003)25 35.480 05.8FLUSYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SHenry-Lepaute 1876C920 MM84517845187458 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-033
2FL/WYesHillsboro Inlet LighthouseJ-2934 (2003)26 15.680 04.9FLUSPompano BeachFLUSHillsboro Inlet LighthouseHillsboro Beach, FLABarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1906G700 MM                Bivalve. Possible display St. Louis World Fair 1904. Relit 1999.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/20/2001FDB-034
1F/FLYesJupiter Inlet LighthouseJ-2922 (2003)26 56.980 04.9FLUSJupiterFLUSJupiter Inlet Lighthouse500 Captain Armours Way  Jupiter, FL 33469AHenry-Lepaute 1863C920 MM                Active ATON. Restored 2000.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/20/2001FDB-035
3FYesKey West Lighthousenone  FLUSKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040LHenry-Lepaute 1858C500 MM                Key West Historical Society. Red SectorsGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/19/2001FDB-036
1FLYesPensacola LighthouseJ-3394 (2003)30 20.887 18.5FLUSPensacolaFLUSPensacola Lighthouse2081 Radford Boulevard  Pensacola, Florida 32508, Shell Road, FL 32508AHenry-Lepaute 1869C920 MM8451184516845  No     Active ATON. 8 panelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/16/2001FDB-037
3FL/WYesPonce Inlet (Mosquito Inlet) LighthouseJ-2877 (2003)29 04.880 55.7FLUSPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1904C500 MM545755115454 YesTot. Ref.Glass135 total  1904. Restored 1998. Ponce DeLeon 1933-70. Previous Sapellola, GA       Being restoredGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/26/2003FDB-038
1F/WYesPonce Inlet LighthouseJ-2877 (2003)29 04.880 55.7FLUSPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VBarbier & Fenestre 1867C920 MM54517545185458 YesSphericalAg on Cu45 X 3  Stored Mystic Seaport 1946-1977 Being restored 18 panels 225 degree.     RestoredGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/26/2003FDB-039
6FLYesPonce Inlet LighthouseJ-2877 (2003)29 04.880 55.7FLUSPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VReplica - Artworks Florida  C150 MM                On Display in Lens BuildingTagALCC5/24/2012FDB-338
4th DrumFYesSanibel Island LighthouseJ-3086 (2003)26 27.282 00.9FLUSSanibel IslandFLUSSanibel Historical Museum & Village950 Dunlop Road, Sanibel Island, FL 33957 MAGA  J250 MM                1962 lens Loaned by CG from warehouse storage St. Petersburg 1998KaiserALCC5/1/2004FDB-357
1FYesSombrero Key LighthouseJ-2998 (2003)24 37.681 06.6FLUSKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse Museum938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040VHenry-Lepaute 1857C920 MM  17  13  6 No     Removed 1984GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/19/2001FDB-040
1F/FL/WYesSt. Augustine LighthouseJ-2866 (2003)29 53.181 17.3FLUSSt. AugustineFLUSSt. Augustine Lighthouse81 Lighthouse Avenue  St. Augustine, FL 32080ASautter Lemonnier & Cie. 1874C920 MM        8 No   C St. Augustine LH Mus. Gunfire damage 1986. Restored/revolving active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/21/2001FDB-041
5F/WYesSt. Mark's Rear Range LighthouseJ-3300.1 (2003)30 04.384 10.8FLUSSt. MarksFLUSSt. Mark's Rear Range Lighthouse VHenry-Lepaute 1842?C187.5 MM                Temp Moved to Ponce Inlet FL for ConservationGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/17/2001FDB-042
3F/FLWYesSt. Simons Island LighthouseJ-2842 (2003)31 08.081 23.6GAUSSt. Simons IslandGAUSSt. Simons Island Lighthouse AL. Sautter 1872C500 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-043
1F/WYesTybee Island LighthouseJ-2776.1 (2003)32 01.380 50.8GAUSTybee IslandGAUSTybee Island Light30 Meddin Drive  Tybee Island, GA 31328AHenry-Lepaute 1886C920 MM                Active ATON.  Tybee Island Historical Society.GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/22/2001FDB-044
4FLYesBarbers Point Lighthouse   HIUSO'ahuORUSColumbia River Maritime Museum1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne4101922A250 MM290329062904 Yes  180BM+CIn Barbers Point 1912-1962  On Display in LH Lantern at CRMM MuseumKaiserALCC1/17/2013FDB-201
3FYesDiamond Head LighthouseG-7328 (1994)21 15.3157 48.6HIUSHonoluluHIUSDiamond Head Lighthouse3731 Kanaina Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815ABarbier Benard 1899C500 MM                Active ATONTagALCC10/9/2011FDB-318
2Grp FLYesKilauea Point LighthouseG-7500 (1994)22 13.9159 24.1HIUSKauiHIUSKilauea Point Lighthouse3500 Kilauea Rd , Kilauea, HI 96754LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne96961912G700 MM                Bivalve. Lit 1913, replaced 1976, occasionally relitTagALCC10/7/2011FDB-320
Hyper-radialF/WYesMakapu'u Point LighthouseG-7326 (1994)21 18.6157 38.9HIUSMakapu'u PointHIUSMakapu'u Point Lighthouse LF. BarbierBF-851909C1330 MM  19  26  12 No     Active ATON. One of fewer than a dozen hyper radials made.                          Prism count byGademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-045
2FLYesMolokai (Kalaupapa) LighthouseG-7292 (1994)21 12.6156 58.1HIUSKalaupapa, MolokaiHIUSLahaina Restoration Society, Maui120 Dickenson Street, Lahaina, HI 96761MChance Brothers 1909?G700 MM                Bivalve. Long-term loan NPS, stored Kalaupapa NHP.TagALCC10/2/2011FDB-319
3FL/RYesChicago Harbor LighthouseUS 19960 (1993)41 53.487 35.4ILUSSan DiegoCAUSCabrillo National Monument1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive, San Diego, CA 92106VHenry-Lepaute 1889C500 MM                NPS/loaned Pt Sur to 1996, in LH basement, Paris Exhib 1889, Chicago Harbor 1962, Piece of Bull's EyeGademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-295
2F/WYesGrosse Point LighthouseUS 20190 (1993)42 04.087 41.0ILUSEvanstonILUSGrosse Point Lighthouse2601 Sheridan Road  Evanston, IL 60201LHenry-Lepaute 1850C700 MM8 ?         YesSphericalAg on Cu   LH Park Dist. / 6 lens panels, 2 copper shore side reflectors, red panels goneGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/7/2001FDB-046
4F/FLYesWaukegan Harbor LighthouseUS 20315 (1993)42 21.687 48.8ILUSMilwaukeeWIUSMilwaukee Public Library owned by Lake Schooner Education Association814 W. Wisconsin Avenue  Milwaukee, WI 53233MHenry-Lepaute3121879C250 MM2 F, 4 FL90 F, 45 FL5 (F only)2 F, 4 FL90 F, 45 FL6 (F 0nly)2 F, 4 FL90 F, 45 FL3 (F only) No   B Located in Milwaukee Public LibraryGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2002FDB-047
5FYesMichigan City East Pierhead LighthouseUS 19545 (1993)41 43.786 54.7INUSMichigan CityINUSMichigan City Historical Society1 Washington Park Marina  Michigan City, IN 46360VL. Sautter & Cie.  C187.5 MM? 5? 5? 3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Michigan City LH 1858-1904. East Pierhead 1904-1980.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/7/2001FDB-048
3.5FLYesChandeleur Island LighthouseJ-3648 (2003)30 02.888 52.7LAUSMadisonvilleLAUSLake Pontchartrain Maritime Museum133 Mabel Drive, Madisonville, LA 70447M   G375 MM          No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/10/2001FDB-049
3rdFYesSabine Bank Lighthouse, LAJ-3996 (2003)29 28.393 43.4LAUSPort ArthurTXUSGulf Coast Maritime Museum250 N Water St # 131, Mobile, AL 36602MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C500 MM  13  11  4 No     with clock mechanismGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/11/2001FDB-050
3rd NoShip Shoal Lighthousenone  LAUSNew OrleansLAUS(Under repair St. Augustine LH) USCG Integrated Support Command L   C500 MM                Damaged in Katrina now under repair in St. AugustineCockingLighthouse Lamp Shop Inc.1/1/2006 
3rd Part YesSouth Pass Rear Range LighthouseJ-3684.1 (2003)28 59.589 08.6LAUSBaton RougeLAUSLouisiana State Museum400 Esplanade Avenue  New Orleans, LA 70116ML. Sautter (?)  C500 MM     11  4       PartialGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/15/2001FDB-051
4FL/W+RYesBakers Island LighthouseJ-0288 (2003)42 32.270 47.2MAUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive  Rockland, ME 04841MChance Brothers  C250 MM490349064903R & WNo     Red panels, mercury in base. One red panel covering 90 ˚GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-052
2FL/WYesBoston Harbor LighthouseJ-0314 (2003)42 19.770 53.4MAUSBostonMAUSBoston Harbor LighthouseLittle Brewester Island, MAAL. Sautter 1859C700 MM    90           Active ATON, Manned CG Station, Chipping    
5FYesBrant Point LighthouseJ-0414 (2003)41 17.470 05.4MAUSNantucket IslandMAUSNantucket Life Saving Museum158 Polpis Road, Nantucket, MA 02554M  1856C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Exhibited in museumGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-053
1FYesCape Ann (Thacher Island) South Tower LighthouseJ-0276 (2003)42 38.270 34.5MAUSGloucesterMAUSCape Ann Museum27 Pleasant St., Gloucester, MA 01966MSautter & Cie  C920 MM8 178 13  6 No     Now in Storage at USCG Exhibits Center to be moved to the Cape Ann MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-054
4 NoCape Poge LighthouseJ-0438 (2003)41 25.270 27.1MAUSMartha's VineyardMAUSVineyard Museum, Martha's Vineyard M    250 MM                Dukes County Historical Soc.    
4FLYesChatham LighthouseJ-0394 (2003)41 40.369 57.0MAUSChathamMAUSOld Atwood House & Museum347 Stage Harbor Road, Chatham, MA 02633MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM460346064603 No   BMThe Two Brass Blanking Panels Are Covering Glass Flash PanelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-055
6 Duplex DrumF/GYesEast Chopnone  MAUSHansvilleWAUSUS Lighthouse Society9005 Point No Point Rd. NE, Hansville, WA 98340MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  D150 MM4907      Green      At East Chop from 1932 to 1972 Duplex Drum 6th Order now in USLHSoc MuseumKaiserALCC3/4/2012FDB-325
4FLYesEastern Point LighthouseJ-0280 (2003)42 34.870 39.9MAUSGloucesterMAUSCape Ann Historical Association27 Pleasant Street  Gloucester, MA 01930MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  K (Sq.) 250 MM49060  0   No     Square, box, lensGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/14/2000FDB-355
1FL/W+RYesGay Head Lighthouse 1856-1952J-0476 (2003)41 20.970 50.1MAUSEdgartownMAUSVineyard Museum, Martha's Vineyard59 School Street (Pease House)  Edgartown, MA 02539MHenry-Lepaute 1856C920 MM          No    Moved to Edgartown Museum 1956. Chariot Wheels, red sector. Restoration begun.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/13/2000FDB-056
3FYesGreat Point LightJ-0404 (2003)41 23.470 02.9MAUSNantucketMAUSNantucket Life Saving Museum158 Polpis Road, Nantucket, MA 02554MSautter et Cie 1857C700 MM  13  11  4 YesSphericalAg on Cu   Installed tower 1857, to Museum 1972. Installed 2001 in replica lantern at mus. (?)GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-057
1 PartFLYesHighland LighthouseJ-0390 (2003)42 02.470 03.7MAUSTruroMAUSTruro Historical Society13 Truro Center Road  Truro, MA 02666M   C920 MM                Only fragments survive.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-058
3.5FYesHospital Point Front Range LighthouseJ-0290 (2003)42 32.870 51.4MAUSBeverlyMAUSHospital Point Front Range Light A   C375 MM                Active ATON. Beehive with extended Sector panel.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-059
3FYesMinots Ledge LighthouseJ-0360 (2003)42 16.270 45.5MAUSCohassetMAUSCohasset Replica Tower in Government Island Park M   C500 MM                In replica lantern.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/14/2000FDB-060
4FLYesNauset LighthouseJ-0392 (2003)41 51.669 57.2MAUSEasthamMAUSCape Cod National Seashore - Salt Pond Visitor Center MBarbier & BénardUSLHE 405 1/2 C250 MM360336063603 Yes 2SphericalGlass180M  GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-061
4FYesNobska Point LighthouseJ-0456 (2003)41 31.070 39.3MAUSWoods HoleMAUSNobska Point LighthouseNobska Road And Church Street Woods Hole, MA 02543A  1876C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/11/2000FDB-062
4FYesPlum Island LighthouseJ-0250 (2003)42 48.970 49.1MAUSNewburyportMAUSNewburyport (Plum Island) LighthouseNewburyport, MAA   C250 MM         Green      Active ATON, Placed Back in TowerGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/14/2000FDB-063
4FL/WYesPlymouth (Gurnet) LighthouseJ-0366 (2003)42 00.270 36.0MAUSHullMAUSHull Lifesaving Museum22 Drydock Avenue  Boston, MA 02210MChance Brothers 1903C250 MM390349064903     M  KaiserALCC3/14/2007 
2F/FLYesSankaty Head LighthouseJ-0406 (2003)41 17.069 57.9MAUSNantucketMAUSNantucket Historical Association 13 Broad Street  Nantucket, MA 02554MHenry-Lepaute 1849C700 MM10369  12  5 No   C To museum in 1938, exhibited True Hall of Nantucket Whaling Museum.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/12/2000FDB-064
1FLYesGraves Lighthouse (Boston N. Channel)J-0310 (2003)42 21.970 52.1MAUSWashingtonDCUSSmithsonian Institution1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest  Washington, DC 20560MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1904C920 MM2         No     Not on display - in storage in 14 boxes TR336931 Group Flashing bi-Valve Includes ClockworkTagALCC7/12/2012FDB-350
4 YesWest Chop LighthouseJ-0450 (2003)41 28.870 36.0MAUSMartha's VineyardMAUSWest Chop LighthouseW Chop Rd.(Main St), Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, MA 02568L  1857C250 MM490549054903       Active ATON    
5F/WYesConcord Point (Havre de Grace) Lighthouse none  MDUSHarve de GraceMDUSConcord Point Lighthouse700 Concord Street  Havre de Grace, MD 21078LSautter Lemonnier et Cie  C187.5 MM                On loan from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-065
4FLYesCove Point LighthouseJ-2104 (2003)38 23.276 22.9MDUSLusbyMDUSCove Point Lighthouse14200 Solomons Island Road South, Solomons, MD 20688LBarbier & BénardUSLHE 404, BB-1171897C250 MM490        No     Lens Marked USLHE 404 and BB 117GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-066
4 RangeFYesCraighill Channel Lower Rear Range LighthouseJ-2227.9 (2003)39 06.176 24.4MDUSForestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SHenry-Lepaute  H250 MM                Moved to USCG Exhibit Center Forestville in BoxesTagALCC9/17/2010 
4F/WYesDrum Point Lighthousenone  MDUSSolomonsMDUSCalvert Marine Museum14200 Solomons Island Road South, Solomons, MD 20688MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 No     In Drum Point Lighthouse at Museum SiteGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-067
4FYesHooper's Strait Lighthousenone  MDUSSt. MichaelsMDUSChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum213 North Talbot Street  St. Michaels, MD 21663MBarbier & FenestreBF-70 C250 MM  5  6  4 No     To museum from CG 5th Dist. surp yard 1966 for disp GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/4/2000FDB-068
4FYesLove Pointnone  MDUSWashingtonDCUSWashington Navy Yard S   C250 MM                Setting in outside display on BuoyKaiserALCC11/25/2008 
4 NoMaryland Point LighthouseJ-1912 (2003)38 21.077 11.9MDUSBeaufortNCUSNorth Carolina Maritime Museum315 Front Street  Beaufort, NC 28516MHenry-Lepaute 1897 250 mm  5  6  3 No          
4FYesRagged Point LighthouseJ-1824 (2003)38 09.176 36.1MDUSNorth TruroMAUSCape Cod (Highland Light)27 Highland Light Rd, North Truro, MA 02652MChance Brothers  C250 MM490549064903 No     On Display in MuseumKaiserALCC8/15/2014FDB-069
4FYesThomas Point Shoalnone  MDUSBaltimoreMDUSUSCG Curtis Bay Yard SL. Sautter  C250 MM  5  5  5 No     In Base Commander's officeGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-296
4FL/WYesBaker Island LighthouseJ-0046 (2003)44 14.568 11.9MEUSNew HarborMEUSFisherman's Museum M   O (Sq.)250 MM4906       No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-070
4F/RYesBass Harbor Head LighthouseJ-0054 (2003)44 13.368 20.2MEUSTremontMEUSBass Harbor Head Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute 1858C250 MM                Active ATON. 1858.TagALCC6/11/2012FDB-342
2F/WYesBoon Island LighthouseJ-0228 (2003)43 07.370 28.6MEUSKitteryMEUSKittery Historical & Naval Museum MSautter et Cie. 1855C700 MM69013660125605 No     Moved from USCG South Portland in 2000. Removed from tower 1993.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-071
4FYesBrowns Head LighthouseJ-0110 (2003)44 06.768 54.6MEUSVinalhavenMEUSBrowns Head Lighthouse A   C250 MM490549064903 No     Active ATON / Vinalhaven.KaiserALCC11/25/2015FDB-383
4FLYesBurnt Island LighthouseJ-0140 (2003)43 49.569 38.4MEUSRocklandMEUSBooth Bay Regional Historical Society MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  250 MM                Square BBT Lens on displayKaiserALCC3/30/2012FDB-336
2FLYesCape Elizabeth (Two Lights) LighthouseJ-0208 (2003)43 34.070 12.0MEUSBathMEUSMaine Maritime Museum243 Washington St. Bath, ME 04530MSautter et Cie.  O700 MM  7       Yes 4Tot. Ref.Glass   Cape Elizabeth Town Hall 1994 to 2014. GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-072
4FYesCape Neddick LighthouseJ-0226 (2003)43 09.970 35.5MEUSYork BeachMEUSCape Neddick Lighthouse A  1879C250 MM                Active ATON. 1879 lens damaged in explosion, replaced 1891.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-073
4FLYesCuckolds LighthouseJ-0142 (2003)43 46.869 39.0MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM                4 glass sides, 2 brass sides. USLHE Machine Shop #15-5TagALCC11/15/2010FDB-171
4FYesCurtis Island LighthouseJ-0096 (2003)44 12.169 02.9MEUSCamdenMEUSCamden Town Hall29 Elm Street, Camden, ME 04843MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 No     On display, after transfer from USCG Southwest HarborGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-074
5FYesDoubling Point LighthouseJ-0160 (2003)43 53.069 47.7MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MSautter et Cie  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90   GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-075
5 NoDoubling Point Range LighthouseJ-0160.1 (2003)43 53.069 47.8MEUSRocklandMEUSRockland Harbor SW Lighthouse P    187.5 MM                Now in privately built, owned & maintained LH Est 1987.    
