Boston Harbor
Capo d'Orso Lighthouse


Oct 02 to Oct 11, 2019
Oct 30 to Nov 12, 2019
Apr 18 to Apr 26, 2020
Jun 13 to Jun 19, 2020


May 20 to Jun 04, 2020

2020 Lighthouse Tour Preview:

  • South Carolina & Georgia - April 18th to April 26th             
  • Sicily / Malta - May 20th to June 4th
  • New Hampshire - June 13th to June 21st
  • Ireland - July 11th to July 31st
  • Lake Huron - August 15th to August 23rd            
  • Greece - September 19th to October 3rd 
  • Maine 1 - October 1st to 11th
  • Tasmania/Australia - November 1 to November 24

2021 Tour Preview

  • Japan - March/April
  • Hudson River - May
  • British Columbia - June
  • Door County Wisconsin - July
  • Newfoundland/Labrador - August
  • England - September
  • Maine 2 North Maine - September 30th to October 6th
  • Papua New Guinea - November/December
Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Excursions

Don't miss this rare opportunity to visit and tour the restored interior of this offshore light station, the last intact screwpile lighthouse in its original location, in the magnificent Chesepeake Bay!
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Experience Amazing Lighthouse Tours

There is no more wonderful experience than visiting, photographing and, whenever possible, climbing up a lighthouse. Counting the steps to the top, you can imagine the complex life and responsibilities for lighthouse keepers. With each light station visit, you’ll learn about the special circumstances that surrounded keeping the light burning. You’ll develop an appreciation for each lighthouse’s history and discover what makes them special.

Lighthouses were often built in remote locations (on both land and at sea) making some challenging to access, or are active Coast Guard stations closed to the general public. Also, lighthouses are sometimes open seasonally for limited hours. But you’re in luck! Our tours are designed to overcome these obstacles. We’ll arrange access and transportation on vessels to reach our destinations. A tour with the U.S. Lighthouse Society will be an exciting, lifetime experience full of incredible memories for all lighthouse enthusiasts.


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Enjoy unparalleled access to lighthouses, lighthouse cruises, historical & cultural sites and Coast Guard installations, all while enjoying the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Join a U.S. Lighthouse Society Tour and experience an exciting adventure while helping to preserve lighthouses for future generations! The U.S. Lighthouse Society is a nonprofit, charitable organization and the proceeds from each trip are directed to supporting our mission of lighthouse preservation and education. We make financial contributions to lighthouses visited on tours, emphasizing our dedication to the preservation movement. Another benefit of joining a Society Tour is that a portion of your tour registration fee is tax-deductible.

Lighthouse Cruises
See our list of lighthouse cruises across the U.S.

Tour and traveling Adventures

U.S. Lighthouse Society Tours are fun, stimulating adventures designed to captivate our members. Our routes are specifically developed to maximize not only lighthouse touring, but also to help you gain a better understanding of the culture and communities in which lighthouses are located. The Society has visited some amazing locations over the years during our tours:

Some of The Places We've been

  • CN Tower - Canada Lighthouse Tour
  • Niagara Falls - Lake Ontario Lighthouse Tour
  • Arizona Memorial - Hawaii Lighthouse Tour
  • Statue of Liberty - New York Lighthouse Tour
  • Notre Dame - French Lighthouse Tour
  • Malbork Castle - Poland Lighthouse Tour
  • Meijer Gardens - Michigan Lighthouse Tour
  • Hearst Castle - California Lighthouse Tour

Lighthouse tours

Photos: 2009 Long Island Tour Group at Fire Island Lighthouse (top left); Lighthouse cruise 2008 Wales Tour (top middle); Niagara Falls (top right); Carol and Mary at Middle Bay (middle right); Hearst Castle (bottom left); Notre Dame (bottom right)