These are stories that either focus on lighthouses or reference them in an interesting way.

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Article Name & Link Finding Article Date Lighthouses
"Aeronautics: Night Mail" Beacons to be spread across midwest to light the way for night flight May 5, 1923  
"Liberia: Progress" Lighthouse construction shown as progress in Liberia March 31, 1924  
"Cinema: The New Pictures June 9, 1924" New movie Women Who Give involves a lighthouse keeper's daughter on Cape Cod June 9, 1924  
"Aeronautics: Night Mail" Update on night mail flights and beacon system July 7, 1924  
"Arts: Prometheus Unbound" Plans for a monument to poet Shelley in the form of a lighthouse in Italy August 4, 1924  
"Cinema: The New Pictures January 5, 1925" New movie starring Rin-Tin-Tin as a lighthouse keeper January 5, 1925  
"Aeronautics: Bermuda and Return" Mail service to begin on June 1 with lighthouses in place May 4, 1925  
"Congress: The Legislative Week: Feb. 7, 1927" Brief note about Congressional approval of the Christopher Columbus lighthouse February 7, 1927  
"Aeronautics: In Dayton" An update on the lighthouse beacons spread across the country for mail routes August 15, 1927  
"Religion: Navy of the Lord" Aimee Semple McPherson plans for her Four Square churches to have lighthouse towers August 22, 1927  
"Foreign News: Beacon" Christoper Columbus to be memorialized with remains in lighthouse in Santo Domingo January 16, 1928  
"Aeronautics: Dublin to Labrador" Lightkeeper at Greenly Island reports on first east-west transatlantic crossing April 23, 1928 Greenly Island
"Aeronautics: Consequences" More on the Greenly Island report May 7, 1928 Greenly Island
"Miscellany: September 3, 1928" Panamanian Lighthouse keeper flies his float plane in search of pain medication September 3, 1928  
"Miscellany: December 24, 1928" Deputy Commissioner of Lighthouses swallows razor blades December 24, 1928  
"Sport: Mushing" A lighthouse keeper competes in sled dog races March 4, 1929 St. Lawrence River
"Catastrophe: Lake Boats" A lighthouse in Chicago is slammed by a severe storm on the Great Lakes November 4, 1929  
"The Presidency: Wet Week" President Hoover rides the lighthouse tender Greenbrier November 4, 1929  
"Science: Micro Radio" Microwave radio is invented, for commercial use in many places, including lighthouses April 13, 1931  
"National Affairs: Secretary No. 11?" Congress urged to create a Secretary of Transportation May 4, 1931  
"Art: Columbus Light" Contract awarded to architect for Columbus memorial lighthouse November 9, 1931  
"National Affairs: Speech No. 3" A Roosevelt-Hoover debate includes a threat to lighthouses October 31, 1932  
"The Press: Professional Etiquet (Cont'd)" Brief mention of a Long Island lighthouses in a story about journalism February 20, 1933  
"Education: June 19, 1933" George Putnam is listed as receiving an honorary degree June 19, 1933  
"The Presidency: Signings" Lighthouses may bemoved to Secretary of Commerce June 26, 1933  
"Letters: September 11, 1933" Shark caught by Time reader named Hitler and brought to local lighthouse September 11, 1933  
"Recovery: PWA Report" Lighthouse projects listed in report on PWA spending April 30, 1934  
"National Affairs: Mudd's Monument" Roosevelt declares Dry Tortugas a National Monument; lighthouse crew only occupants February 4, 1935  
"Science: Ship-finder" Signal Corps tests ship-finding equipment from the twin lights August 12, 1935 Navesink
"Transport: Hatteras Humbled" Cape Hatteras Lighthouse abandoned due to encroaching seas April 6, 1936 Cape Hatteras
"Science: Ghost-Hunters" Chance Brothers approached to build ray that can reach Mars October 5, 1936  