4FLYesEgg Rock LighthouseJ-0040 (2003)44 21.268 08.3MEUSBostonMAUSUSCG 1st District OBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  K250 MM4906      NoNo     District HQ, ConfirmedKaiserALCC3/14/2007 
4FYesFort Point LighthouseJ-0086 (2003)44 28.068 48.7MEUSStockton SpringsMEUSFort Point Lighthouse A  1857C250 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-077
4FLYesGreat Duck Island LighthouseJ-0052 (2003)44 08.568 14.7MEUSBostonMAUSUSCG 1st District SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM                District HQKaiserALCC3/14/2007 
5FYesHeron Neck Lighthousenone  MEUSRocklandMEUSUSCG Rockland54 Tillson Ave, Rockland, ME 04841MSautter et Cie   C187.5 MM390539053903 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Three 90˚ segments with glass elements and one 90˚ reflector.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-078
5 NoIndian Island Lighthousenone  MEUSRockportMEUSIndian Island Lighthouse L    187.5 MM                     
5 NoIsle Au Haut (Robinson Point) Lighthouse J-0068 (2003)44 03.968 39.1MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M    187.5 MM                     
5FYesMarshall Point Lighthouse?J-0124 (2003)43 55.069 15.7MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M    187.5 MM                     
3FLYesMatinicus Rock LighthouseJ-0116 (2003)43 47.068 51.3MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M No. 315 O500 MM6 60 06 4       12 bullseyes. Marked "USLH, Depot 3, Lamp Shop, Staten Island"GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-079
2F/FLYesMoose Peaknone  MEUSForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747S   C700 MM                In Storage at CG Exhibit CenterGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-254
4FYesOwls Head LighthouseJ-0104 (2003)44 05.569 02.6MEUSOwls HeadMEUSOwls Head Lighthouse AL. Sautter & Cie  C250 MM           SphericalAg on Cu   Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-080
4FYesPemaquid Point LighthouseJ-0134 (2003)43 50.269 30.4MEUSBristolMEUSPemaquid Point Lighthouse A   C250 MM                Active ATON Lens has a silver colored painted frameTagALCC3/30/2009 
2F/FLYesPetit Manan LighthouseJ-0034 (2003)44 22.167 51.9MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MHenry-Lepaute  C700 MM66013660126605 No    3 condensing panels outside lens. Chariot wheels. #61640212GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-081
5FYesPortland Breakwater (Bug Light) Lighthousenone  MEUSPortlandMEUSUSCG South Portland SL. Sautter & Cie  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Removed to base 1993.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/16/2000FDB-082
2FYesPortland Head LighthouseJ-0206 (2003)43 37.470 12.5MEUSCape ElizabethMEUSPortland Head Lighthouse Museum VSautter et Cie.  C700 MM  13  12  6 No     Fr Portland to CG New London 1946, to Mystic Seaport Museum 1952, ret 1992. Half on displayGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-083
4FNoRam Island Lighthousenone  MEUSBooth Bay HarborMEUSBoothbay Regional Historical Society72 Oak St, Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538ML. Sautter, Lemonner et Cie  C250 MM490549064904 No     In Museum displayKaiserALCC12/12/2015FDB-382
1F/WYesSeguin Island LighthouseJ-0146 (2003)43 42.569 45.5MEUSSeguin IslandMEUSSeguin Island Lighthouse LHenry-Lepaute 1857C920 MM          No     Active ATON.  2nd oldest Fresnel in USTagALCC9/10/2012FDB-353
5FLYesSpring Point LedgeJ-0195 (2003)43 39.170 13.4MEUSPortlandMEUSPrivate Collection PHenry-LepauteHL 331 C187.5 MM660366056603 No     Bought from private collectorGademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-084
5FYesSquirrel Point LighthouseJ-0156 (2003)43 49.069 48.1MEUSPortlandMEUSPortland Head Lighthouse Museum VHenry-LepauteHL 3221882C187.5 MM  5  6  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-085
3FYesWest Quoddy Head Lighthousenone  MEUSLubecMEUSWest Quoddy Head Lighthouse AL. Sautter et Cie  C500 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/18/2000FDB-086
4FLYesWhaleback LighthouseJ-0232 (2003)43 03.570 41.8MEUSSalemMAUSPeabody Essex Museum MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne90411911 250 MM490 49064905NoNo     In Storage From Cranbrook Institute Michigan in 1974KaiserALCC3/14/2007 
3FYesWhitehead Island LighthouseJ-0122 (2003)43 58.769 07.4MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841ML. Sautter  C500 MM  13  11000 No     Center lamp / burner door missing.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-087
4FYesWhitlocks Mill Lighthousenone  MEUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  6  3 No     2 prisms removed from backGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-088
3F/WYesAu Sable LighthouseUS 14565 (1993)46 40.386 08.4MIUSGrand MaraisMIUSAu Sable Lighthouse  LL. Sautter 1874C500 MM5601356011560  YesSphericalAg on Cu60  NPS. Pictured Rocks NLS. Reinstalled 1996. Grand Marais Maritime Mus.GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/19/2002FDB-089
4FYesBelle IsleUS 8210 (1993)42 20.482 57.6MIUSDetroitMIUSPrivate Collection MBarbier & FenestreBF-631890C250 MM490549064904 No     Purchased by museum in 2006KaiserALCC8/9/2005FDB-090
3FWYesBig Bay Point LighthouseUS 14705 (1993)46 50.587 40.8MIUSMarquetteMIUSMarquette Maritime Museum300 Lake Shore Boulevard  Marquette Township, MI 49855MHenry-Lepaute 1896C500 MM39013390113904 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Prev. pvt owner (Big Bay Point Bed & Breakfast).GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/30/2000FDB-092
3F/WYesBig Sable Point LighthouseUS 18525 (1993)44 03.586 30.9MIUSLudingtonMIUSWhite Pine Village Museum1687 South Lakeshore Drive, Ludington, MI 49431ML. Sautter  C500 MM  13  11  4       Ludington, MI.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-093
5FYesCharlevoix South Pier LighthouseUS 17925 (1993)45 19.085 15.9MIUSSt. IgnaceMIUSSt. Ignace Coast Guard LHenry-Lepaute  C187.5 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-299
3.5FLYesDeTour Reef LighthouseUS 12770 (1993)45 56.983 54.2MIUSDeTour VillageMIUSDeTour Passage Museum MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C375 MM4904490104904 No   BM1936.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/1999FDB-094
4FLYesDetroit River (Bar Point Shoal) Lighthousenone  MIUSSouth HavenMIUSMichigan Maritime Museum M    500 MM                On display main gallery beginning June 2001.    
4FYesForty Mile Point LighthouseUS 11715 (1993)45 29.283 54.8MIUSRogers CityMIUSForty Mile Point Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/29/2000FDB-095
4F/WYesFrankfort North Breakwater LighthouseUS 18375 (1993)44 37.986 15.1MIUSFrankfortMIUSFrankfort North Breakwater Light A   C250 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2001FDB-096
4F/FLYesGrand Haven So. Pierhead LighthouseUS 18965 (1993)43 03.586 15.4MIUSGrand HavenMIUSTri-Cities Museum M   C250 MM  5  5  3 No   BMFirst installed Grand Haven LH atop bluff, then in south pier towerGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-097
5FYesGrand Marais West Pierhead LighthouseUS 14550 (1993)46 41.085 58.3MIUSGrand MaraisMIUSGrand Marais West Pierhead Light L (?)   C187.5 MM 180        YesSphericalGlass prisms180   GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/30/2000FDB-098
3.5FYesGray's Reef LighthouseUS 17775 (1993)45 46.085 09.2MIUSCharlevoixMIUSHarsha House Museum M   C375 MM  7  7  3  No    On DisplayGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2001FDB-099
5FYesGrosse Isle Range LighthouseUS 7165 (1993)42 11.183 08.5MIUSOxnardCAUSChannel Islands Maritime Museum3900 Bluefin Circle, Oxnard, CA, 93035MSautter & Cie  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  GreenGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/18/2002FDB-100
4FYesPossible Gull Island Lighthouse WIUS 21530 (1993)45 42.785 50.6MIUSWhitefish PointMIUSGreat Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Pt18335 North Whitefish Point Road  Paradise, MI 49768VHenry-LepauteHL 548 ?1882C250 MM  5  6  3 No     On loan from private individualGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/1999FDB-101
4FL/W+RYesHarbor Beach LighthouseUS 10130 (1993)43 50.782 37.9MIUSHarbor BeachMIUSGrice House Museum865 North Huron Avenue, Harbor Beach, MI 48441 MBarbier & Fenestre 1884C250 MM1036310366103635W/5RNo   B On receipt, museum sent Point Aux Barques lens to Point Austin museumGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/28/2000FDB-102
4FL/W+RYesHarbor Beach Lighthouse   MIUSHarbor BeachMIUSHarbor Beach Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2015C250 MM103631036610363 No   BMActive PTONKaiserALCC8/8/2015FDB - 379
4F/WYesHolland South Pier (Big Red) LighthouseUS 19280 (1993)42 46.486 13.0MIUSHollandMIUSHolland Museum M   C250 MM  5     4 No     Museum DisplayGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/13/1999FDB-103
3.5 PartF/WYesHuron Islandnone  MIUSMarquetteMIUSMarquette Maritime Museum300 Lake Shore Boulevard  Marquette Township, MI 49855MHenry-Lepaute  C375 MM   4908    No     Upper Catadioptric Section OnlyTagALCC7/2/2012FDB-347
3.5 PartF/WYesHuron Islandnone  MIUSEagle HarborMIUSEagle Harbor Lighthouse Museum MHenry-Lepaute  C375 MM          No     Single Prism other pieces located at Marquette Maritime MuseumKaiserALCC10/20/2008 
4FYesKeweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance LighthouseUS 14765 (1993)46 58.188 25.9MIUSEagle HarborMIUSKeweenaw County Historical Society M   C250 MM          No     Moved to Eagle Harbor Lighthouse Museum in July 2009 to be displayedTagALCC7/11/2009FDB-104
3FYesLansing Shoal LighthouseUS 21535 (1993)45 54.285 33.7MIUSLansingMIUSMichigan Historical Museum MHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM  13       No     Removed 1985.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2000FDB-105
3F/FLYesLittle Point Sable LighthouseUS 18645 (1993)43 39.086 32.4MIUSMearsMIUSLittle Sable Point Lighthouse A   C500 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-106
4FYesLittle Traverse (Harbor Point) LighthouseUS 17855 (1993)45 25.284 58.6MIUSHarbor SpringsMIUSLittle Traverse (Harbor Point) Lighthouse PSautter Lemonnier et CieNo. 3321881C250 MM390539063903 No     Active ATON.PepperGLLKA2/26/2011FDB-231
4FYesLudington North Breakwater LHUS 18530 (1993)43 57.286 28.2MIUSLudingtonMIUSWhite Pine Village Museum1687 South Lakeshore Drive, Ludington, MI 49431MMacbeth-EvansUSLHS 475 C250 MM  5  6  4 No     Mason County Historical Society. Loaned by USCG 1995.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-107
3.5FLYesManitou Island Lighthouse   MIUSGrand HavenMIUSUSCG Grand Haven650 South Harbor Drive, Grand Haven MI 49417SF. Barbier et Cie  C375 MM4 54 104 4 No   BMAt USCG base.  Lens came from Sault Saint Marie Base.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-260
4FYesMarquette Harbor Breakwater LighthouseUS 14630 (1993)46 32.887 22.6MIUSMarquetteMIUSMarquette Maritime Museum300 Lake Shore Boulevard  Marquette Township, MI 49855MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 No     Removed from tower early 1960s 270 degrees glass, 90 degrees openGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/30/2000FDB-108
4FYesMartin Reef LightUS 21450 (1993)45 30.386 45.5MIUSBay MillsMIUSPoint Iroquois Lighthouse12942 W. Lakeshore Dr. Brimley, MIML. Sautter et Cie  C250 MM490549054903 No     In keeper's quarters.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/1999FDB-122
4F/WYesMendota Lighthousenone  MIUSBete GriseMIUSMendota LighthouseP.O. Box 225, Birmingham, MI 48012A  1895C250 MM  5  5  3       Active PATON  Restored 1998GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/14/2001FDB-109
3 Part YesMiddle Island LighthouseUS 11515 (1993)45 11.683 19.3MIUSMiddle IslandMIUSMiddle Island Lighthouse L   C500 MM                1 panel returned by person who stole it    
4 NoMiddle Island LighthouseUS 11515 (1993)45 11.683 19.3MIUSMiddle IslandMIUSMiddle Island Lighthouse L   C250 MM                Removed from tower in 1996, in storage.    
