Guin, Dani, and Zeke

There are three segments in this episode. First, 11-year-old Guinevere Porter and her best friend Dani, Kentucky residents, talk about their visits to some beautiful and very tall lighthouses in Georgia, Florida, and elsewhere. 

In the second segment, we speak with Patrick Mont, a clockmaker for the famous Chelsea Clock company of Massachusetts. Starting in the early 1900s, Chelsea clocks were used to keep the time at many light stations, lightships, and lighthouse tenders. Lighthouse Service clocks made by Chelsea Clock are now highly prized antiques. In this interview, Patrick talks about what makes the clocks so special. 

Guin Porter returns for the third segment. She interviews Light Hearted co-hosts Michelle Jewell Shaw and Cindy Johnson, along with host Jeremy D’Entremont. The subject is Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Hampshire, a place that is near and dear to all three of them. Included in the discussion is the damage sustained in recent storms.

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