"Milestones, October 19, 1936" Roosevelt appoints fundraisers for Columbus memorial lighthouse October 19, 1936  
"National Affairs: Lighthouses for Sale" Replaced by automated lights, lighthouses become expendable December 28, 1936 Cedar Island, Absecon
"Miscellany, June 14, 1937" Man bids 1 cent for lighthouse June 14, 1937 Ned's Point
"Religion: Truro's Hunkin" British holy man confirms four people at an offshore lighthouse February 14, 1938  
"Catastrophe: Abyss from the Indies" Hurricane of 1938 slams New York and New England October 3, 1938 Whale Rock, Prudence Island
"Transport: Long Skip" A Coast Guard rescue off Point Reyes, California December 12, 1938 Point Reyes
"Radio: For Whales Only" Bureau of Lighthouses to use radio beacons in Boston Harbor February 6, 1939  
"National Affairs: Reorganization II" Bureau of Lighthouses merged with Coast Guard in Treasury May 22, 1939  
"Art: Wild Goose Chaser" The son of explorer Robert Scott lives in an old British lighthouse July 3, 1939  
"World War: Submarine v. Blockade" Baltic Sea lightkeeper saves two lives October 2, 1939  
"World War: General Dike" The Netherlands prepares for war, including dimming lighthouses and lightships November 20, 1939  
"At Sea: Raiders" South African lighthouses dimmed as port security against German sea raiders December 4, 1939  
"Northern Threat: Spring Offensive" Norway orders lighthouses dimmed as Germans attack April 15, 1940  
"Music: Business in Mystic" Lighthouse keeper is among art colonists of Mystic, Connecticut August 12, 1940  
"The Theatre: London Hit" American play about life at a Lake Michigan lighthouse fares better in London than U.S. August 12, 1940  
"Cuba: Genteel Revolution" Cuban lighthouses fall under military control in a 1930s coup February 17, 1941  
"World War: Mine Attacks Lighthouse" A mine explodes at Tuskar Light, killing a keeper December 15, 1941 Tuskar
"The Ameicas: Incident at St. Pierre" Admiral Muselier of St. Pierre and Miquelon threatens to dim lighthouses January 5, 1942  
"Letters: January 5, 1942" Lighthouse Keeper sends a letter and $5 to United China Relief January 5, 1942  
"Enemy Aliens: Asps on the Hearth" Lighthouses listed among the 88 coastal places from which Japanese will be interned February 9, 1942  
"Patterns" Sandy Hook Light goes dim for the second time in 178 years August 10, 1942  
"Science: Electronics in Control" Electron tubes are the wave of the future, even for lighthouses February 8, 1943  
"World Battlefronts: Battle of Russia: The Light Goes Out" A lighthouse in Russia is a central locale for a battle May 22, 1944 Khersonese 
"The New Pictures, Sep. 25, 1944" Thunder Rock, the play about a lighthouse on Lake Michigan, is made into a movie September 25, 1944  
"Reconverter" War is over, troops transitioning home July 9, 1945 Portland Head
"Massachusetts: Yo-ho-ho and a Radar Set" The story of the King of Calf Island in Boston Harbor October 15, 1945 Narrows Light
"Canada: Nova Scotia: Lighthouse Saga" Canadian lighthouse keeper disappears February 18, 1946 Nichol Island
"Miscellany, Feb. 3, 1947" A BBC announcer goes to a lighthouse and gets stuck for 27 days February 3, 1947 Bishop Rock
"Disaster: Ill-Starred" TWA Consetllation crashes near Brandywine Lighthouse May 12, 1947 Brandywine
"Canada: Nova Scotia: No Jukebox" Life around Peggy's Lighthouse, Nova Scotia June 2, 1947 Peggy's Cove
"Miscellany, Feb. 23, 1948" Fanny Salter retires from Turkey Point Lighthouse February 23, 1948 Turkey Point, MD
"Sport: By the Back Door" Sailors find their way from Newport to Bermuda and sight a lighthouse at the end July 5, 1948 Brenton Reef Lightship, Gibbs Hill
"Books: Go In& Sink" Author of a book about life on a U-boat talks about shelling lighthouses February 23, 1953  
