U.S. Lighthouse Service Pennant

U.S. Lighthouse Service Pennant


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The Pennants we have available are made to exact specifications and are the same size and dimensions as historic Lighthouse Service Pennants. The only difference is that we changed the material from a canvas/muslin to a more durable and long lasting material that ships sails are made from. These new Pennants have the look and feel of a historic piece, combined with the durability of modern technology. 

Fly edge 52.75 inches. Hoist edge 28 inches

According to Lighthouse Historian Jim Claflin, this is the most commonly recognized lighthouse pennant - the triangular shaped white with red border, with the blue silhouette of a lighthouse in the center. The Annual report of the Light House Board for the fiscal year 1888 contains a full color front illustration of the “new” pennant for use in the Light-House Service. Looking in the Rules and Regulations for the period, they indicate when such pennants were to be flown: “Whenever an officer of the Light-House Establishment or a member of the Light-House Board is afloat in a vessel of the Light-House Establishment, the light-house flag [pennant] shall be shown at the mainmast head…. Light-vessels shall display colors and light-house flag to all passing vessels of war and vessels of the Light-House Service.”