Article Title and Link Content Lighthouses Mentioned
"Life Goes on a Trip" A trip with the Flying Santa Straitsmouth, Annisquam, Ipswich, Boston
"Hopper is a Realist" Edward Hopper's paintings Cape Elizabeth
"60,000 Summer Visitors Replace Whalers on Salty Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket" 7-page essay on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Gay Head
"Pictures to the Editor: Earhart Light" Letter and photo to the editor about Amelia Earhart Memorial lighthouse Amelia Earhart
"Hurricane Sweeps Across New England, Kills Hundreds" Hurricane of '38 photos;  Lighthouse Tender Tulip
"Devil's Island" Photo of a French murderer imprisoned as a lighthouse keeper for life  
"A Great Explorer's Son is Best British Bird Painter" Article on artist Peter Scott and his life at a North Sea lighthouse East Bank (or Peter Scott)
"The Netherlands Starts to Drown Itself in Order to Stay Neutral" The Dutch dim their lighthouses under the threat of invasion  
"Pictures to the Editors: Minot's Light"   Edward Rowe Snow sends a letter to the editors of Life Minot's Light
"Nazis Raid English Channel Convoy" A photoessay of a German attack includes a peek at a British lighthouse Dover West End Breakwater
"Rock of Gibraltar is Set for a Siege" The threat of World War concerns those at the mouth of the Mediterranean Europa Point
"Life Goes to a Summer Religious Retreat" Isles of Shoals religious retreat White Island
"Betty Carstair's Island" Exotic British racer finds quiet life on Bahamanian island Little Whale Cay
"Lindbregh" Lindbergh likes to swim around an offshore lighthouse Lloyd's Neck (Huntington Harbor)
"Letters to the Edtors" A reader explains Winston Churchill's Trinity House uniform, pictured  
"Life Goes on a Barge Trip" Life visits with Steamboat Elsie at her Illinois River Lighthouse Longman's Landing 
"William Thon" Artist paints pictures of the sea, including lighthouses Owl's Head
"Christmas Rush" Flying Santa lands at Boston Light by helicopter Boston
"The Atlantic Coast" A photographic portrait of the Atlantic Coast, including many lighthouses Sankaty (cover), Hog Island (VA), Jupiter Inlet, Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, Tybee Island, Cape Henry, Portland Head, Bodie Island
Ad - "By Clipper your 'Week' Becomes Nine Sunny Days in Bermuda" An ad for Pan American World Airways features a lighthouse keeper   
"U.S. Faces up to a Diplomatic Crisis" A panoramic view of the Dardanelles from Cape Helles Lighthouse, Gallipoli  
Ad - "Part of the American Scene" An ad for Maxwell House proposes a lighthouse as part of "the American scene"  
"Lighthouse Rescue" British lighthouse keepers stranded for 33 days finally come home Wolf Rock
"The Enumerators Travel Through Snow, Floods and Up Poles to Corner Every Last Statistic" Reporter visiting lighthouse to write about census falls into water  
"Island Waters" Photoessay of shifting sands of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard Gay Head
"The Defense of a Lighthouse" Lighthouse preservationists save the Little Red Lighthouse in New York Jeffrey's Hook
"The Suez Canal" Suez Canal range lightse are pictured in a story about the waterway  
"As Prophesied, Doom Explodes from Hibokhibok" A volcanic eruption rocks the Phillipines Mambajao
"Red-taped Gold" Edward Rowe Snow seeks treasure on Isle au Haut; keepers pictured  
"The Shores of Maine" An aerial photoessay catches a distant shot of a lighthouse Pond Island
"The Miracle of the Sea" Edward Rowe Snow's photo of Minot's Light from 1939 is run again Minot's
"Young Salts at Sea" Sea Scouts row from Orleans to Monomoy to Nantucket Monomoy Point, Great Point
"An Escape to Island Living" A survey of available islands includes Pumpkin Island, Maine Pumpkin Island
"A Treasure Island Hunt" Broadway actors enjoy a day off on a Long Island Sound island Great Captain Island
Ad - "Family Fun for Sale" An ad for C.I.T. credit payment plans features Barnegat Lighthouse Barnegat
"A Look at the World's Week: First Ship Out of Suez" A view through the bullet shattered glass of Port Said Lighthouse Port Said
"Triumphant Voyage of the Triton" A nuclear submarine follows Magellan's route St. Paul Rocks
"Going Gets Rougher for Castro's Regime" A distant shot of a lighthouse in a story about life in Castro's Cuba Morro Castle
"I'm Still a Part of Things. I'm Somebody" Retired lighthouse keeper is captured in a photoessay  
"Lighthouse Gone to Sea" A Texas Tower is the new breed of American lighthouses Buzzards Bay
"Life Guide: Lighthouses" A guide to publically accessible lighthouses in 1963  
"Flora Strikes - The Deadliest Ever" A hurricane slams Cuba and Haiti Cabo Lucretia
"Miscellany: Throw Me a Line, George" Coast Guard mascot from a lighthouse in Louisiana pull a shrimp boat to shore  
"Life on the Newsfronts of the World" A prefab concrete lighthouse is dragged into position on the Irish Sea Kish Bank
"U.S. Coast Guard" A long article about the Coast Guard includes a photo of Cape Hatteras  Cape Hatteras
"The Scene: Lake Huron: An Era Slowly Blinks to an End" A long article about life at Poe Reef Lighthouse  
"The Haunting Legacy of Camille" Biloxi Light still stands amidst the wreckage of Hurricane Camille Biloxi
"Classic Images of Our Land" A photoessay featuring images from around the U.S., including Nubble Light Nubble