4FYesMuskegon Rear Rangenone  MIUSGrand HavenMIUSUSCG Grand Haven SL. Sautter et Cie  C250 MM21805 905 903 Yes 2SphericalAg on Cu90 Ea.   GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-261
3F/WYesNew Presque Isle LighthouseUS 11550 (1993)45 21.483 29.5MIUSPresque IsleMIUSNew Presque Isle Lighthouse4500 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, MI 49777MHenry-Lepaute 1870C500 MM  13  11    No     Restored and put on display in Gift Shop 2012GademskyFresnel Lens Team12/18/2003FDB-110
4FL/WYesOld Mackinaw  Point Lighthousenone  MIUSMackinaw CityMIUSOld Mackinaw Point Light526 North Huron Avenue  Mackinaw City, MI 49701ML. Sautter, Lemonnier et Cie323 C250 MM103631036610363 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/12/2000FDB-111
5F/WYesOntanagan Lighthousenone  MIUSOntanaganMIUSOntanagan Co. Hist. Soc. Museum MHenry-Lepaute 1857?C187.5 MM  5  5  3 NoYesAg on Cu90C (No)  4 chariot wheels (service wheels). Maker's name nearly polished out.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/14/2001FDB-112
4FLYesPassage Island Lighthousenone  MIUSDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207MBarbier & BénardBB-1071896C250 MM660366066603 No     6 panel flashing, missing all bull's-eyesGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/27/2000FDB-366
4FL/WYesPassage Island LighthouseUS 16835 (1993)48 13.488 22.0MIUSHoughtonMIUSUSCG Houghton-Hancock MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM490349064904 No      TagALCC11/14/2009 
4FLYesPoint BetsieUS 18370 (1993)44 41.586 15.3MIUSEmpireMIUSPoint Betsie Lighthouse3701 Point Betsie Road  Frankfort, MI 49635M   C250 MM660366066604 No   BMLens and 4 leg pedestal restored in 2010 and on display in lighthouseKaiserALCC9/10/2005FDB-113
4FLYesPoint Iroquoisnone  MIUSWashingtonDCUSSmithsonian Institution1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest  Washington, DC 20560MBarbier & Fenestre 1884C250 MM845584568453 No     Sent to museum 1963 Not on display includes complete clockwork and lamp TR335449GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-349
3FLYesPointe Aux Barques LighthouseUS 10210 (1993)44 01.482 47.6MIUSPort HopeMIUSPoint Aux Barques Lighthouse7320 Lighthouse RoadMHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM  13  11  5 No     Moved from the Huron City Museum to Point Aux Lighthouse in 2013GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/18/2002FDB-114
4FYesPort Sanilac LighthouseUS 10115 (1993)43 25.882 32.4MIUSPort SanilacMIUSPort Sanilac Lighthouse167 S. Ridge Street, Port Sanilac, MIABarbier & Fenestre Crs A Paris  C250 MM390539063903 Yes Glass Prisms   Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/28/2000FDB-115
4F/WNoRock Harbor Lighthousenone  MIUSIsle RoyaleMIUSIsle Royale National Park800 East Lake Shore Drive  Houghton, MichiganMHenry-Lepaute 1875?C250 MM                In Rock Harbor Lighthouse Maritime Museum. Conserved 1994.    
2FL/WYesRock of Ages LighthouseUS 16655 (1993)47 52.089 18.8MIUSIsle RoyaleMIUSIsle Royale National Park800 East Lake Shore Drive  Houghton, MichiganMBarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1909G700 MM  7       No   MC1909 c. In Windigo Visitor Center.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/12/2001FDB-116
4FYesSaginaw River Rear Rangenone  MIUSEssexvilleMIUSUSCG Station Essexville SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM  5  6  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/18/2002FDB-117
4F/WYesSand Island LighthouseUS 15580 (1993) Traverse Lighthouse15500 North Lighthouse Point Road  Northport, MI 49670MHenry-LepauteHL 3151879C250 MM390539063903 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  In upstairs bedroom of Keeper's Quarters. KaiserALCC9/12/2005FDB-313
4FYesSand Point LighthouseUS 14750 (1993)46 47.188 28.0MIUSEscanabaMIUSSand Point Lighthouse16 Water Plant Road Escanaba, MI 49829MBarbier et Cie 1888C250 MM  5  6  4 YesTot. Ref.Glass    GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/15/2001FDB-119
4FYesSand Point Lighthouse   MIUSEscanabaMIUSSand Point Lighthouse16 Water Plant Road Escanaba, MI 49829AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014C250 MM390539053903 YesSphericalAu on Cu90       
3FYesSouth Manitou Islandnone  MIUSSouth Manitou IslandMIUSSouth Manitou Island AReplica - Artworks Florida  C500 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009FDB-337
2FL/W+RYesSpectacle Reef LighthouseUS 11730 (1993)45 46.484 08.2MIUSToledoOHUSNational Museum of the Great Lakes Maritime Museum1701 Front Street, Toledo, OHreet, Vermilion, OH 44089MHenry-Lepaute 1873C700 MM1622.512845188457YesNo     Great Lakes Historical SocietyKaiserALCC10/16/2005FDB-120
4F/FLYesSquaw IslandUS 12895 (1993)45 50.285 35.1MIUSToledoOHUSNational Museum of the Great Lakes Maritime Museum1701 Front Street, Toledo, OHreet, Vermilion, OH 44089MSautter Lemonnier et Cie3501891C250 MM6604 and 566066604NoNo     Great Lakes Historical Society. No. 350.KaiserALCC10/16/2005FDB-329
4FYesSt. Clair Flats Shipping Canal Lower Lighthousenone  MIUSPort HuronMIUSPort Huron Historical Museum ML. Sautter 1871C250 MM  5  5  4 No     Light decom 1932, donated to mus 1980s. Upper sec missing exc 1 prismGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/16/2002FDB-121
4FYesSt. James Lighthouse US 17845 (1993)45 44.685 30.5MIUSBeaver IslandMIUSSt. James Lighthouse ABarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM  5  6  4  No    Active ATONKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
5FYesSt. Joseph North Pier OuterUS 19515 (1993)42 07.086 29.7MIUSSt. JosephMIUSHeritage Museum St. Joseph601 Main St, St Joseph, MI 49085MBarbier et Bénard  C187.5 MM                Museum DisplayKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
4FYesSt. Joseph North Pier InnerUS 19515 (1993)42 07.086 29.7MIUSSt. JosephMIUSHeritage Museum St. Joseph601 Main St, St Joseph, MI 49085ML. Sautter et Cie.  C250 MM                Museum DisplayGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/28/1905 
2FL/WYesStannard Rock LHUS 14725 (1993)47 11.087 13.5MIUSMarquetteMIUSMarquette Maritime Museum300 Lake Shore Boulevard  Marquette Township, MI 49855MHenry-Lepaute 1881C700 MM1230712301212305 No   B 12 panels. Removed from tower 1962GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/30/2000FDB-123
3.5F/WYesSturgeon Point LighthouseUS 11345 (1993)44 42.783 16.3MIUSHarrisvilleMIUSSturgeon Point Lighthouse LHenry-Lepaute  C375 MM  7  8  3 No     Alcona Historical Society. Replacement lens, installed 1888. Open back approx. 80 degreesGademskyFresnel Lens Team11/16/2009FDB-124
4FYesTawas (1910)none   USCrisp PointMIUSCrisp Point MSautter, Lemonnier & CieNo. 3491890C250 MM  5  6  4 No     In Storage Badly Damaged to be put on display and restored on loan from Museum Ship ValleycampGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/31/2000FDB-259
4F/WYesTawas Point LighthouseUS 11240 (1993)44 15.283 26.9MIUSTawasMIUSTawas Point Lighthouse ABarbier & FenestreBF-651880C250 MM                Active ATONKaiserALCC5/31/2006 
4FYesWhite River Lighthousenone  MIUSWhitehallMIUSWhite River Lighthouse Museum V   C250 MM290529052903 Yes 2SphericalAg on Cu90 Each  Display in Keeper's Quarters.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2000FDB-125
2FL/WYesWhite Shoal LighthouseUS 17750 (1993)45 50.585 08.1MIUSWhitefish PointMIUSGreat Lakes Shipwreck Museum18335 North Whitefish Point Road  Paradise, MI 49768VBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  G700 MM21807       No   M Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Soc., Sault Ste. Marie. GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/1999FDB-126
5F/RYesDuluth Harbor North Pier LighthouseUS 00000 (1993)46 46.992 05.3MNUSDuluthMNUSLake Superior Maritime Visitors Center600 S. Lake Ave, Duluth, MN 55802MHenry-Lepaute 1882C187.5 MM                Lens Removed from Lighthouse in 2015GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/11/2001FDB-127
5FLYesDuluth Harbor South Breakwater Inner LighthouseUS 15860 (1993)46 46.792 05.5MNUSDuluthMNUSLake Superior Maritime Visitors Center600 S. Lake Ave, Duluth, MN 55802MBarbier et BenardUSLHE 506, BB-1081896C187.5 MM                Lens Removed from Lighthouse in 2001KaiserALCC12/12/2016 
4F/GYesDuluth Harbor South Breakwater Outer LighthouseUS 15845 (1993)46 46.892 05.3MNUSDuluthMNUSLake Superior Maritime Visitors Center600 S. Lake Ave, Duluth, MN 55802MBarbier & Fenestre 1877C250 MM          No     Lens Removed from Lighthouse in 2015GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/11/2001FDB-128
5FYesGrand Marais LighthouseUS 16615 (1993)47 44.790 20.3MNUSGrand MaraisMNUSCook County Historical Museum8 South Broadway Grand Marais, MinnesotaM   C187.5 MM390539053903 YesSphericalAg on Cu90 Each  Lens Removed from Lighthouse in 2012GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/11/2001FDB-129
3FL/WYesSplit Rock Lighthousenone  MNUSBeaver BayMNUSSplit Rock Lighthouse LBarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1910G500 MM21807       No   MCMinnesota Historical Society . 1909 c. Minor vandalism 1970. Bivalve.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/11/2001FDB-130
4FLYesTwo Harbors LighthouseUS 16500 (1993)47 00.891 39.8MNUSTwo HarborsMNUSTwo Harbors Lighthouse LBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHE 415 C250 MM290329062904 YesTot. Ref.Glass90 EachBMPedistal with clockwork in storage at lighthouse.KaiserALCC10/16/2005FDB-131
5FYesBiloxi LighthouseJ-3578 (2003)30 23.788 54.1MSUSBiloxiMSUSBiloxi Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Active PATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/15/2001FDB-132
4FNoRound Island Lighthouse   MSUSPascagoulaMSUSRound Island Lighthouse LReplica - Artworks Florida 2015C250 MM490549054903 No          
4FYesShip Island LighthouseJ-3608.22 (2003)30 12.788 58.0MSUSBiloxiMSUSMaritime & Seafood Industry Museum MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  5 No     Destroyed by Hurricane Katrina 2005 (repaired and returned to museum in 2010)GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/15/2001FDB-133
1F/WYesBodie Island LighthouseJ-2386 (2003)35 49.175 33.8NCUSBodie IslandNCUSBodie Island Light8210 Bodie Island Lighthouse R  Nags Head, NC 27959ABarbier & Fenestre 1871C920 MM  17  19    No     Flashing since electrified / NPS, Manteo 1871. Active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-134
1 PartFLYesCape Fear Lighthousenone33 84.677 96.7NCUSBald Head IslandNCUSOld Baldy Foundation MHenry-Lepaute 1902C920 MM                Flash panels, on display Old Baldy LH. Foundation purchased additional items from Wilmington Antique DealerTagALCC5/15/2009 
1FL/WYesCape Hatteras LighthouseJ-2396 (2003)35 15.175 31.7NCUSHatterasNCUSGraveyard of the Atlantic Museum59200 Museum Drive  Hatteras, NC 27943MHenry-Lepaute  C920 MM     11    No     Repair by Henry-Lepaute in 1867. Vandalized 1935-49, rem 1949. GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-135
1F/FL/WYesCurrituck Beach LighthouseJ-2384 (2003)36 22.675 49.8NCUSCorollaNCUSCurrituck Beach LighthouseHighway 12 North  Corolla, NC 27927ASautter Lemonnier et Cie 1875?C920 MM  17  19  8 YesTot. Ref.Glass C * Active ATON  Outer Banks Conservancy.  1875.  Polygonal Fresnel.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-136
6FYesGull Shoal Lighthousenone  NCUSNew RiverVAUSPrivate Collection P   J150 MM                6th Order Lens Lantern (see Lighthouse Digest Nov 2009)TagALCC11/14/2009 
4FYesOcracoke Island LighthouseJ-2408 (2003)35 06.575 59.2NCUSOcracoke IslandNCUSOcracoke Island LighthouseLighthouse Road  Ocracoke, NC 27960AF. Barbier et Cie.BF-931890C250 MM490549064903 No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/5/2001FDB-137
4FYesRoanoke River Lighthousenone  NCUSEdentonNCUSRoanoke River Lighthouse L   C250 MM          No     Private owner. (Lighthouse moved to Edenton, NC)GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/6/2001FDB-138
4?FLNoWright Brothers National Memorialnone  NCUSManteoNCUSWright Brothers National Memorial L  1931O500 MM3904       No     3 sided lens at top of memorial installed in December 1931KaiserALCC FDB-091
4F/GYesPortsmouth Harbor LighthouseJ-0233 (2003)43 04.970 42.5NHUSNew CastleNHUSPortsmouth Harbor LighthouseFriends of Portsmouth Harbor, P.O. Box 8232, Portsmouth, NH 03802AHenry-LepauteUSLHS 417 1/2 C250 MM                Active ATON installed after 1935 from location unknownGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000 
1FYesAbsecon Lighthousenone  NJUSAtlantic CityNJUSAbsecon Lighthouse31 South Rhode Island Avenue  Atlantic City, NJ 08401AL. Sautter & Cie 1854C920 MM  13  17          Restored 1998. Active ATON ?GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2001FDB-139
1FL/WYesBarnegat Lighthousenone  NJUSBarnagatNJUSBarnagat Lighthouse208 Broadway  Barnegat Light, NJ 08006LHenry-Lepaute 1856C920 MM2415924151724158 No     In museum.GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2001FDB-140
3FYesBrandywine Shoal LighthouseJ-1264 (2003)38 59.275 06.8NJUSTuckertonNJUSTuckerton Seaport Museum120 W Main St # 1  Tuckerton, NJ 08087M   C500 MM                Stabilized & reassembled 2002TagALCC8/1/2012FDB-348
1FL/WYesCape May LighthouseJ-1256 (2003)38 56.074 57.6NJUSCape May Court HouseNJUSCape May Co. Historical Society504 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210MHenry-Lepaute  C920 MM1622.591622.5171622.58 No     Cape May County Historical Society, County Courthouse. No, see note 30GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/22/2000FDB-141
4F/WYesChapel Hill Rear Rangenone  NJUSHighlandNJUSTwin Lights (Navesink) Lighthouse MuseumTwin Lights Historic Site, Lighthouse Road, Highlands, NJ 07732VBarbier & Fenestre 1890H250 MM11803       Not now     Museum display. GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/21/2000FDB-142
4FNoFinns Point Rear Rangenone  NJUSCape May N.W.R.NJUSCape May Naval Weapons Range     H250 MM1907             In Storage at Naval Weapons Range - Needs workKaiserALCC3/13/2009 
4FLYesHereford Inlet LighthouseJ-1244 (2003)39 00.474 47.5NJUSNorth WildwoodNJUSCity of North Wildwood MSautter et Cie  C250 MM290329062904 Yes 2Split Sph.Ag on glass90 Ea.MC GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2001FDB-143
4 DrumFLNoMiah Maull Shoal LighthouseJ-1268 (2003)39 07.675 12.6NJUSEast PointNJUSMiah Maul Shoal Lighthouse MChance Brothers 1904J250 MM6               Scheduled for display at East Point Lighthouse after restoration.    
2FLYesNavesink North Tower Lighthousenone  NJUSHighlandsNJUSTwin Lights (Navesink) Lighthouse MuseumTwin Lights Historic Site, Lighthouse Road, Highlands, NJ 07732VHenry-Lepaute 1892G700 MM218011       No     9-foot bivalve. Rock-throwers damaged in 1991, restored in 1999.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/21/2000FDB-144
3FYesSandy Hook LighthouseJ-1036 (2003)40 27.774 00.1NJUSSandy HookNJUSSandy Hook LighthouseGateway National Recreation Area  Middletown, NJ 07732AL. Sautter & Cie. 1857C500 MM                Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/21/2000FDB-145
4FYesShip John Shoal LighthouseJ-1272 (2003)39 18.375 22.6NJUSCape MayNJUSUSCG Training Center Cape May1 Munro Avenue, Cape May, NJ 08204SHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM490549064903 No     loose prismsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/22/2000FDB-146
5FNoStatue of Liberty   NYUSNew YorkNYUSStatue of Liberty National MonumentLiberty Island, New York, NY 10004M   C187.5 MM                     
3FL/WYesBuffalo Harbor LighthouseUS 2680 (1993)nonenoneNYUSBuffaloNYUSBuffalo & Erie Co. Historical Society25 Nottingham Court, Buffalo, NY 14216MChance Brothers 1905C500 MM4906490114904 No   MCTaken from third Buffalo Lighthouse circa 1961GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/11/2000FDB-147
LewisF/WYesBuffalo Main Lighthousenone  NYUSBuffaloNYUSBuffalo & Erie Co. Historical Society25 Nottingham Court, Buffalo, NY 14216MWinslow Lewis 1818ON/A                One of two surviving Winslow Lewis lenses.TagALCC11/2/2010FDB-148
3FNoBuffalo Main Lighthouse   NYUSBuffaloNYUSBuffalo Main Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2015C500 MM                 KaiserALCC10/5/2015FDB-381
4FL/R+WYesSouth Buffalo Lighthousenone  NYUSBuffaloNYUSHeritage Discovery Center100 Lee St., Buffalo NYMBarbier, Bénard & Turenne 1903F250 MM3180 -1/ 60-232606260  YesTot. Ref.Glass60B Bivalve. Buffalo Lighthouse Assn, Inc. GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/2/2002FDB-149
4FNoCharlotte-Genesee Lighthouse   NYUS NYUSCharlotte-Genesee Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014C250 MM290529052903 YesSphericalCu   Active PTONKaiserALCC12/15/2014 
4FLYesConey Island Lighthouse (Norton's Point)J-1106 (2003)40 34.674 00.7NYUSForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SBarbier & BenardBB-1131897C250 MM660366066603 No     Formerly South Street Seaport, ManhattanKaiserALCC9/26/2008FDB-375
5 NoCrown Point Lighthousenone  NYUSCrown PointNYUSCrown Point LightCrown Point Campground, 754 Bridge Road, Crown Point NY 12928L    187.5 MM                     
3FYesDunkirk Lighthouse (Point Gratiot)US 3410 (1993)42 29.679 21.2NYUSDunkirkNYUSDunkirk Lighthouse (Point Gratiot)P.O. Box 69, 1 Lighthouse Point Dr., Dunkirk, NY 14048A  1857C500 MM          YesSphericalAg on Cu   Active ATON, USCG / Dunkirk Lighthouse Museum & Veterans Park.GademskyFresnel Lens Team10/14/2001FDB-150
4FYesEast Charity Shoals LighthouseUS 1760 (1993)44 02.276 28.9NYUSBuffaloNYUSBuffalo Coast Guard BaseUSCG 1 Fuhrmann Blvd., Buffalo, NY 14203SHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 No     Removed mid-1990s.GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/11/2000FDB-151
3F/WYesEatons Neck LighthouseJ-0872 (2003)40 57.273 23.7NYUSEatons NeckNYUSEatons Neck LighthouseHuntington, NYAHenry-Lepaute 1854?C500 MM                Active ATON, Reflector plate. USCG, Northport, Long Island Sound.KinneyEaton's Neck9/5/2012 
1FLYesFire Island LighthouseJ-1016 (2003)40 38.073 13.1NYUSCaptree IslandNYUSFire Island Lighthouse1 Burma Road  Fire Island, NY 11702MHenry-Lepaute 1858?C920 MM84511845178458 No   CCIn new Lens Display Building on Lighthouse Site with complete pedestal and clockworkGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/23/2000FDB-152
4FYesFort Niagara LighthouseUS 2485 (1993)43 15.779 03.6NYUSYoungstownNYUSFort Niagara MuseumOld Fort Niagara, P.O. Box 169, Youngstown, NY 14174LSautter et Cie  C250 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Deactivated 1993. Old Fort Niagara Assn.GademskyFresnel Lens Team10/15/2001FDB-153
4FNoHorton Point Lighthouse J-0764 (2003)41 05.172 26.7NYUSSoutholdNYUSHorton Point Lighthouse Museum3575 Lighthouse Road  Southold, NY 11971VL. Sautter 1850sC250 MM490549054903 No     One Dioptric Prism is Lose and Sitting Next to Lens    
5FLYesHudson AthensJ-1140.75 (2003)42 15.173 48.5NYUSMysticCTUSMystic Seaport Museum75 Greenmanville Avenue  Stonington, CT 06355M USLHS 512  187.5 MM                To museum 1952 from ATON training school, New London CT.KaiserALCC11/20/2012 
2FYesLittle Gull Island LighthouseJ-0726 (2003)41 12.472 06.5NYUSGreenportNYUSEast End Seaport Museum3rd Street  Greenport, NY 11944MHenry-Lepaute 1868C700 MM66013660126605 No   F On loan from USCG. Greenport, NY. Removed from tower 1995GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-154
3.5FLYesMontauk Point LighthouseJ-0690 (2003)41 04.371 51.4NYUSMontaukNYUSMontauk Point Lighthouse Museum2000 Mountauk Highway  Montauk, NY 11954VBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  G375 MM21805       No   MCUsed 1903-1987. Bivalve, with windup clockwork. In museum.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-155
4FYesNever in a lighthouse - Engineer Modelnone  NYUSCorningNYUSCorning Glass Museum1 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830MMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM  5  6  4       Half lensGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/3/2000FDB-156
4FYesOswego Harbor W. Pierhead LighthouseUS 2080 (1993)43 28.476 31.0NYUSOswegoNYUSH. Lee White Marine MuseumP.O. Box 101, West 1st Street Pier, Oswego, NY 13126MSautter Lemonnier et Cie. 1881C250 MM  5  6  4 No     On Loan to Museum since 1995GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/4/2000FDB-157
4FLYesPlum Island (Plum Gut) LighthouseJ-0722 (2003)41 10.472 12.7NYUSGreenportNYUSEast End Seaport Museum3rd Street  Greenport, NY 11944MBarbier & Bénard 1897C250 MM660366056603 No   MCLoaned 1994. Six panel in use 1897-1994. With operating clockworkGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-158
5 NoRobbins Reef LighthouseJ-1156 (2003)40 39.474 04.0NYUSNew YorkNYUSUSCG New York S    187.5 MM                Returned to CG by South Street Seaport 1998    
5 DrumFNoRoundout Lighthousenone  NYUSKingstonNYUSHudson River Maritime Museum50 Roundout Landing, Kingston, NY 12401M   J187.5 MM  11              GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/9/2000 
6FYesSaugerties Lighthousenone  NYUSSaugertiesNYUSSaugerties Lighthouse168 Lighthouse Dr., Saugerties, NY 12477SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  O150 MM49074904nonenone  No     Removed from Norfolk VA and returned to CG Exhibit CenterTagALCC6/26/2012FDB-343
5FYesSodus Pierhead LighthouseUS 2170 (1993)43 16.676 58.5NYUSSodus PointNYUSSodus Point LighthouseP.O. Box 94, 7606 N. Ontario St., Sodus Point, NY 14555LHenry-Lepaute 1871?C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Removed from Pierhead Light and now in Old Sodus Point LanternGademskyFresnel Lens Team10/16/2001FDB-159
2F/WYesStaten Island Rear Range LighthouseJ-1082 (2003)40 34.574 08.6NYUSStaten IslandNYUSStaten Island Rear Range Lighthouse AChance BrothersUSLHE 2061905H700 MM          YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Active ATON, Front bullseye panel,sides open, rear curved. USLHE #206    
4FNoStepping Stonesnone  NYUSKings PointNYUSUS Merchant Marine Academy300 Steamboat Road, Kings Point, New York, 11024MF. Barbier & Cie.USLHS 47 - BF 901889C250 MM490              Assessment by phone photo to be sent inKaiserALCC8/14/2009 
4FLYesStony Point Lighthousenone  NYUSStony PointNYUSStony Point Lighthouse44 Battlefield Road  Stony Point, NY 10980P    250 MM                Private Aid ReplicaTagALCC5/24/2012 
5 DrumFNoStony Point Lighthouse   NYUSHendersonNYUSBuffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Park1 Naval Park Cove, Buffalo, NY 14202M   J187.5 MM          No     5th Order Drum Lens in an AGA LanternKaiserALCC3/29/2015FDB-377
6 NoSunken Rock Lighthousenone  NYUSAlexandria BayNYUSSunken Rock LightSt. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp., 180 Andrews St., Messena, NY 13662A    150 MM                     
4FLNoTarrytown Lighthouse   NYUSTarrytownNYUSTarrytown Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2014A250 MM360336053603       Installed 2014   FDB-376
4FYesTibbetts Point (Cape Vincent) LighthouseUS 1735 (1993)44 06.076 22.2NYUSCape VincentNYUSTibbetts Point (Cape Vincent) LighthouseTibbetts Point Lighthouse Historical Society, P.O. Box 683, Cape Vincent, NY 13618A   C250 MM     5    No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/4/2000FDB-160
6 NoSwash Channel Rear Range Lighthousenone  NYUSNew DorpNYUSNew Dorp LighthouseAltamont Ave., Staten Island, New York City, New YorkL    150 MM                Range lens    
4 NoWest Bank Front Range LighthouseJ-1081.9 (2003)40 32.374 02.6NYUSWest BankNYUSWest Bank Front Range Light A    250 MM                Active ATON    
4FLYesAshtabula Harbor LighthouseUS 3745 (1993)41 55.180 47.8OHUSAshtabulaOHUSAshtabula Maritime Museum1071 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, OH 44004MBarbier & BenardBB-1101896C250 MM660366066603 No   MMRemoved 1995. In keeper's quarters, now Ashtabula marine museumGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/9/1999FDB-161
4FLYesCleveland Harbor West Pierhead LighthouseUS 4160 (1993)41 30.781 43.1OHUSClevelandOHUSUSCG Cleveland240 E. 9th St. Room 2133. Cleveland, OH 44199MBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM660366066603 No   BMMay be moved to Charlotte Genesee NYGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/12/2000FDB-162
3F/WYesFairport Harbor Lighthouse (Grand River)none41 45.781 16.8OHUSFairportOHUSFairport Marine Museum129 Second St., Fairport Harbor, OH 44077VHenry-Lepaute 1854?C500 MM  13  11  4 YesSphericalAg on Cu   Clockwork system from Little Sable Lighthouse. In museum room at lighthouse.GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/6/2000FDB-163
4F/FLYesGreen Island LighthouseUS 5535 (1993)41 38.782 52.1OHUSToledoOHUSThe National Museum of the Great Lakes1701 Front Street Toledo, OH 43605MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM2 FL/?F60 FL/?F5 F/?FL  5F/NoFL  3F/NoFL No     On display, many elements missingGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/12/2000FDB-164
4FYesLorain HarborUS 4320 (1993)41 28.982 11.7OHUSLorainOHUSLorain Port Authority Office319 Black River Lane, Lorain, OH 44052MMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM360536063604 YesSpherical 3 @ 60BMReturned to LorainGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/6/2002FDB-165
3.5FLYesMarblehead (Sandusky) LighthouseUS 5250 (1993)41 32.282 42.7OHUSMarbleheadOHUSMarblehead Lighthouse MuseumMarblehead Lighthouse State Park, 110 Lighthouse Dr., Marblehead, OH 43440SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  G375 MM21805       No   BMLocated in Keeper's Dwelling Museum on Lighthouse SiteGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/1999FDB-166
5FYesSandusky Bay Outer Range Rear Beaconnone41 29.082 42.4OHUSToledoOHUSThe National Museum of the Great Lakes1701 Front Street Toledo, OH 43605MSautter Harle & CieNo. 3511891C187.5 MM290529052903NoNoTot. Ref.Glass90 Each FGreat Lakes Historical SocietyKaiserALCC10/16/2005FDB-378
4F/FLYesSouth Bass Island LighthouseUS 5530 (1993)41 37.782 50.5OHUSPut-In-BayOHUSLake Erie Islands Historical MuseumLake Erie Islands Historical Society, P.O. Box 25, 25 Town Hall Place, Put-In-Bay, OH 43456ML. Sautter & Cie  C250 MM2 F/2 FL905F/3FL2F/2FL905F/5FL2F/2FL903F/3FL No     One flash panel w/ dioptrics and lower cats is missing.GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/13/2000FDB-167
3.5FL/R+WYesToledo Harbor LighthouseUS 6030 (1993)41 45.783 19.7OHUSToledoOHUSMaumee Bay State Park1400 State Park Rd, Oregon, OH 43618MBarbier & Bénard 1904F375 MM3180-1/60-2526092604 YesTot. Ref.Glass60  First displayed in 1901 exhibition (Buffalo Pan-American?). Removed 1996.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/14/2001FDB-168
4FL/WYesCape Arago LighthouseG-4450 (1994)43 20.5124 22.5ORUSCoos BayORUSCoos History Museum1210 N Front St, Coos Bay, OR 97420MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM372337263724 Yes (2)Tot. Ref.Glass72 Ea.M Moved to Coos History Museum 2016 GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/2001FDB-169
2FL/WYesCape Blanco LighthouseG-4432 (1994)42 50.2124 33.8ORUSSixesORUSCape Blanco Lighthouse91100 Cape Blanco Road  Port Orford, OR 97465AHenry-Lepaute  C700 MM84588  8   No     Active ATON, Revolving.  From Ship Shoal LA 1935, 7 pieces replaced in 1994 after 1992 vandalismGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/2001FDB-170
1F/FLYesCape Meares LighthouseG-4516 (1994)45 29.2123 58.6ORUSOceansideORUSCape Meares LighthouseNetarts, OR 97143LHenry-Lepaute 1887C920 MM84515 (F only)      R & WNo     Oregon Parks Dept. Drum w/4 bullseye panels stolen 1970s (3 recovered).GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/3/2001FDB-172
4FL/WYesDesdemona Sands LighthouseG-4564 (1994)46 13.5123 57.2ORUSMukilteoWAUSMukilteo Lighthouse MuseumMukilteo, WAV   C250 MM360336053603 YesSphericalAg on Glass2 @ 90  Missing one Bull's EyeGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-193
1FL/WYesHeceta Head LighthouseG-4486 (1994)44 08.3124 07.6ORUSFlorenceORUSHeceta Head Lighthouse92072 Hwy. 101 South Yachats, OR 97498LChance Brothers 1894C920 MM  11  17    No   C Active ATON, USCG Coos Bay. Oregon State Parks. 640 prisms. Rest 2001GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/6/2001FDB-173
1FLYesUmpqua River LighthouseG-4472 (1994)43 39.8124 11.9ORUSReedsportORUSUmpqua River Lighthouse - Douglas County1020 Lighthouse Road  Winchester Bay, OR 97467AF. Barbier & CieBF-911890C920 MM24151784517845 R & WNo   C Active ATON, USCG Coos Bay. R&W (2W, 1R FL)GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/7/2001FDB-174
5 DrumFYesWLV 604none  ORUSAstoriaORUSColumbia River Maritime Museum1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103MRice Bros., Boothbay ME  J187.5 MM                Double 500mm, or 4th order lightship, lens. Mus also has 375mm fr LV 88    
1F/WYesYaquina Head LighthouseG-4506 (1994)44 40.6124 04.7ORUSNewport  ORUSYaquina Head Lighthouse750 Northwest Lighthouse Drive  Newport, OR 97365ABarbier & Fenestre 1868C920 MM          Yes     Active ATON, BLM, Yaquina Head.  flashed with 1000w bulb since 1939.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/4/2001FDB-175
4FYesErie North Pierhead LighthouseUS 3495 (1993)42 09.480 04.3PAUSEriePAUSErie Maritime Museum150 East Front Street, Erie, PA 16507M   C250 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90   GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/10/2000FDB-176
4FYesUnknown Possibly Presque Isle Lighthouse?none  PAUSEriePAUSErie Historical Society Museum419 State Street, Erie, PA 16501M   C250 MM572557255723 No     Removed from tower 1901 ? One side, of five, open (no glass elements).GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/10/2000FDB-177
4FYesBeavertail LighthouseJ-0624 (2003)41 27.071 24.0RIUSJamestownRIUSBeavertail Lighthouse MuseumBeavertail Road  Beavertail State Park, Jamestown, RI 02835L   C250 MM                White & green flashes. On display in Asst. Keeper's quarters.    
