Reflector Chandeliers by Thomas Tag

The original Winslow Lewis Chandelier design

In 1810, Winslow Lewis, a sea captain who confessed that he knew nothing about lighthouse optics, patented what he called a “magnifying and reflecting lantern” for lighthouse work.  His design included a lamp, a reflector, and a magnifier. 

The Mangin Mirror by Thomas Tag

In 1867, Sautter Lemonnier and Co., a French lighthouse equipment manufacturer, developed the first spherical mirror specifically for use with the electric arc lamp.

Reflectors by Thomas Tag

This is a story about the Catoptric system of lighthouse illumination.  What is Catoptric?  It's from the Greek word (Catoptron) for mirror, or reflection, and the lighthouse illumination system based on the principle of reflection was given the name Catoptric System in English.

Glass Facet Reflectors by Thomas Tag

Glass facet reflectors were in use in lighthouses from their invention in 1763 to about 1820 when they were phased out in favor of silvered metal reflectors. These glass facet reflectors came in three types based on their inventor. All used silvered mirror glass set in plaster and the only variation was in the shape of these mirror glass facets and the construction methods employed.