For the love of a lighthouse: Restoration of Sabine Pass (LA) structure taking place one small step at a time

The Cameron Parish Sabine Pass Lighthouse, built in 1856, could be a shining example of historic preservation, a tourist attraction and perhaps the preeminent symbol for the state's resilience - one of these days.

Sabine Pass, LA - USLHS archive

For now, the 85-foot structure with a shape that resembles a rocket about to take off is being restored, one step at a time, mostly by volunteers, and with private donations.

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The Piedras Blancas lighthouse (CA) lens needs repairs: Here's how you can help

For nearly 150 years, the Piedras Blancas lighthouse has played a vital role for mariners, Repairs are needed for a piece of its history and your help can make it happen.

Piedras Blancas, CA - USLHS archive

If you pass Main Street in Cambria, you may have noticed the Piedras Blancas lighthouse lens on display. Originally installed at the lighthouse back in 1875, it served as a primary seacoast aid and navigation for around 75 years.

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New Lorain Lighthouse Foundation (OH) work boat to arrive this week

The Lorain Lighthouse Foundation was in desperate need of a new boat following the 2023 season.

Lorain West Breakwater, OH - Mike & Carol McKinney

Ron Mantini, president and treasurer for the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation, said the community was more than willing to help in the cause.

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Repairs underway at iconic Pemaquid Point Maine lighthouse damaged in winter storm

Repairs are underway at the iconic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol

Pemaquid Point, ME - USLHS archive

The fog bell house at the lighthouse was largely destroyed in a January storm. It was struck by waves breaking over 20 feet and wind gusts of 79 mph, according to Shelley Gallagher, beach manager for Bristol's parks and recreation department.

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Pemaquid Lighthouse in search of more docents

The 200-year-old lighthouse on Pemaquid Point is now seeking volunteers to open during the busy summer season.

Pemaquid Point, ME - Library of Congress

After a steep climb up a spiraling staircase and small ladder, the top of Pemaquid Point Lighthouse reveals a breathtaking 360-degree view of southern Bristol and Gulf of Maine.

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Does Point No Point Lighthouse in Port Townsend Really Exist?

The forth episode of Netflix's supernatural series 'Dead Boy Detectives,' titled 'The Case of the Lighthouse Leapers,' revolves around Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland's efforts to discover what's wrong with the lighthouse at Point No Point. 

Sheringham Point, Canada - USLHS archive

After a series of supposed suicides, the two detectives discover that there is a sea monster, living near the lighthouse, which manipulates the visitors to eat them. Even though the lighthouse in Port Townsend in the show, the one we see in the episode is not even located in the state of Washington. Still, the lighthouse is a major tourist spot as the series presents.

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Large Waves Slam St. Joseph Michigan Lighthouse as Chilly Temperatures Move Through Region

Large waves crashed into a Lake Michigan lighthouse as a cold front moved through the region on Wednesday, April 24.

Saint Joseph North Pierhead, MI - Thomas A Tag

According to the National Weather Services, "a chilly airmass" brought lows close to freezing. The weather service forecast a sunny and cool day Thursday, with mild and wet weather through the weekend.

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Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (NC) restoration contractor plans to activate temporary beacon on Thursday, April 25

The contractor for the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse restoration project, Stone and Lime Historic Restoration Services, plans to switch the lighthouse's source of light from the current beacon to a temporary, fixed beacon on the evening of Thursday, April 25.

Cape Hatteras, NC, Lantern - Ralph Eshelman

"This [new] tiny beacon can project 18 miles out into the ocean, it's U.S. CoastGuard approved, and it goes on about every seven and a half seconds- just a quick flash on, and a quick flash off," said Kelly Clark, Project Manager for Stone and Lime, in an earlier interview. "So, this is what we'll be using for the next 18 months until the brand new Fresnel lens replica is complete."

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The gorgeous family beach 150 minutes from Coventry with the Point of Ayr Lighthouse, Wales

If you're looking for a tranquil beach that's under three hours from Coventry, look no farther than Talacre Beach. Nestled just 20 minutes from Rhyl, this lovely spot feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of popular seaside resorts - and it has its very own lighthouse.

 Point of Ayr, Wales - USLHS archive

Adding to its charm, there's an 18th-century lighthouse on this scenic beach. The Point of Ayr Lighthouse, standing at 18 meters high, is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Wales, dating back to 1776.

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Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda

For panoramic views as far as the eye can see, consider paying a visit to Gibbs Hill Lighthouse in Southhampton Parish. Operating since 1846, the cast-iron lighthouse originally used a kerosene light to warn sailors within 40 miles of the treacherous coral reefs extending as far as 16 miles offshore.

Gibb's Hill, Bermuda - Thomas A Tag

Today, the structure is still an operating lighthouse for seafarers (though electricity took the place of kerosene), as well as a popular tourist attraction. The lighthouse stands 117 feet tall atop a 245-foot-tall hill. 

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California Lighthouse, Aruba

The catered sunset dinners on top of the lighthouse are becoming very popular for surprise proposals. And the windswept California Dunes next door are ideal for long romantic sunset walks by the sea.

California, Aruba - USLHS archive

Named after a wooden steamship (the S.S. California) that shipwrecked off this coast in 1891, the lighthouse was constructed in the early 1900s to warn future ships of the reef perils. Completely renovated in 2016 to allow visitors to safely climb the 117 stairs to the top for panoramic views, today, it's one of Aruba's most popular tourist attractions.

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