1FL/GNoBlock Island Southeast Lighthousenone  RIUSBlock IslandRIUS  SHenry Lepaute / L. Sautter 1929K920 MM84511       No     Scheduled for museum display   FDB-367
4FYesBlock Island North LighthouseJ-0642 (2003)41 13.771 34.6RIUSBlock IslandRIUSBlock Island North LighthouseCorn Neck Rd., Block IslandABarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHE 444 C250 MM490549064904 No   BCActive PTONKaiserALCC7/24/2013FDB-369
1FYesBlock Island Southeast LighthouseJ-0650 (2003)41 09.271 33.1RIUSBlock IslandRIUSBlock Island Southeast Lighthouse122 Mohegan Trl, Block Island, RI 02807AL. Sautter & Cie.  C920 MM64517645136456GreenYesSphericalAg on Cu45  Active ATON Original Cape Lookout, VA 1859-1967, Stored USCG Portsmouth VA 1967-1994.KaiserALCC7/24/2013FDB-368
5FYesGoat Islandnone  RIUSCenterportNYUSSuffolk County Vanderbilt MuseumVanderbilt Museum, 180 Little Neck Road, Centerport, NY 11721MBarbier & Fenestre 1881 187.5 MM                 TagALCC10/26/2007 
6 NoLime Rock Lighthousenone  RIUSNewport   RIUSMuseum of Newport History127 Thames Street, Newport , RIM    150 MM                Original lens    
4FYesPoint Judith LighthouseJ-0628 (2003)41 21.771 28.9RIUSNarragansettRIUSPoint Judith Lighthouse1470 Ocean Road  Narragansett, RI 02882AMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/11/2000FDB-178
4FYesPomham Rocks LighthouseJ-0602 (2003)41 46.671 22.2RIUSNewburyportMAUSOld Customs House Museum25 Water Street  Newburyport, MA 01950M USLHS 499A C250 MM  5  5  3 No     Installed 1939 to replace original 6th orderGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/19/2000FDB-179
6FNoRose Island Lighthouse   RIUSNewportRIUSRose Island Lighthouse AReplica - Artworks Florida 2013C150 MM490549054903 No     Active PTON   FDB-370
4 PartFLYesSakonnet PointJ-0523 (2003)41 27.271 12.2RIUSRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M   C250 MM  3  6  3       Bullseyes / 2 center panels missing.  Only 3, of perhaps 10, original panelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-180
4 NoWatch Hill   RIUSWesterlyRIUSWatch Hill LighthouseLighthouse Drive, Westerly, RIM   C250MM                Removed from Tower 1986    
5FNoGeorgetown   SCUSGeorgetownSCUSSouth Carolina Maritime Museum729 Front St, Georgetown, SC, 29440  ML. Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie.  C187.5 MM490549054903 No     Moved from a Miami CG Facility to SC Maritime Museum in 2014KaiserALCC  
2 PartFYesMorris Island Lighthousenone  SCUSCharlestonSCUSHunting Island State Park2555 North Beach Road, Fripp Island, SC 29920M   C700 MM                On first floor of lighthouse, Basically upper catadioptrics onlyTagALCC1/4/2009 
3.5 PartFNoBrazos River Lighthousenone  TXUSAngletonTXUSBrazoria County Historical Society100 East Cedar Street  Angleton, TX 77515MBarbier & Bénard  1895G375 MM  5             Large section of clamshell lens on display in museumGademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-181
3FLYesGalveston Jetty Lighthousenone  TXUSGalvestonTXUSGalveston Historical Museum2219 Market Street, Galveston, TX 77550MHenry-Lepaute 1913C500 MM  9  11  4 No   MCDonated to Mus. 1974. Orig displayed Panama Pacific Int'l Ex. Access door in storage GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/12/2001FDB-182
3FLYesKemah Water Towernone  TXUSKemahTXUSKemah Water Tower9th and Bradford in Kemah,TexasPReplica - Artworks Florida  C500 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009FDB-344
4 DrumFYesLydia Ann Channel (Aransas Pass) LighthouseJ-42130 (2003)27 50.897 03.7TXUSPort AransasTXUSLydia Ann Channel (Aransas Pass) Lighthouse L   J250 MM                4th Order Drum in TowerKaiserALCC6/3/2011FDB-314
4FYesLydia Ann Channel (Aransas Pass) LighthouseJ-42130 (2003)27 50.897 03.7TXUSPort AransasTXUSPort Aransas Civic Center598 W Ave. E, Port Aransas, TX, 78373MHenry-Lepaute 1857C250 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/13/2001FDB-183
3 NoMatagorda Island Lighthousenone  TXUSPort LavacaTXUSCalhoun County Historical Museum301 South Ann Street  Port Lavaca, TX 77979M    500 MM                Port Lavaca.    
3FLYesPoint Bolivar Lighthouse none  TXUSWashingtonDCUSSmithsonian Institution1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest  Washington, DC 20560M   C500 MM84517845108454 No     On Display with Heap Air Pressure Lamp, pedestal and clock mechanism. TR335567GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-184
1FYesAssateague Island LighthouseJ-1364 (2003)37 54.775 21.4VAUSChincoteagueVAUSOyster Museum, Chincoteague7125 Maddox Boulevard, Chincoteague Island, VA 23336MBarbier & Fenestre 1866C920 MM54517545185458W Yes 3SphericalAg on Cu45 x 3  Had been displayed outside, near Assateague Lighthouse.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-185
1FL/WYesCape Charles LighthouseJ-1404 (2003)37 07.475 54.4VAUSNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601MF. Barbier & CieBF-991893C920 MM9 10920189208 Yes Tot. Ref.Glass  MMuseum centerpiece, donated 1963. BF/99GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001FDB-186
1FYesNew Cape Henry LighthouseJ-1408 (2003)36 55.676 00.4VAUSVirginia BeachVAUSCape Henry Lighthouse583 Atlantic Avenue  Virginia Beach, VA 23451LBarbier & FenestreBF-661880C920 MM  17  18    Yes 2Tot. Ref.Glass   Red sectorGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001FDB-187
1FLYesHog Island Lighthousenone  VAUSPortsmouthVAUSPortsmouth Museums Foundation MHenry-Lepaute  C920 MM                On display in pavilion at High Street Ferry Landing in Portsmouth TagALCC11/17/2010FDB-188
4FYesOld Plantation Flatsnone  VAUSCape CharlesVAUSOld Plantation Flats AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4FYesOld Point Comfort LighthouseJ-1420 (2003)37 00.176 18.4VAUSHamptonVAUSOld Point Comfort LighthouseFenwick Road  Hampton, Virginia 23651AHenry-Lepaute 1854C250 MM                Active ATON. Reputed LePaute but no mark. 3 drum sec, empty landwd secGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-189
4FL/WYesSmith Point LighthouseJ-1790 (2003)37 52.876 11.0VAUSPortsmouthVAUSNaval Shipyard Museum2 High Street, Portsmouth VAMSautter & Harle 1894C250 MM660366066604 No   BM GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-190
4FYesThimble ShoalsJ-1416 (2003)37 00.976 14.4VAUSYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne484 C250 MM  5  6  3 Yes Spherical     GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001 
4FYesColchester Reef Lighthousenone  VTUSShelburneVTUSShelburne MuseumP.O. Box 10, US Route 7, Shelburne, VT 05482MChance Brothers  C150 MM290729062903 YesSphericalAg on Cu2 @ 90 MOn Mercury Float - Entire lighthouse moved to museum from Lake Champlain in 1953KaiserALCC4/4/2011FDB-253
4FLYesAlki Point LighthouseG-4890 (1994)47 34.6122 25.2WAUSCoupevilleWAUSAdmiralty Head Lighthouse1280 South Engle Road  Coupeville, WA 98239ML. Sautter, LemonnierUSLHS 457 C250 MM536353655363 YesSphericalAg on Glass2 @ 90  In case in MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/1/2001FDB-191
4FYesBurrows Island Lighthousenone  WAUSCoupevilleWAUSAdmiralty Head Lighthouse1280 South Engle Road  Coupeville, WA 98239VL. Sautter & Cie.  C250 MM                In Interpretive Center since 1962.  Moved from Port Angeles Air Station 2003KaiserALCC4/4/2011 
4FL/R+WYesCape Disappointment LighthouseG-4532 (1994)46 16.6124 03.1WAUSIlwacoWAUSCape Disappointment Light248 Robert Gray Drive  Ilwaco, WA 98624LBarbier & BénardBB-1091896C250 MM                Active ATON 1898-2010GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/3/2001FDB-192
1 PartFYesCape Flattery Lighthousenone  WAUSSeattleWAUSSeattle Museum of History and Industry2700 24th Avenue East  Seattle, WA 98112ML. Sautter  C920 MM                Single dioptric panel    
4FLYesCape Flattery Lighthousenone  WAUSSequimWAUSNew Dungeness LighthouseP.O. Box 1283 Sequim, WA 98382MMacbeth-EvansUSLHS 4-22 C250 MM360 (each)366063604NYesSphericalAg on Cu BM180 degrees optics 180 degrees brass This is the second lens used and it replaced the 1st orderKaiserALCC4/8/2009 
1FL/WYesDestruction Island LighthouseG-4746 (1994)47 40.5124 29.1WAUSWestportWAUSWestport Maritime Museum2201 Westhaven Drive  Westport, WA 98595MHenry-Lepaute 1888C920 MM24151424151524156 No   CC24 panels. Removed 1995. Installed in lens exhibit building 1998.GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/2/2001FDB-194
3FL/R+WYesGrays Harbor (Westport) LighthouseG-4726 (1994)46 53.3124 06.9WAUSWestportWAUSGrays Harbor Lighthouse1020 West Ocean Avenue  Westport, WA 98595LHenry-Lepaute SonsHL 3431895F500 MM2180 & 607260 260 R& WYes 2Tot. Ref.Glass2 @ 60MMIn tower but not in useGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/2/2001FDB-195
4F/WYesMukilteo LighthouseG-4982 (1994)47 56.9122 18.3WAUSMukilteoWAUSMukilteo LighthouseMukilteo, WAAL. Sautter & Cie.  C250 MM  5  5  3WYes SphericalAg on Cu90  Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-196
4FL/WYesNew Dungeness LighthouseG-4772 (1994)48 10.9123 06.5WAUSSeattleWAUSCoast Guard Museum Northwest, Seattle1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA 98134MBarbier & BénardBB-1141897C250 MM660366066603 No   B In Tower 1927-1976 Moved to CG Museum NW in 1976GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-197
1FYesCape Disappointment & North Head LighthouseG-4718 (1994)46 18.0124 04.6WAUSIlwacoWAUSLewis & Clark Interpretive Center248 Robert Gray Drive  Ilwaco, WA 98624MLouis Sautter & Co. 1854C920 MM64517645136456 YesSphericalAg on Cu2 @ 45  Used in Cape Disappointment 1856-1898 & North Head 1898-1935GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/3/2001FDB-198
4FLYesPatos Island Lighthousenone  WAUSYachatsORUSPrivate collection LL. Sautter  C250 MM                Private Collection    
4FL/WYesPoint No Point LighthouseG-4828 (1994)47 54.7122 31.5WAUSHansvilleWAUSPoint No Point Lighthouse9005 Point No Point Rd. NE, Hansville, WA 98340L USLHS 406 C250 MM645 6  6   No     Active ATON 1914-2006 Group Flasher G3 15 Sec Lens Located in TowerGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/2/2001FDB-199
5F/WYesPoint Robinson LighthouseG-4906 (1994)47 23.3122 22.4WAUSMaury IslandWAUSPoint Robinson Lighthouse17130 Vashon Highway Southwest, Vashon, WA 98070LL. Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie. 1872?C187.5 MM          Yes glass prisms60  USCG Puget Sound. 1872. KaiserALCC5/31/2006 
4F/FL R+WYesPoint Wilson LighthouseG-4784 (1994)48 08.7122 45.2WAUSPort TownsendWAUSPoint Wilson LighthouseHarbor Defense Way  Port Townsend, WA 98368LL. Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie.L.S. 320 C250 MM          No     USCG Puget Sound  Fixed white with red flash panelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/1/2001FDB-200
4FYesSemiahmoo Lighthousenone  WAUSYachatsORUSPrivate collection MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM                Private CollectionDeWire 5/1/2006 
4FLYesSmith Island Lighthousenone  WAUSSeattleWAUSSeattle Museum of History and Industry2700 24th Avenue East  Seattle, WA 98112MBarbier & FenestreBF-801884C250 MM645364566453 No     On brass pedestalKaiserALCC3/1/2006FDB-356
4FLYesNorth Head LighthouseG-4718 (1994)46 18.0124 04.6WAUSAstoriaORUSColumbia River Maritime Museum1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103M   C250 MM290329062904 Yes  180BMIn Tower 1935-1950s  In Museum Storage 2013GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/3/2001 
4FL/R+WYesWest Point LighthouseG-4861 (1994)47 39.7122 26.1WAUSSeattleWAUSWest Point LighthouseDiscovery Park, Seattle, WALL. Sautter, Lemonnier & Cie.  C250 MM1230 12  12  R&WNo    MActive ATON 1881-c.2004GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-202
5FYesAlgoma Pierhead LighthouseUS 20975 (1993)44 36.487 25.8WIUSAlgomaWIUSAlgoma Pierhead Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM         R      Active ATON  Surrounded by red screens   GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/8/2001 
6FYesBaileys Harbor Front Range    WIUSManitowocWIUSWisconsin Maritime Museum75 Maritime Drive  Manitowoc, WI 54220M   J150 MM3907             Lens Lantern from Baileys Harbor Range Front 1920s - 1969KaiserALCC2/3/2016FDB-386
3FYesCana Island LighthouseUS 21255 (1993)45 05.387 02.8WIUSBaileys HarborWIUSCana Island Lighthouse A   C500 MM          No     Active ATON.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-203
3FLYesDevils Island LighthouseUS 15565 (1993)47 04.890 43.7WIUSDevils IslandWIUSDevils Island Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM  8  10          Active ATON. Bullseyes. Removed by USCG 1989, reinstalled NPS 1992.    
