Lighthouses Short & Tall


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Lighthouses Short & Tall 

For readers 11 and up 

Lighthouses were built in many shapes and sizes. The official Light Lists gave the height of the tower as the measurement from the base of the structure to the center of the lantern where the light was displayed. The height of a light depended on the distance from which it had to be seen by mariners. The higher the light, the farther away it was visible 

Featured in this book are 45 scale drawings by J.A. Tilley, who originally created them for the U.S. Coast Guard. Using an actual scale that can be cut off the back cover of the book itself, anyone can compare the size and shape of the different lighthouses. The Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf Coast and Great Lakes lights are all represented. Each drawing is accompanied by a page of text with primary source material chosen to illustrate different aspects of building, keeping, and maintaining a lighthouse. 

This book is great for anyone who is interested in the technical side of lighthouse construction.
By: Mary Louise Clifford & J.Candace Clifford
Drawings by J.A. Tilley