"Spain: The Flower of Spring" Disaster off Santona's lighthouse March 15, 1954 Santona, Spain
"Religion: The Flying Angels" A British holy man starts a movement by visiting offshore folks cut off from religion June 11, 1956  
"Music: Pop Records" New album "Music for Lighthousekeeping" is released June 3, 1957  
"Morocco: Ifni & After" Lighthouse keeper and family slayed in war in Morocco December 16, 1957 Cape Bojador
"Medicine: From the Lighthouse" Fresnel technology is used to help the blind October 27, 1958  
"Science: Queer Vipers" Brazil recalls lighthouse keepers in the face of fatal snake attacks October 19, 1959 Queimada Grande, Brazil
"Art: Collector's Passion" The Shelburne Museum in Vermont buys the Colchester Reef Lighthouse August 15, 1960 Colchester Reef
"Oregon: Raider's Return" A Japanese sub captain returns to the site he bombed in World War II May 25, 1962 Cape Blanco
"Foreign Relations: Shots & a Shrimp Boat" Shrimpers off the Florida coast start an air battle near Elbow Key  March 1, 1963 Elbow Key, Bahamas
"Cuba: Safety in the Stars" Cubans commandeer a lighthouse tender to flee the country September 27, 1963 Lighthouse Tender H11
"Oceanology: Up from Success" Jacques Cousteau commands ConShelf III from a West Coast lighthouse October 22, 1965  
"Australia: Filling in the Ghastly Blank" Australia's first census includes sending recorders to offshore lighthouses with questionnaires July 22, 1966 Neptune and Thistle Islands
"Disasters: Essa v. Beulah" Hurricane Beulah strikes the Gulf Coast; at Port Isabel, only the lighthouse and a bank stand September 29, 1967 Port Isabel, TX
"Books: A Very Correct Sailor" A new book on Commodore Matthew Perry includes his work on lighthouses November 10, 1967  
"The Press" Hoaxer of the Hamptons" The story of Dan Rattiner, Hamptons journalist who, among other things, fought to save Montauk Lighthouse August 4, 1975 Montauk
"Modern Living: Little Apple" The story of Roosevelt Island, including a mention of the local lighthouse May 24, 1976 Blackwell Island
"Cinema: Scaly Tale" A review of the new movie Pete's Dragon starring Mickey Rooney as a lighthouse keeper December 5, 1977  
"Nation: Blizzard of the Century" Three lighthouses are lost in New England's "Blizzard of '78" February 20, 1978  
"Nation: The Puzzling Paisley Case" Mystery surrounds the death of a CIA agent who loved cruising January 22, 1979 Hooper's Point
"Land Sale of the Century" Lighthouses included in sale of federal lands August 23, 1982  
"Art: Andrew Wyeth's Stunning Secret" At home with Andrew Wyeth on Southern Island, Maine August 18, 1986 Tenant's Harbor
"Environment: Shrinking Shores" Coastal erosion is taking its toll August 10, 1987 Cape Hatteras
"Environment: Season of Death" North Sea blight is killing seals; Anholt, Denmark, lighthouse keeper picks up a dozen a day June 13, 1988 Anholt
"North Carolina: Backing Up From the Sea" Moving Cape Hatteras Light July 3, 1989 Cape Hatteras
"The Trouble with Columbus" Christopher Columbus Lighthouse is finished October 7, 1991  
"Campaign Quiz" A short list of Secret Service Code Names for presidential candidates March 23, 1992  
"A Guide to the Congressional Races: Michigan" One candidate presents his past as a lighthouse restorer as proof of his integrity November 4, 1996 Mackinac Island
"A Small-town Sampler" Hannibal, Missouri, is known for its famed author and the lighthouse standing in his memory December 8, 1997 Mark Twain
"No Safe Harbor" Swissair 111 goes down off Nova Scotia, near Peggy's Cove September 14, 1998 Peggy's Cove
"People: September 21, 1998" Pierre Cardin plans to build a memorial Pharos of Alexandria September 21, 1988  
"Sylvia Earle: Call of the Sea" Biologist Sylvia Earle loves life from Point Sur  October 5, 1998 Point Sur
"Travel: Nice Places to Visit, Great Places to Live" Some nice places to visit include Sequim, Washington, partly because of New Dungeness Lighthouse May 1, 2000 New Dungeness
"Travel: A Treetop Fantasy" Visit Point Reyes and see the lighthouse October 9, 2000 Point Reyes
"Travel Advisory" Diving around the remains of the Pharos of Alexandria August 20, 2001 Pharos
"Roughing It, Gently" Traveling on the cheap, Point Montara can be a good stop August 26, 2002 Point Montara
"Fire From the Mountain" Simon Winchester's new book on Krakatoa recalls how a lighthouse keeper saw the eruption May 12, 2003 Fourth Point
"Britain's Treasured Isles" Lighthouses are among the attractions in the Isles of Scilly June 19, 2005  
"Workplace: Paradise" Volunteering at Seguin Island Lighthouse August 16, 2005 Seguin Island
"Rocky Relations" Korea and Japn dispute ownership of two small islands, which include a South Korean lighthouse May 1, 2006  
"Greenland Wants to Rule Itself - and Its Resources" Lighthouses are on the list of self-rule controls Greenlanders want November 26, 2008  
"Recession Threatens the Original Surf City" Recession as seen through the surfing museum in Santa Cruz, CA January 19, 2009 Mark Abbott Memorial
"A Brief History of the Statue of Liberty" The Statue of Liberty reopens for the first time since September 11, 2001 March 12, 2009 Statue of Liberty
"Oceanside Luxury Made Affordable (Think Mexico)" Recession proof seaside travel includes Rockland, Maine May 25, 2009  
"50 Authentic American Experiences: Rhode Island" Be a keeper at Rose Island Lighthouse for a week July 13, 2009 Rose Island
"Alternative Dwellings" Lighthouses make the list of Unusual Hotels of the World July 28, 2009  
"Detroit: A Kid's Paradise" Belle Isle Light helps make Detroit friendly for kids February 22, 2010 Belle Isle
"Five Reasons to Visit the Isle of Wight" A lighthouse is among the reasons to visit the Isle of Wight September 16, 2010  
"Goodbye Summer: Off-Peak Crete" Visit Crete and see Chania's ancient Faros February 3, 2011 Chania
"Five Reasons to Visit Ilocos Norte" Visit Ilocos Norte in the Phillipines and see an old lighthouse February 17, 2011 Cape Bojeador
"Nonviolent New Englanders: The Most Peaceful States in America" Looking for peace in the United States? Move to Maine April 14, 2011 Portland Head (photo)
"The Mild West: The Beauty of Remotest Brittany" Climb the steps of a lighthouse in Brittany to get the whole picture December 8, 2011 Le Stiff
"Light Sleepers" Lighthouses as BnB's May 7, 2012  
"Thomas Kinkade: 'Painter of Light' Died of Valium and Alcohol Overdose" Thomas Kinkade, painter of light, dies May 8, 2012  
"Five Reasons to Visit Perth" Visit the Margaret River wine region of Perth and see historic lighthouses  May 9, 2012  
"One Lighthouse, Free to Good Caretaker" Wisconsin Point Lighthouse for sale May 23, 2013 Wisconsin Point
"Australia's Wildfife Season Has Started, and it Isn't Even Summer Yet" Barrenjoey Lighthouse is saved from wildfire October 1, 2013 Barrenjoey
"7 Great American Vacation Spots (That Won't Bust Your Budget)" Long Beach Island and Barnegat Light make the list of where to go in America July 3, 2014 Barnegat
"The Forgotten World War II Story of Europe's Last Battle" A lighthouse in the West Friesian Islands is the last European battleground of World War II July 8, 2015 Tekel
"These Are America's Best Road Trips" US 1 in Florida is touted as a great drive, partially because of the lighthouses August 4, 2015  
"The Best End-of-Summer Beach Bargains" Montauk, NY, and Sea Island, GA, are listed as a great end-of-summer destinations for the dollar August 28, 2015 Montauk (photo), St. Simons