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Preserving America's Lighthouses: The Memoirs of a Coast Guard Ocean Engineer


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The U.S. Lighthouse Society is pleased to announce the release of a new book, "Preserving America's Lighthouses: The Memoirs of a Coast Guard Ocean Engineer" by retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral Dan May. 

During Dan's career, he served as the engineer for major lighthouse projects, including the relocation of Block Island Southeast Light in Rhode Island (the first move of a major lighthouse in the United States), the relocation of Highland Light on Cape Cod, and the design and construction of a revetment to protect Montauk Light on Long Island, New York. 

The book is filled with his personal insights and anecdotes, as well as Dan's own photos illustrating each of these fascinating stories. It's a volume that belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in lighthouse history and the Coast Guard. 

This is the second book we have published in the past year; the first was "The Lighthouse at Point San Luis" by Kathy Mastako. We will be publishing more new books, and also reprinting important historical texts as well. A portion of the proceeds benefits the U.S. Lighthouse Society.