Trips leave from Grand Portage, Minnesota and circle the entire island, allowing you to view Rock of Ages, Rock Harbor, and Isle Royale (Menagerie Island) lighthouses. Make sure to get off at the Windigo stop to see the second order lens of the Rock of Ages Lighthouse (inside the Windigo Visitors Center). Note that round trip (from Grand Portage, all the way around the island and back to Grand Portage) takes 2 days; the boat ends at Rock Harbor on the first day. The next day it circles around the rest of the island and then goes back to Grand Portage. Day trips are also available, but note that they only go to Windigo and back, so only Rock of Ages Lighthouse and its lens could be seen. Please see website for specific schedule. 402 Upper Road, Grand Portage MN 55605. 218-600-0765

Isle Royale
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