5F/WYesEagle Bluff LighthouseUS 21825 (1993)45 10.187 14.2WIUSPottawatomie State ParkWIUSEagle Bluff Lighthouse LBarbier & Fenestre 1868C187.5 MM          No     Door County Historical Society, Peninsula State ParkGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-204
6FYesGrassy Island Front Rangenone  WIUSGreen Bay Yacht ClubWIUSGrassy Island Front Range AReplica  C150 MM                Artworks Florida ReplicaTagALCC10/3/2008 
6FYesGrassy Island Rear Rangenone  WIUSGreen Bay Yacht ClubWIUSGrassy Island Rear Range AReplica  C150 MM                Artworks Florida ReplicaTagALCC10/3/2008 
4FYesGreen Bay Harbor Entrance LighthouseUS 22130 (1993)44 39.287 54.1WIUSSturgeon BayWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Ave. Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235MChance Brothers  C250 MM                In Tower 1935 - 2013TagALCC1/24/2009FDB-388
5FYesKewaunee Pierhead LighthouseUS 20955 (1993)44 27.587 29.8WIUSKewauneeWIUSKewaunee Pierhead Lighthouse A   C187.5 MM          No     Active ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/8/2001FDB-205
4FYesManistique  LighthouseUS 21475 (1993)45 56.786 14.8WIUSManitowocWIUSWisconsin Maritime Museum75 Maritime Drive  Manitowoc, WI 54220M   C250 MM          No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2002FDB-206
4FYesManitowoc North Breakwater LighthouseUS 20845 (1993)44 05.687 38.6WIUSManitowocWIUSWisconsin Maritime Museum75 Maritime Drive  Manitowoc, WI 54220L   C187.5 MM          No     Moved to Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WITagALCC10/26/2007FDB-247
3.5FL/WYesMichigan Island LighthouseUS 15275 (1993)46 52.390 29.8WIUSBayfieldWIUSApostle Island National Lakeshore MHenry-Lepaute 1869?C375 MM  7  8  3 No     In Bayfield Visitors Center. Removed c. 1972GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/13/2001FDB-207
4FYesMilwaukee Breakwater LighthouseUS 20635 (1993)43 01.687 52.9WIUSManitowocWIUSWisconsin Maritime Museum75 Maritime Drive  Manitowoc, WI 54220A    250 MM                 TagALCC10/28/2007FDB-248
4F/FLYesMilwaukee North Point LighthouseUS 20760 (1993)43 03.987 52.3WIUSMilwaukeeWIUSMilwaukee North Point Lighthouse Museum MBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHE 413 C250 MM2 F, 2 FL905 F, 3 Fl2F,  2FL906F, 6 FL2 F, 2 FL904 F, 4 FL No   BMMoved to Lighthouse Museum May 2009TagALCC7/20/2009FDB-232
5 NoMilwaukee Pierhead LighthouseUS 20670 (1993)nonenoneWIUSMilwaukeeWIUSMilwaukee Pierhead LH, No  L    187.5 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2002 
4FYesOld Port Washingtonnone  WIUSPort WashingtonWIUSOld Port Washington AReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM490549054903       Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
3FLYesOuter Islandnone47 .07.690 41.7WIUSOuter IslandWIUSUSCG Academy15 Mohegan Ave. New London CTML. Sautter & Cie.  C500 MM6609660116604NNo     In USCG Museum New London, CTKaiserALCC11/9/2012FDB-358
4FYesPlum Island Rear Range LighthouseUS 21310 (1993)45 18.286 57.2WIUSPlum IslandWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Ave.  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235MSautter, Lemonnier & CieNo. 3421889C250 MM490549064904 No     Moved to Door County Maritime Museum 2015TagALCC8/19/2016FDB-389
4FYesPottawatomienone  WIUSRock Island State ParkWIUSPottawatomie AReplica - Artworks Florida  C250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4FLYesRacine Reef LighthouseUS 20480 (1993)42 43.687 44.2WIUSRacineWIUSRacine Heritage Museum701 Main St. Racine, WI 53403MBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM490349064904 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/22/2002FDB-208
5F/FL/WYesRaspberry Island LighthouseUS 15555 (1993)46 58.390 48.3WIUSMadeline IslandWIUSMadeline Island Historical Museum MHenry-Lepaute 1863C187.5 MM5  5  3   No   BMPreviously Raspberry Island Lighthouse, Lake Superior, 1863-1947.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/13/2001FDB-209
4FYesSherwood Point LighthouseUS 22000 (1993)44 53.687 26.0WIUSSturgeon BayWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Ave.  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235A   C250 MM  5  6  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-210
3FL/RYesSturgeon Bay Ship Canal LighthouseUS 20995 (1993)44 47.787 18.8WIUSSturgeon BayWIUSSturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse AHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM845884510    No    MActive ATONGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/9/2001FDB-211
6FYesTwo Rivers Pierheadnone  WIUSTwo RiversWIUSRogers Street Fishing Village Museum MSautter et Cie  J150 MM                212 Degree fixed steamer lens 3 panel with one panel of brass on iron tripod - Rebuilt in May 2009KaiserALCC1/16/2008FDB-346
3FLYesWind Point LighthouseUS 20605 (1993)42 46.987 45.5WIUSWind PointWIUSWind Point Light Keeper's House owned by Racine Heritage Museum M   C500 MM1230712301112304 No     In caretaker's house. On loan from Racine Heritage Museum.TagALCC10/26/2007FDB-278
6FNoCardona Island Lighthousenone   USPoncePRUSCardona Island Lighthouse, Puerto RicoCardona Island, PRA   C150 MM                Active ATON    
3FLYesEl Morro LighthouseJ-5494 (2003)18 28.466 07.4PRUSSan JuanPRUSPort San Juan (El Morro) LH, Puerto Rico A  1908K500 MM                Active ATON Dioptric Flash Panels OnlyTagALCC5/1/2010 
2F/FLNoMona Island Lighthouse    USMona IslandPRUSMona Island     C700 MM                     
4FYesCrowdy Head Lighthouse, Australianone   AUSea GirtNJUSSea Girt Lighthouse9 Ocean Avenue  Sea Girt, NJ 08750VChance Brothers  C500 MM                Purchased from Australian owner in Internet auction 2002. In use 1920-70KaiserALCC4/4/2011 
4FYesUnknownnone   USMobileALUSNational Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico M    250 MM                On loan from USCGTagALCC2/19/2009 
4FYesUnknownnone   USOaklandCAUSEast Brother Island Lighthouse LMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM                From Florida - missing doorKaiserALCC1/12/2008 
4 PartFLYesUnknownnone   USPacific GroveCAUSPoint Pinos Lighthouse77 Asilomar Boulevard  Pacific Grove, CA 93950MMacbeth-Evans   250 MM                One lens panelKaiserALCC5/31/2006 
4 PartFYesUnknownnone   USPoint SurCAUSPoint Sur State Park M    250 MM                half lens on display in fog signal buildingTagALCC5/25/2004 
3.5FYesUnknownnone   USSanta BarbaraCAUSRusty's Pizza15 E. Cabrillo Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93101P    375 MM                Private Collection  TagALCC5/12/2004 
4FLYesUnknownnone   USSanta BarbaraCAUSRusty's Pizza15 E. Cabrillo Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93101P    250 MM                Private Collection  TagALCC5/12/2004 
Drum YesUnknownnone   USSanta BarbaraCAUSRusty's Pizza15 E. Cabrillo Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93101P    375 MM                Private Collection  TagALCC5/12/2004 
Drum YesUnknownnone   USSanta BarbaraCAUSRusty's Pizza15 E. Cabrillo Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93101P    375 MM                Private Collection  TagALCC5/12/2004 
4 PierheadFYesUnknownnone   USSanta BarbaraCAUSRusty's Pizza15 E. Cabrillo Drive, Santa Barbara CA 93101P    250 MM                Private Collection  TagALCC5/12/2004 
4FYesUnknownnone   USSequimWAUSNew Dungeness Lighthouse MMacbeth-EvansUSLHS 4-10 C250 MM660566066604 No     Owned by USLHSoc Now on loan to New Dungeness Lighthouse WAGademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-212
4FYesUnknownnone   USHansvilleWAUSUS Lighthouse Society - Point No Point9005 Point No Point Rd. NE, Hansville, WA 98340MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  6  4 No     Aboard LV 605GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/16/2002FDB-213
5FYesUnknownnone   USHansvilleWAUSUS Lighthouse Society - Point No Point9005 Point No Point Rd. NE, Hansville, WA 98340MMacbeth-Evans   187.5 MM                USLHS HeadquartersKaiserALCC10/25/2007FDB-214
5FYesUnknownnone   USHansvilleWAUSUS Lighthouse Society - Point No Point9005 Point No Point Rd. NE, Hansville, WA 98340ML. Sautter  C250 MM                USLHS HeadquartersKaiserALCC3/30/2009 
4FLNoUnknownnone   USMysticCTUSMystic Seaport Museum75 Greenmanville Avenue  Stonington, CT 06355MHenry-LepauteUSLHS 452  250 MM                To museum 1952 from ATON tng school, New London CT.  AN-1952.1059.1    
4FYesUnknownnone   USMysticCTUSMystic Seaport Museum75 Greenmanville Avenue  Stonington, CT 06355M USLHS 421  250 MM                To museum 1952 from ATON tng school, New London CT, in Reception CenterGademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-298
4FYesUnknownnone   USNew LondonCTUSUSCG Academy16 Farnsworth Street  New London, CT 06320SHenry-Lepaute 1847 250 MM4               Four panels, one (two) panels  and two brass (copper) reflector (eclipes)GademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-215
5FNoUnknownnone   USCambridgeMDUSChoptank River Lighthouse Replica1 High Street Cambridge, MDS   C187.5 MM                Rotating on service wheels.  Formerly in storage at CG AcademyKaiserALCC10/5/2015FDB-380
4FLYesUnknownnone   USNew LondonCTUSUSCG Academy16 Farnsworth Street  New London, CT 06320MHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM12305660512303 No     Previously in the Collection of The Franklin InstituteKaiserALCC4/8/2013 
4FYesUnknownnone   USStoningtonCTUSStonington Historical Society Museum VHenry-Lepaute 1856C250 MM290529062903 Yes (2)SphericalAg on Cu90 (Ea.)  Museum is old lighthouse. GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/2000FDB-217
4 NoUnknownnone   USWashingtonDCUSLongworth Congressional Office Building S    250 MM                Displayed Cape May, NJ Ferry Terminal Spring-Fall 2002    
4FYesUnknown none   USWashingtonDCUSUSCG HQ SHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  6  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-218
5F/FLYesUnknownnone   USWashingtonDCUSUSCG HQ S   C250 MM2 F/2 FL905 F/ 3 FL2 F/2 FL905 F/5 FL2 F/2 FL903 F/3 FL  No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-219
4 PartFLYesUnknownnone   USWashingtonDCUSUSCG HQ SAGA  C250 MM  3  6  4       Partial lens One 90º panelGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-220
4F/FLYesUnknown none   USWashingtonDCUSSmithsonian Institution1400 Constitution Avenue Northwest  Washington, DC 20560M   C250 MM285528552 3 Yes (2) Ag on Cu90 (Ea.)  Fixed dioptric panels with intervening metal panels/clockwork. Currently in Storage TR312067GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2001FDB-221
4F/FLYesUnknownnone   USKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse Museum938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040VBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM3 F/3FL60 Ea.5F/3Fl3F/3FL60 Ea.6F/6FL3F/3FL60 Ea.4F/4FL No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/19/2001FDB-222
5FYesUnknownnone   USKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse Museum938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040V   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     See note in column AOGademskyFresnel Lens Team2/19/2001FDB-223
5FYesUnknownnone   USKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse Museum938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040V   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/19/2001FDB-224
4 NoUnknownnone   USKey WestFLUSKey West Lighthouse Museum938 Whitehead Street  Key West, FL 33040VBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team  
Lewis StyleFYesUnknownnone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VWinslow Lewis ?   N/A                Possibly a Winslow Lewis Lens or at least that styleKaiserALCC12/2/2007FDB-225
300 mm RunwayFYesUnknownnone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VBBT   300 MM                Airport Runway Light in Lantern with 300mm drum lensTagALCC2/24/2012FDB-322
4 PortFYesUnknownnone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VBBT 1914 250 MM                Port Light in LanternTagALCC2/24/2012FDB-323
4 DrumFYesUnknownnone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VAGA   250 MM                Purchased from PeruTagALCC10/24/2008 
4 DrumFYesUnknownnone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VAGA   250 MM                Purchased from PeruTagALCC10/24/2008 
4FYesReplicanone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127MReplica - Artworks Florida   250 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
6FLYesReplicanone   USPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127MReplica - Artworks Florida   150 MM                Replica - Artworks FloridaTagALCC2/12/2009 
4F/RNoGranton Harbor, Scotlandnone   UKPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127MChance Brothers 1869C250 MM290529052903RedYesSphericalAg on Cu180  Purchased from Trinity Marine 2013    
3 MiddleFYesHannibal Lighthouse, Australianone   AUPonce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127VChance Brothers  C400 MM                Purchased from Australian ownerHenryPonce Inlet12/13/2007 
6FL G/WNoUnknownnone    Ponce InletFLUSPonce Inlet Lighthouse Museum4931 South Peninsula Drive  Ponce Inlet, FL 32127 BBT   150 MM                     
4FYesUnknownnone   USSt. AugustineFLUSSt. Augustine Lighthouse Museum81 Lighthouse Avenue  St. Augustine, FL 32080V   C250 MM  5  6  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/21/2001FDB-226
Part NoUnknownnone   USSt. Simons IslandGAUSSt. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum610 Beachview Drive  St. Simons, GA 31522M                     Donated Fragment, unknown lens.    
