Many lighthouse personnel crossed the bar due to natural causes of sickness or age. However, some lighthouse personnel gave their lives for their country and service due to accidents, drownings, and even murder. Listed below is a Memorial to these courageous members of the Lighthouse Service who lost their lives during their service and the time and manner in which their passing occurred. The Society will be adding to this list as other personnel are found who gave their lives in such a manner.

WalterAbbottSeamanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
MichaelAgnewElectricians MateTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
Thayer J.AllenKeeperPoint ArguelloNovember 30, 1941Electric Shock
NathanielAlleyKeeperLubec Channel MEMarch 7, 1934Died from Coal Stove Fumes
JohnAndersenKeeperKanahena HIOctober 1910Fell off Cliff
JosephAndreuKeeperSaint Augustine FLJanuary  1860Fell from Lighthouse
JosephAntoineKeeperMinots Ledge MAApril 17, 1851Drowned
JoshuaApplebyKeeperSand Key FLOctober 1846Killed in Hurricane
SamuelArmourKeeperNew Haven Outer BreakwaterJanuary 10, 1907Drowned
Bernard A.AshleyAssistant KeeperAno Nuevo CAApril 9, 1883Drowned
DonaldAshley Jr.USCGDetour Reef MIMarch 30, 1971Drowned
OrvilleBabcockChief Engineer5th and 6th DistrictsJune 2, 1884Drowned
Richard T.BarryAssistant KeeperSanibel FLJune 22, 1919Murdered
Henry W.BaumAssistant KeeperAno Nuevo CAApril 9, 1883Drowned
FelixBearmanCrewmanTender ManzanitaMarch 22, 1916Drowned
Raymond F.BlivenKeeperStamford Harbor CTAugust 15, 1931Drowned
Harry W.BosworthKeeperPoint Arguello CAMarch 29, 1937Drowned
AndrewBourissauKeeperSkillagalee MIOctober 19, 1901Drowned
Charles K.BowenKeeperHalf Moon Shoal TXSeptember 8, 1900Killed in Hurricane
CalvinBozmanKeeperHooper Strait MDSeptember 5, 1918Drowned
GeorgeBrennanKeeperGreat Beds NJApril 24, 1883Drowned
IsaacBridgesKeeperGranite Island MI1872Drowned
ChesterBrinkworthAssistant KeeperCrabtree Ledge MEOctober 3, 1916Drowned
LeonBrinkworthTemporary assistantCrabtree Ledge MEOctober 3, 1916Drowned
SamuelBrown Jr.Chief Warrant OfficerTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
JohnBurgessAssistant KeeperFaulkner’s Island CTOctober 25, 1898Drowned
Charles B.BurtonCoast GuardToledo Harbor OHSeptember 24, 1952Drowned
CharlesButlerEngineerLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
FrankCampisanoSeamanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
CorneliusCantyKeeperTimbalier Bay LighthouseFebruary 9, 1898Murdered
VangelConstantineSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
ThomasCarrollAssistant KeeperRace Rocks NYJanuary 14, 1886Drowned
AaronCarterAssistant KeeperCape Florida FL July 23, 1836Black Keeper Killed in Indian attack
MauriceCasonFiremanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
Stanley G.CastelloCoast GuardSt. George Reef CAApril 5, 1951Drowned
EdwinClementsAssistant KeeperSmith Island WADecember 29, 1939Drowned
Henry W.ColburnKeeperAno Nuevo CAApril 9, 1883Drowned
Charles T.CollinsEnginemanAnacapa Island CAMarch 19, 1951Drowned
JohnColofenAssistant KeeperLatimer Reef NYJanuary 25, 1932Drowned
JackColvinAssistant KeeperScotch Cap AKApril 1, 1946Killed in tsunami
JohnCooper Jr.QuartermasterTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
Gatha F.CotteeKeeperHooper StraitDecember 21, 1947Boat explosion
ForrestCowanAssistant KeeperCape Flattery WAFebruary 18, 1911Drowned
WilliamCrockettAssistant KeeperTangier Sound VAFebruary 11, 1914Drowned
JohnCurrieAssistant KeeperEldred Rock AKMarch 26, 1910Drowned
ClintonDalzellAssistant KeeperEgg Rock MEFebruary 1935Drowned
Roger W.DukeOICAnacapa Island CAMarch 19, 1951Drowned
John A.DunbarMachinistTender AmaranthDecember 18, 1912Killed in Buoy Gas Explosion
RichardDuncanSeamanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
DeweyDykstraAssistant KeeperScotch Cap AKApril 1, 1946Killed in tsunami
WalterEberleAssistant KeeperWhale Rock RISeptember 21, 1938Killed in hurricane
Nathan W.EdsonKeeperTurtle Island OHFebruary 1869Froze to death
William L.EmersonAssistant KeeperSand Island ALJanuary 17, 1919Drowned by Car-Ferry
JohnEnquistKeeperDestruction Island WAAugust 7, 1911Hit in head by derrick
WilliamEricksonAssistant KeeperSt. George Reef CAOctober 17, 1893Disappeared in station's sailboat
JohnFarleyAssistant KeeperCape Ann MAOctober 20, 1891Drowned
Edward FinckAssistant KeeperEast Shoal TXSeptember 16, 1875Killed in hurricane
JohnFortesSeamanLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
Richard B.FredeyAssistant KeeperBoston MANovember 21, 1952Drowned
LarryFregiaSeaman ApprenticeTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
S. R.FullertonKeeperRound Island MSNovember 1, 1911Drowned
GeorgeGeneryKeeperGrand Island MIJune 1908Disappeared
ErnestGeorgeSeamanLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
RoyGill 2nd Assistant KeeperSplit Rock MNOctober 2, 1910Drowned
JosephGordonSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
WalterGrobben2nd Assistant KeeperSkillagalee MIOctober 19, 1901Drowned
RobertGullicksonSeamanLV-103May 7, 1958Drowned
Mills GundersonKeeperStage Harbor MA1918Suicide
RamonGutierrezSeaman ApprenticeTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
ArthurHaganSeamanTender MadronoMarch 25, 1922Drowned
Donald C.HaleCoast GuardSt. George Reef CAJanuary 30, 1965Drowned
JacobHallAssistant KeeperWest Shoal TXSeptember 16,1875Killed in Hurricane
JackHammettSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
AndrewHansenAssistant KeeperSand Island AL1906Drowned in Hurricane
HansHansonSeamanLV-AAJune 10, 1827Drowned
ThomasHarrisonKeeperWest Rigglets LANov 1862Killed on duty during Civil War
Reuben A.HartKeeperManitou Island MIMay 19, 1882Drowned
John S.HicksKeeperWest Shoal TXSeptember 16, 1875Killed in hurricane
RichardHigginsKeeperWinter Harbor MENovember 2, 1868Drowned
SamuelHolbrookAssistant KeeperLibby Island  MEJune 16, 1918Drowned
AllenHullSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
EugeneIngallsKeeperPetit Manan MEDecember 29, 1916Drowned
RogerJacksSeamanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
Karl A.JacksonKeeperOswego NYDecember 4, 1942Drowned
WilliamJakicicSeamanLV-111February 21,1955Drowned
WilliamJensenSeamanLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
JuliusJohansonAssistant KeeperRose Island RIFebruary 1917Drowned
A. J.JohnsonKeeperVolusia Bar FL1938Murdered
Alexander L.JohnsonAssistant KeeperLos Angeles Harbor CAMarch 18, 1933Killed starting motorboat
CharlesJohnsonKeeperHorn Island MSSeptember 27, 1906Drowned in hurricane
FrankJohnsonMachinestLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
KateJohnsonAssistant KeeperHorn Island MSSeptember 27, 1906Drowned in hurricane
Cyril J.JonesAssistant KeeperSpectacle Reef MI1959Drowned
ThomasJonesAssistant KeeperTillamook Rock OR1911Fell from station derrick
AlbertJoostKeeperSouthampton Shoal CADecember 25, 1935Died in Fire
FrederickJordanKeeperPenfield Reef CTDecember 22, 1916Drowned
ArthurJoySeamanLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
HenryJoyMateLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
JohnKloskyMachinists MateLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
K.KnutsenSeamanTender PoinsettiaDecember 27, 1928Killed in explosion and fire
William P.LarsonAssistant KeeperRacine Reef WISeptember 4, 1918Drowned
CharlesLaytonKeeperPoint Pinos CA1855Shot
AndrewLeahyMateLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
CorneliusLeahyAssistant EngineerLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
GeorgeLehmanAssistant KeeperParris Island SCJune 13, 1903Fell from Scaffolding
William T.LewisKeeperSouth Fox Island MIJune 1885Fell
RaymondLintonKeeperCape San Blas FL1932Suicide
HenryLongKeeperCape Fear NCOctober 16,  1806Accidentally Shot
StevenLundquistSeamanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
PeterMackeyCookLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
CorneliusMaherAssistant KeeperCockspur Island GA1853Drowned
Ernest W.MarlerAssistant KeeperCape San Blas FLMarch 16, 1938Murdered
James C.MarshallAssistant KeeperSpectacle Reef MIApril 15, 1883Drowned
ThomasMarshallKeeperWaugoshance MI May 28, 1886Drowned
William A.MaxwellUSCGStannard Rock MIJune 18, 1961Killed in explosion and fire
Thomas H.MayneKeeperEast Shoal TXSeptember 16,1875Killed in hurricane
JosephMcCabeKeeperDeer Island MAFebruary 19, 1916Drowned
Charles J.McDougalDistrict InspectorCape Mendocino CAMarch 28, 1881Drowned
JohnMcHarryKeeperMission Point Old MIAugust 1, 1881Drowned
JohnMcKennaKeeperLime Point CADecember 22, 1902Drowned
Herman Chandler McNallAssistant KeeperColcheter Reef VTMay 21, 1879Drowned
PeterMichalakSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
AlfredoMonteiroCookLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
Lucien F.MordenAssistant KeeperSquaw Island MIDecember 14, 1900Drowned
JosephMorinYeomanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
CharlesMorrisonCommissarymanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
EdwardMorrisonAssistant KeeperGrand Island MIJune 1908Murdered
JohnMortimerSeaman ApprenticeLV-101May 18,1955Drowned
GeorgeMurdockKeeperRoundout Creek NY1857Drowned
PaulNessAssistant KeeperScotch Cap AKApril 1, 1946Killed in tsunami
MarnalNewmanAssistant KeeperSaddleback Ledge MEJanuary 11, 1908Drowned
NilsNilsonAssistant KeeperSouthwest Ledge CTJanuary  1908Suicide
LouisNorvellKeeperHead of Passes LA1891Drowned
Jack L.O'BerryCoast GuardMatinicus Rock MESeptember 9, 1949Drowned
WaltonO’Quinn Jr.EnginemanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
FrederickOsborneKeeperSaint Simons Island GAMarch 3, 1880Shot and killed by Assistant Keeper
JohnOstmanKeeperSouthwest Ledge CTNovember 30, 1942Fall
Charles E.PalmquistKeeperShark Fin Shoal MDDecember 21, 1947Boat explosion
Robert P. PaquetteCoast GuardMount Desert Rock MEMay 13, 1973Drowned
Willis R.ParkerCoast GuardSombrero Key FLAugust 26, 1959Drowned
FrankParsonsAssistant KeeperEastern Point MASeptember 9, 1922Fell while painting tower
LeonardPeckeringAssistant KeeperScotch Cap AKApril 1, 1946Killed in tsunami
Peder H.PedersenAssistant KeeperPilot Island WIDecember 11, 1898Drowned
WilliamPerryEngineerLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
CharlesPetersenKeeperKewaunee Pierhead MINovember 3, 1901Drowned
GusPetersenSeamanManzanitaMarch 28, 1881Drowned
AnthonyPettitAssistant KeeperScotch Cap AKApril 1, 1946Killed in tsunami
CarmalitePhilbertKeeperChoctaw Point AL1852Died in Fire
E.PhillipsSeamanLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
Neil R.PichetteCoast GuardMount Desert RockMay 13, 1973Drowned
JamesPine Jr.Assistant KeeperJupiter Inlet FLFebruary 22, 1921Murdered
IsaacPinnaFirst CookLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
Arthur E.PledgerCoast GuardButler Flats MAApril 7, 1962Drowned
Frederick W.PriabeCoast GuardGreat Captain Island CTNovember 30, 1945Drowned
Charles J.PriceKeeperMamajuda Range MIJuly 5, 1920Drowned
WilliamRaetherKeeperWaukegan ILDecember 18, 1907Drowned
Americo J.RamettiCoast GuardGreat Captain Island CTNovember 30, 1945Drowned
