Report for Block Island SE (Rhode Island) - 1873

District: 3rd
Inspector: Engineer, 3rd Dist.
Location: Eastern entrance to Long Island Sound.
Date of Report: 12/03/1873
Latitude: 41° 9' 6"
Longitude: 71° 32' 48"
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: 1st class siren
Time to Start:
How Long Will Pressure Last:
Year of Manufacture:
Characteristic: Gives blasts of 6 sec at intervals of 20 sec.
Duplication: Duplicate engine & trumpet to 1 boiler.
Timing Device:
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown:
Height Above Water:
Compass Direction:
Location: Placed to SE of intended location of lighthouse
Distance and Direction: About 100'
Water Supply: Obtained from a pond about 400' distant & led into a cistern.
Reached from Lighthouse: By foot path.
Description of Fog Signal Building: 1 story frame bldg., 30' long by 15' wide - with brick chimney rising to height of about 37'.
Pressure And Recording Gauge: