The Lantern by Wayne Wheeler

Certainly the most important aspect of the lighthouse to the mariner is the light that emanates from the tower. Many people have remarked “oh what a beautiful light!” (when they meant tower or lighthouse), sometimes people say that such and such a station has a beautiful light made in France (when they are really talking about the lens). As long as we are going to discuss lighthouses, lets use the correct terms.


Some lighthouse lanterns have one very unusual element in their design - Gargoyles. The French decided to use Gargoyles around the lantern roof to collect the rainwater and literally spit it from just under the edge of the lantern roof corners. The heads of Eagles and Lions were used as the shapes of the Gargoyles. Gargoyles appeared in America as well because we initially purchased most of out lanterns from the French and thus they came with Gargoyles attached. Below you will find photos of some of the Gargoyles used on lighthouse lanterns.