4FYesUnknownnone   USMichigan CityINUSMichigan City Lighthouse Historical Museum1 Washington Park Marina  Michigan City, IN 46360VBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHE 4431892C250 MM  5  6  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/7/2001FDB-227
3FYesUnknownnone   USBerwickLAUSBerwick City Hall Lobby3225 3rd Street Berwick, LA 70342MSautter et Cie  C500 MM  13  11  4 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team2/14/2001FDB-228
5FYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSBoston Harbor Lighthouse M   C187.5 MM                In display Case in Museum on Little Brewster IslandTagALCC4/20/2010FDB-390
4 NoUnknown (Possible Annisquam Harbor)none   USScituateMAUSScituate Maritime Museum301 Driftway  Scituate, MA 02066V    250 MM                2 bullseyes missing    
4FYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSUSCG HQ OL. Sautter  C250 MM390539053903NoYes Ag on Cu90   KaiserALCC3/14/2007 
4FYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSUSCG HQ O   C250 MM390539053903NoYes Ag on Cu90   KaiserALCC3/14/2007 
5FYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSUSCG HQ OSautter Lemonnier et Cie  C187.5 MM490549054903NoNo      KaiserALCC3/14/2007 
4FYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSUSCG Sector Boston ATON427 Commercial StreetOL. Sautter  C250 MM490549064903NoNo     On Display in ATON OfficesKaiserALCC4/29/2011FDB-310
4FL/WYesUnknownnone   USBostonMAUSUSCG Sector Boston ATON427 Commercial StreetOMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM490549044903NoNo     On Display in ATON OfficesKaiserALCC4/29/2011FDB-311
4FL/WYesUnknownnone   USSolomonsMDUSCalvert Marine Museum14200 Solomons Island Road South  Solomons, MD 20688MMacbeth-Evans   C250 MM490349064904 No     In lobby of museum hall.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-229
4F/WYesUnknownnone   USSolomonsMDUSCalvert Marine Museum14200 Solomons Island Road South  Solomons, MD 20688MBarbier & Fenestre  H250 MM11803       YesSpherical    Bullseye range light with reflector on loan from US Naval History Center.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-230
3FL/WYesUnknownnone   USSt. MichaelsMDUSChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum213 North Talbot Street  St. Michaels, MD 21663ML. Sautter et Cie  C500 MM6609660116604 No     From USCG 5th Dist. surplus yard Norfolk; diagonal cross brace each face.GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/4/2000FDB-233
5F/WYesUnknownnone   USSt. MichaelsMDUSChesapeake Bay Maritime Museum213 North Talbot Street  St. Michaels, MD 21663MHenry-Lepaute  C187.5 MM490549054903 No     Found in local (Denton, MD) barn. On display in lighthouse at museum.Vincent 5/28/2008FDB-234
4FYesUnknownnone   USOcean CityMDUSFager's Island Resort Hotel201 6th Street Ocean City, MD 21842P   C250 MM                In lantern of a replica screwpile lighthouse hotel GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/3/2000FDB-235
1F/WYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747S    920 MM                Missing metal strips between panels. One broken prism.  In BoxesTagALCC4/27/2011FDB-307
1FLYesUnknown (Possible American Shoals)none   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747S    920 MM2412              In Boxes marked KW  (24 Panel Lens)TagALCC4/27/2011FDB-309
4F/FLYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM          YesTot. Ref.Glass90   GademskyFresnel Lens Team7/5/2000FDB-236
3 PiecesFYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747S    500 MM                Pieces of Upper Cats    
4FYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM                Badly damagedTagALCC4/27/2011FDB-308
4 RangeFYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SBarbier & Fenestre   187.5 MM                Transferred from USCG Academy many years ago unknown originKaiserALCC4/4/2011FDB-255
6 RangeFYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SL. Sautter et Cie   150 MM                Transferred from USCG Academy many years ago unknown originKaiserALCC4/4/2011FDB-256
6FYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747SL. Sautter et Cie   150 MM390539053903 YesSphericalAg on CU90  Returned by USCG personnel from a garage original location unknownKaiserALCC9/8//2011FDB-317
5FLYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747S 519 C187.5 MM1230566056603 No     Returned to USCG Exhibit Center July 2011from Franklin InstituteTagALCC7/7/2012FDB-340
4FL/WYesUnknownnone   USForrestvilleMDUSUSCG Exhibit Center7945 Fernham Lane, Forrestville, MD 20747PSautter Lemonnier et Cie.   250 MM                From USCG Governor's Island NY, then in Museum at Saugerties Lighthouse NYGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/9/2000FDB-327
4F/FLNoUnknownnone   USBaltimoreMDUSUSCG Shipyard 2401 Hawkins Point Road2401 Hawkins Point Road, Baltimore, MDS   B250 MM                In Admirals Quarters 2014KaiserALCC4/2/2014FDB-360
5 DrumFYesUnknownnone   USBaltimoreMDUSUSCG Shipyard 2401 Hawkins Point Road2401 Hawkins Point Road, Baltimore, MDS   J187.5 MM                Appears to be a lantern made up from the dioptric belt sections of one or more 5th order lensesKaiserALCC3/20/2009 
5 DrumFYesUnknownnone   USEwellMDUSThe Bayside Inn Restaurant4065 Smith Island Road, Ewell, MDP   J187.5 MM                    FDB-359
2 Part NoUnknownnone   USBiddeford PoolMEUSFletcher's Neck Life Saving Museum18 Ocean Avenue, Biddeford, ME 04005M    700 MM                Partial. For disp new lifesaving mus. Prev stored Curtis Bay, Nantucket LS    
4FYesUnknownnone   USCape ElizabethMEUSPortland Head Lighthouse Museum1000 Shore Road  Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107VBarbier, Bénard & TurenneUSLHS No. 4-27 C250 MM  5  6  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-237
4FYesUnknownnone   USCape ElizabethMEUSPortland Head Lighthouse Museum1000 Shore Road  Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107VHenry-Lepaute  C250 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/15/2000FDB-238
3 NoUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M    500 MM                     
4FLYesUnknownnone   USRockland MEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM460346064604 No   B Lens had four 60º segments with glass elements and two 60º brass eclipsesGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000 
4FYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MMacbeth-Evans489 C250 MM660666066604 No     On Display, Possibly from Libby Island MEKaiserALCC1/18/2012FDB-321
4FLYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M   C250 MM12305660412303 No   M ?  GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-240
4 YesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M    250 MM                In Town office lobby.GademskyFresnel Lens Team FDB-303
5FLYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MBarbier & BénardBB-1031896C187.5 MM660366056603 No      KaiserALCC2/14/2009 
Part NoUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M                     one prism only    
4FYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M   C250 MM660 660 660  No     In restoration areaGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-242
4FLYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M   O (Sq.)250 MM4906             In restoration areaGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-243
6FYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841MHenry-Lepaute  C150 MM  5  5  3 No     Lens has three 90˚ segments with glass elements and one 90˚ open segment. GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/17/2000FDB-239
5FLYesUnknownnone   USRocklandMEUSMaine Lighthouse Museum1 Park Drive, Rockland, ME 04841M    187.5 MM                 TagALCC12/2/2005 
5FYesUnknownnone   USAhmeekMIUSSand Hills Lighthouse5 Mile Point Road  Ahmeek, MI 49901PHenry-Lepaute  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Private owner (Sand Hills Lighthouse Inn, Ahmeek, MI) On display in innGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/20/2002FDB-297
4FYesUnknown (Possible Fox Island)none   USBeaver IslandMIUSBeaver Head (Beaver Island)26215 Main Street, Beaver Island, MIL   C250 MM  5  5  3       In keeper's house in display cabinetKaiserALCC4/4/2011FDB-252
5FYesUnknownnone   USCopper HarborMIUSCopper Harbor LH MuseumLighthouse Road, Copper Harbor MIMHenry-Lepaute  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu2 @ 90º Ea.   GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/20/2002FDB-244
3FYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207MHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM 300?13  11  4 YesTot. Ref.Glass    GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/27/2000FDB-118
6FYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207M   H150 MM1         No     Clamshell range styleKaiserALCC12/1/2003FDB-361
4FLYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207MBarbier & Bénard  H250 MM1         YesSphericalCu.180M One half clamshell on mercury floatKaiserALCC12/1/2003FDB-245
5FYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207MHenry-Lepaute  C187.5 MM490549054903 No     Beehive  KaiserALCC12/1/2003FDB-362
4FLYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207MHenry-LepauteU.S.L.H.S. C250 MM536553665363 No   B Alternating Flash Panels and Brass Panels.  Pieces of Lens in Two Locations at Museum.KaiserALCC1/15/2008FDB-363
4FYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSDossin Great Lakes Museum100 The Strand, Detroit, MI 48207M   C250 MM290529052903       Beehive on service wheelsKaiserALCC12/1/2003FDB-364
5FYesUnknownnone   USMackinaw CityMIUSGreat Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association707 N. Huron Ave., Mackinaw City, MI 49701ML. Sautter  C187.5 MM490549054903 No     Lens from unknown location given to the AssociationTagALCC1/13/2009FDB-365
4FYesUnknownnone   USTraverse CityMIUSGreat Lakes Maritime Academy715 East Front Street, Traverse City, MI 49686OSautter Lemonnier & CieLamp Shop #11902C250 MM390539053903 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Beehive missing service wheelsKaiserALCC9/9/2005FDB-282
4F/FLYesUnknownnone   USWhitefish PointMIUSGreat Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Whitefish Pt18335 North Whitefish Point Road  Paradise, MI 49768VL. Sautter  C250 MM2F/2FL905 F/3FL2F/2FL905F/5FL2F/2FL903F/3FL No   B Formerly displayed Old Point Mackinaw LH MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/10/1999FDB-246
Dispersing LensFYesUnknownnone   USHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers                    Private collection; 14"  prism section only, bought web auction 2003GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
5FYesUnknownnone   USHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance BrothersUSLHE 5021894C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Originally Bought Near Daytona 1960s. USLHE #502.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
Sector LensSector lensYesArcher Point, Queensland, Australianone   AUCooktownMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers  O                 Sector lens with bull's-eye and vertical prismsGademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
1 PartDioptric PanelYesUnknownnone   USHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PL. Sautter   920 MM                Flash Panel Bought from Brooklyn ArtistGademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
1 Partupper CatYesAustralianone   AUHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers ?   920 MM                First order upper catadioptric panel onlyGademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
2 Part YesAustralianone   AUHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers ?   700 MM                3 Flash panels only in private collection.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004 
3 MiddleFYesBailey Islet, Queensland, AustraliaK-304821 02146 06 AUBailey IsletMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers  C400 MM                3rd Order Middle sizeGademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-315
4 DrumFYesPuffin Islandnone   NFPuffin IslandMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers  J250 MM                 KaiserALCC3/30/2013 
4FYesUnknownnone   USHowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PBarbier & Fenestre  C250 MM390539053903 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  From Private US collection original location unknownKaiserALCC2/17/2012 
4FYesHornby Lighthouse, Sydney Harbor, Australianone   AUSydneyMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers  C250 MM                Private collection. Bought 2002GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-316
4FYesUnknownnone   AU MIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PChance Brothers 1876C250 MM390739063903 YesSphericalCr on Cu90  From Unknown AU LighthouseKaiserALCC4/2/2013 
4FLYesPersian Gulfnone    HowellMIUSMaritime Exchange Museum3800 Chilson Rd, Howell, MI 48843PAGA  G250 MM490449044906 No     Lens & Pedestal from Unknown Lighthouse in the Persian GulfKaiserALCC1/25/2016FDB-385
4F/FLYesUnknownnone   USBirminghamMIUSCranbrook Institute of Science39221 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303M No. 499E B250 MM490        No  360  Museum collection not on displayKaiserALCC7/1/2004 
4FL/WYesUnknownnone   USFentonMIUSMichigan Lighthouse ConservancyP.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430PWeule   250 MM4 34 64 6 No   MMPrivate collection; Group Flashing, double bullseye each valve. Purchased 2002.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-335
5FYesUnknownnone   USFentonMIUSMichigan Lighthouse ConservancyP.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430PHenry-Lepaute   187.5 MM          YesSphericalBrass Silver Plated180Service WheelsNonePrivate ownership. Purchased 2003.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-333
6FYesUnknownUS 01046   (1955)45 59.283 53.7MIUSFentonMIUSMichigan Lighthouse ConservancyP.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430PBarbier & Fenestre   C150 MM218052180521803 YesTot. Ref.Glass180Service WheelsNonePrivate ownership. Purchased 2004.KaiserALCC5/8/2006 
5FYesUnknownnone   USFentonMIUSMichigan Lighthouse ConservancyP.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430PHenry-Lepaute   187.5 MM          No  360Service WheelsNonePrivate ownership. Purchased 2002.GademskyFresnel Lens Team1/31/2004FDB-334
5FYesUnknownnone   USFentonMIUSMichigan Lighthouse ConservancyP.O. Box 973 Fenton, MI. 48430P   C187.5 MM          NoSphericalBrass Silver Plated270Service WheelsNonePrivate ownership.TagALCC5/24/2012FDB-332
4FYesUnknownnone   USSault St. MarieMIUSMuseum Ship Valleycamp531 Ashmun Street  Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783MSautter et Cie  C250 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90   GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/31/2000FDB-257
4FYesUnknownnone   USSault St. MarieMIUSMuseum Ship Valleycamp531 Ashmun Street  Sault Ste. Marie, MI 49783MSautter et Cie  C250 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/31/2000FDB-258
5FYesUnknownnone   USEmpireMIUSOld Mission Point Lighthouse MHenry - Lepaute  C187.5 MM490549054903 No     On Loan from Sleeping Bear Dunes National LakeshoreKaiserALCC9/10/2005FDB-292
6 RangeFYesUnknownnone   USDetroitMIUSUSCG Group Detroit S USLHS 700 H150 MM11803       YesSphericalAg on glass180   GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/27/2000FDB-262
6FYesUnknownnone   USSault St. MarieMIUSUSCG Sault Ste. Marie SSautter et Cie  C150 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team5/31/2000FDB-263
4FLYesUnknown (Possible Peache Island MI Rear Range)none   USPresque IsleMIUSOld Presque Isle Lighthouse M   C250 MM2 32 52 3 No   BMLens has two panels, opposite each other, with copper based metal eclipsesGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/29/2000FDB-264
4FLYesUnknownnone   USEmpireMIUSSleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore MMacbeth-EvansUSLHS 468 C250 MM490349064904 No     Has USLHS No. 468 came from Frederickson collection missing 2 of 4 center bull's eyesKaiserALCC9/9/2005 
6FYesUnknown (Possible Chamber's Island)none   USMindenNEUSWarp's Pioneer Village Museum246 E. US Highway 6, Minden, NE 68959M   C150 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2001FDB-265
6FYesUnknownnone   USMindenNEUSWarp's Pioneer Village Museum246 E. US Highway 6, Minden, NE 68959M   C150 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2001FDB-266
6FYesUnknown Lightship Lantern none   USMindenNEUSWarp's Pioneer Village Museum246 E. US Highway 6, Minden, NE 68959M   O150 MM  7       YesTot. Ref.Glass   Lightship Lantern on Gimbals with 6th order lensGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2001FDB-267
4FYesUnknownnone   USEdentonNCUSRoanoke Marshes Lighthouse Replica M   C250 MM3270539063904 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Moved from Outer Banks History CenterShook 9/12/2004 
5FYesUnknownnone   USHighlandsNJUSTwin Lights (Navesink) Lighthouse Museum VBarbier & FenestreBF-741881C187.5 MM  5  5  5 No     Twin Lights HS. North Tower, installed 1962. Previous sta unk. Active ATON (No)GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/21/2000FDB-268
DrumF/WYesUnknownnone   USHighlandsNJUSTwin Lights (Navesink) Lighthouse Museum VCorning Interflash 1940                  More correctly a 150mm lens. Museum display.    