Ole AntonRasmussen2nd Assistant KeeperCape Flattery WASeptember 18, 1934Drowned
RobertRayKeeperBergen Point NJFebruary 15, 1902Drowned
HenryRay Jr.Assistant KeeperMount Desert Rock MEMay 12, 1920Drowned
Frank O.ReedCoast GuardCape St. Elias AKMarch 27, 1964Drowned
CharlesRespessKeeperWindmill Point VAMarch 5, 1915Drowned
John M.ReynoldsKeeperSand Island ALJanuary 17, 1919Drowned
JustinRichmondOilerLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
Edward E.RilesCoast GuardFowey Rocks FLDecember 19, 1942Drowned
MatthewRodriquesSeamanLV-117May 31, 1934Drowned
Edward L.RollingsonKeeperPoint Au Fer LAAugust 8, 1916Drowned
JohnRollinsonEnginemanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
AlexanderRoseKeeperStony Point NY1856Accident ruptured a blood vessel
WilliamRoseCookLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
JeroldSangerKeeperBullet’s Bayou MSMarch 6, 1895Murdered
RobertSaundersTemporary KeeperBoston MANovember 14, 1718Drowned
HerbertScottKeeperMary Island AKJanuary 1, 1921Died in Storm
J. EdgarSevvignyCaptainLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
EdwardSextonAssistant KeeperSplit Rock MNOctober 2, 1910Drowned
James E.ShawKeeperWest Point WADecember 3, 1913Drowned
KingSheridanAssistant KeeperFrankfort Pierhead MIAugust 1902Drowned by Car-Ferry
AaronSheridanKeeperSouth Manitou Island MIMarch 15, 1878Drowned
JuliaSheridanAssistant KeeperSouth Manitou Island MIMarch 15, 1878Drowned
PeterShookKeeperPort Sanilac MIMarch 31, 1849Drowned
JohnSilanderAssistant KeeperEldred Rock AKMarch 26, 1910Drowned
CharlesSmithMateLV-037April 22, 1874Drowned
James D.SmithAssistant KeeperGalveston South Jetty TXJune 21, 1929Fell while painting tower
JuliusSmithKeeperPoint Defer LAAugust 29, 1831Drowned
Thomas E.SomogyiCoast GuardFort Wadsworth NYNovember 19, 1958Died after altercation at station.
David D.SpauldingAssistant KeeperSpectacle Reef MINovember 10, 1896Drowned
Vernon H.StantonAssistant Keeper Romer Shoal NJJune 16, 1916Drowned
LawrenceStarrattMachinists MateLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
EdwardStecklingChief Machinists MateLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
FrederickStelterWatertenderLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
John J.StimacSeamanLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
RichardTalbotCookLV-073September 15, 1944Lightship Sunk in Hurricane Drowned
Richard N.TeeterOICSan Luis Obispo CASeptember 25, 1949Station vehicle plunged down a 60-foot embankment
MaryTerryKeeperSand Point Escanaba MIMarch 4, 1886Died in Fire
Donald G.ThorneUSCGAnacapa Island CAJune 5, 1948Fell from Cargo Net
AlexanderToomeyAssistant KeeperMakapu’u Point HIApril 10, 1925Died from burns in IOV lamp explosion
GustavusUmberhamKeeperAlgoma, MIFebruary 3, 1913Drowned
ThomasVan PeltSeamanLV-AAJune 10, 1827Drowned
ClementVan RipperKeeperBeaver Island Harbor MIAug 1872Drowned
WilliamVittChief EnginemanTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
JohnWallworkAssistant KeeperOrient Point NYMay 23, 1924Drowned
H. O.Welch KeeperHalfmoon Reef TXDecember 13, 1934Drowned
JohnWellingtonAssistant KeeperSmith Island WAJanuary 1880Drowned
JohnWhaltonCaptainLV-AA1837Killed in Indian Raid
WilliamWheatleyAssistant KeeperGranite Island MIApril 30, 1898Drowned
Joseph H.WhitmoreAssistant KeeperCrabtree LedgeMarch 18, 1917Drowned
FrankWilletsCookLV-037April 22, 1874Drowned
HughWilliamsCaptainLV-082November 10, 1913Drowned
JosephWilsonKeeperMinots Ledge MAApril 17, 1851Drowned
AlmonWixonSeamanLV-006February 5, 1918Drowned
GuyWoodBoatswains MateTender White AlderDecember 7, 1968Drowned
GeorgeWorthylakeKeeperBoston MANovember 3, 1718Drowned
GeorgeYoungKeeperSan Bruno CANovember 19,  1902Drowned