4FL/WYesUnknownnone   USCape MayNJUSUSCG Training Center Cape May SMacbeth-Evans  C250 MM29032906  4 Yes 2  90 Ea.M  GademskyFresnel Lens Team9/22/2000FDB-269
4 RangeFL/WYesUnknownnone   USCape MayNJUSCape May Lighthouse215 Light House Avenue  Cape May Point, NJ 08212S   C250 MM1180               KaiserALCC5/31/2006FDB-339
4FLNoUnknownnone   USBayonneNJUSUSCG Station Bayonne S 465   660               KaiserALCC4/3/2013 
4F/FLNoUnknownnone   USFire IslandNYUSFire Island Lighthouse Visitors Center V USLHS 4-20>1910 250 MM                USLHS No. 4-20. Flash panels by Macbeth Evans, fixed by BB&T    
4FLYesUnknownnone   USMontaukNYUSMontauk Point Lighthouse Museum2000 Montauk Highway  Montauk, NY 11954VAGA / BBT 1933C250 MM290329062904 No     Type AGA 1140-A1, No. 511. Fr Mystic, ATON School New London.2 AGA-BBT panelsGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-270
4FLYesUnknownnone   USMontaukNYUSMontauk Point Lighthouse Museum2000 Montauk Highway  Montauk, NY 11954VHenry - Lepaute  C250 MM660366066604 No   BCFrom Mystic, ATON Sch New London, 1952. 6 panel, 1 prism msg. Clockworks very early lensGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-271
5FYesUnknownnone   USMontaukNYUSMontauk Point Lighthouse Museum2000 Montauk Highway  Montauk, NY 11954VHenry - Lepaute  C187.5 MM390539053903 No     4 panel, with reflector plate. Displayed with 5th order lamp 3 glass panels, 1 copperGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/20/2000FDB-273
6 NoUnknownnone   USMontaukNYUSMontauk Point Lighthouse Museum2000 Montauk Highway  Montauk, NY 11954V    150 MM                Loan fr Mystic Seaport Mus. USCG #504. From ATON School New London, 1952    
Part NoUnknownnone   USBuffaloNYUSBuffalo area, private collection P                     Mended single 21.5" circular prism, purch so Maine, prob from theater lens.    
4FYesUnknownnone   USCorningNYUSCorning Glass Museum1 Museum Way, Corning, NY 14830MHenry - Lepaute  C250 MM  5  6  3 No     Moved to museum in 1996GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/3/2000FDB-272
Part NoUnknownnone   USStaten IslandNYUSNational Lighthouse Museum M                     Single prism, donated Ross Holland. Shellfish marks. Purch fr antique shop    
6 NoUnknownnone   USStaten IslandNYUSBaker Collection M    150 MM                Bill Baker CollectionKaiserALCC9/26/2008 
4FLNoUnknownnone   USStaten IslandNYUSUSCG Sector New York M USLHE 440 K250 MM660              Lens has Dioptric Panels Only, No Top, No BottomKaiserALCC9/26/2008 
5FYesUnknown (Probable Horseshoe Reef Lighthouse)none   USBuffaloNYUSBuffalo & Erie Co. Historical Society25 Nottingham Court, Buffalo, NY 14216M   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Door panel has reflector prismsGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/11/2000FDB-274
6FYesUnknownnone   USLakewoodOHUSLakewood, CG Commander's Quarters S   C150 MM  5  5  3       One 90 degree panel missingGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/1/2002FDB-275
Part NoUnknownnone   USClevelandOHUSPrivate collection P                     Panel fragment, Great Lakes lighthouse, used for teaching    
6FYesUnknownnone   USClevelandOHUSUSCG 9th District HQ, Cleveland1240 E. 9th St., Cleveland, OH 44199SBarbier & Fenestre  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Glass elements for 270 degrees and open for 90 DegreesGademskyFresnel Lens Team5/12/2000FDB-276
4FYesUnknownnone   USAstoriaORUSColumbia River Maritime Museum1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103MHenry - Lepaute ParisHL 5191882C250 MM490549064903 No     In Storage / Badly Damaged, More than Half of Prisms MissingKaiserALCC1/17/2013 
6 Lens LanternFYesUnknownnone   USAstoriaORUSColumbia River Maritime Museum1792 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103M   O150 MM                Lens Lantern From Coast Guard Warehouse.  Used as Range Light on the Lower ColumbiaGademskyFresnel Lens Team9/3/2001FDB-277
4 YesUnknownnone   USPhiladelphiaPAUSIndependence Seaport Museum211 South Columbus Blvd. & Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106M    250 MM                Came from Gloucester USCG Base in 1971.  Original lighthouse unknown.  No markingsTagALCC5/19/2009 
5FYesUnknownnone   USPhiladelphiaPAUSFranklin Institute222 North 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103MSautter Lemonnier et Cie518 C187.5 MM490549054903 No     On DisplayKaiserALCC6/9/2012FDB-341
4FLYesUnknownnone   USAlexandriaVAUSLyceum Museum201 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314ML. Sautter  C250 MM1230              Owned by the Daughters of the American RevolutionKaiserALCC11/25/2008 
5FLYesUnknown (Possible Jones Point VA)none   USAlexandriaVAUSLyceum Museum201 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314MBarbier & Fenestre  C187.5 MM1230              Owned by the Daughters of the American RevolutionKaiserALCC11/25/2008 
5FYesUnknownnone   USNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum 100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601MSautter Lemonnier et Cie318 C187.5 MM  5  5  3 No     Property of USCG, on loan to the Mariners MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001 
5FYesUnknownnone   USNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum 100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601M   C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesSphericalAg on Cu90  Owned by Mariners Museum - Not available for loanGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001 
6F/WYesUnknownnone   USNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601MSautter & Cie  C150 MM  5  5  3 YesTot. Ref.Glass90  Altered at some point, reflector lens on back. Owned by Mariners MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001 
6F/WYesUnknownnone   USNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601MSautter & Cie  C150 MM  5  5  3 No     Glass elements for Approx. 330º, open for Approx. 30ºGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001 
3F/WYesUnknownnone   USNewport NewsVAUSMariners Museum100 Museum Drive  Newport News, VA 23601M   C500 MM56013560115604 YesSphericalAg on Cu60  Partially disassembled, parts may be missing (?) On loan from USCG to Mariner's Mus. GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/4/2001 
4F/FLYesUnknown (Possible Newport News Middle Ground)none   USNorfolkVAUSUSCG 5th District HQ7811 Hampton Boulevard, Norfolk, VA 23505S1/2 BBT - 1/2 Macbeth-EvansUSLHS 4-13 C250 MM2 F/2 FL905 F/ 3 FL2 F/2 FL906 F/5 FL2 F/ 2 FL905 F/4 FL No     5th District Commandant's officeNeil Hurley 9/1/2004 
4FYesUnknownnone   USPortsmouthVAUSNaval Shipyard Museum2 High Street, Portsmouth VAM  1893C250 MM490549064903 No     4th in plastic case lighthouse unknownClay 4/27/2012FDB-328
5FYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SSautter Lemonnier et Cie  C187.5 MM  5  5  3 YesTot. Ref.Glass90   GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-283
5 NoUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S    187.5 MM                     
6 YesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SL. Sautter   150 MM                 GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-280
DrumFNoUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S                     Buoy lens    
1st PartFYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S   C920 MM                Pieces only (Upper catadioptric panels)GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-289
3FYesUnknown (Probable Poe Reef MI)none   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SHenry-Lepaute  C500 MM49013490113904 No     This lens in on a modified pedestal and the lens itself has been modified (Probably from Poe Reef MI)GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-281
3 (?)?YesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SHenry-Lepaute   500 MM          OnlyTot. Ref.Glass   Totally Reflecting, catoptric, prism panel only -  probably 3rd orderGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-284
4FLYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SMacbeth-Evans485 G250 MM21803       No     Bi-valveGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-285
4FYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S   C250 MM  5  5  3 No      GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-286
4FLYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690SL. Sautter  C250 MM123031230512303 No   M  GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-287
DrumFYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S                     Buoy lensGademskyFresnel Lens Team  
4F/FLYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School 1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S    250 MM3F/3FL605F/3FL3F/FL606F/6FL3F/FL603F/3FL No   M  GademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-288
4FYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School 1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S    250 MM290        Yes Glass   180 degree with 2 glass reflectors in rearGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-301
4FLYesUnknownnone   USYorktownVAUSUSCG ATON Training School 1 U.S. Coast Guard Training Center, Yorktown VA 23690S    250 MM          No     Half Bi-Valve with single Bull's Eye in rearGademskyFresnel Lens Team6/3/2001FDB-302
4FLYesUnknownnone   USLake UnionWAUSMaritime Heritage Center Northwest Seaport860 Terry Avenue North  Seattle, WA 98109MMacbeth-Evans   250 MM290 (each)5 (each)2905 (Ea.)2904NNo     180 degrees optics 180 degrees brassKaiserALCC7/1/2008FDB-372
4FLYesUnknownnone   USPort AngelesWAUSPort Angeles Air StationEdiz Hook Road, Port Angeles WA 98362SChance BrothersUSLHE 434 C250 MM660366066604 No     On Display Port Angeles Air StationKaiserALCC3/26/2009FDB-371
1FLYesUnknownnone   USSeattleWAUSCoast Guard Museum Northwest1519 Alaskan Way South, Seattle, WA 98134MBarbier & Fenestre 1871C920 MM24151724151824158 No   BCDisassembled, from Astoria OR warehouse 1980s, parts in boxes (NOT AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING)GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001 
4FLYesUnknownnone   USSeattleWAUSUSCG Dist 13 HQ915 2nd Ave # 2664, Seattle, WA 98174SBarbier, Bénard & Turenne  C250 MM290329062904 No   BC2 lens panels opposite each other alternating with two brass panels.GademskyFresnel Lens Team8/31/2001FDB-290
6FYesUnknownnone   USFond du LacWIUSGalloway House and Village - Blakely Museum336 Old Pioneer Road, Fond du Lac WIM   C150 MM3F/ 1 open90 each53F/ 1 open9053F/1 open903NoNo   Service Wheels 270 Degree Coverage no back panel and no markings - Condition good a few chips and good lithargeTagALCC8/12/2009 
6FYesUnknownnone   USMilwaukeeWIUSMilwaukee North Point Lighthouse Museum2650 North Wahl Avenue  Milwaukee, WI 53211MBarbier & FenestreL371870 or 1871C150 MM290 each529052903 YesTot. Ref.Glass180Service Wheels On Loan from Milwaukee Historical MuseumGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/21/2002FDB-293
4FYesUnknownnone   USKenoshaWIUSSouthport Lighthouse Museum M   C250 MM                On display in museum on loan from Coast Guard Base MilwaukeeGademskyFresnel Lens Team8/22/2002FDB-279
6FYesUnknown Lightship Lanternnone   USSturgeon BayWIUSDoor County Maritime Museum120 North Madison Avenue  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235M   J150 MM                Lightship Lantern with gimbals and 6th Order LensTagALCC10/1/2008 
4FYesUnknownnone   USMilwaukeeWIUSUSCG Sector Lake Michigan SHenry-LepauteHL 3381892C250 MM490549064903 No     Reported to Possibly be a Milwaukee Pierhead Lens   FDB-384
5 NoWindmill Point, Guantanamo, CubaJ-5024 (2003)19 53.275 09.4 CUMiamiFLUSUSCG 7th District S    187.5 MM                District HQ, unconfirmed    
              USE CODES  LENS STYLES          KNOWN DESTROYED LENSES        
              A = Active in use  A = Alternating Lens Panels and Metal Panels                   
              L = In Lighthouse - Not Active  B = Alternating Flash Panels and Fixed Panels        2nd Monhegan Island ME 1956        
              M = In a Museum  C = Beehive Shaped Lens                    
              P = In Private Hands  D = Bi-Form One Lens Above the Other                   
              S = In hands of USCG Service  E = Twin, One Lens Beside the Other                   
              V = In a Visitor Center at Lighthouse Location F = Composite a Lens Made From Two Styles of Lens                  
                  G = Bi-Valve Two Identical Bull's Eye Lenses Back to Back                  
                  H = One Half Bi-Valve Lens used by itself or with Reflector                  
                  J = (Drum Lens) Lens Made From Fixed Dioptric Panels                  
                  K = Lens Made From Only Flashing Dioptric Panels                  
                  O = Other Unspecified Style