Lighthouse Tour of Southern California 2010

Group in front of Point San Luis Lighthouse




A little wider view of the group in front of Point San Luis Lighthouse




Our first lighthouse of the tour - Old Point Loma




The lens in the lantern of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse




New Point Loma




The third-order lens from New Point Loma on display in the fog signal house at Old Point Loma Light Station




The third-order lens from New Point Loma on display in the fog signal house at Old Point Loma Light Station




Old Point Loma Lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument




The kitchen inside Old Point Loma Lighthouse




The New Point Loma Lighthouse as seen from the overlook at Old Point Loma




Helicopters flying over New Point Loma




Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, who, in 1542, became the first European to set foot on the West Coast of what is now the United States




A view of the New Point Loma Lighthouse




Kim and Skip chat with one of our Coast Guard hosts at New Point Loma Light Station




Keeper's Quarters at New Point Loma Light Station




One of the many non-lighthouse attractions - San Juan Capistrano




Society members enjoy their lunch at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano




The bells at Mission San Juan Capistrano




Monument to Father Junipero Serra who founded the mission at San Juan Capistrano




One of the exhibits inside a building at mission San Juan Capistrano




Parker's Lighthouse Restaurant in Long Beach




The Queen Mary, our accommodations for Sunday night




A Queen Mary bedroom - Who said these staterooms were small?




Multiple shower choices on the Queen Mary




Getting together for dinner in the Queen Mary Promenade Café




Pelicans roosting on the rocks in Long Beach Harbor




Rainbow Harbor Light - aka Lions Lighthouse for Sight




Our ride for the tour of Long Beach and Los Angeles harbors




Sea Lion condo in Long Beach harbor




Stan, Sandy, Patt & Janice checking out the Long Beach harbor




John, our bus driver, was invited to join us on the harbor cruise




Mary Ann and Dona relaxing between lighthouses




Angles Gate lighthouse - If it looks like it is leaning - it is!




Long Beach Harbor (Robot) light - ugly, but functional




Group disembarking from the harbor cruise




Point Fermin Lighthouse




Picnicking at the Point Fermin Lighthouse




Point Fermin docent and the original lens which was found in a real estate office in Malibu!




Point Fermin Lighthouse




Point Vicente Lighthouse




Society members hold back to form a "photo line" at Point Vicente Lighthouse




Society members approaching Point Vicente Lighthouse




Point Vicente Lighthouse




Point Hueneme (pronounced why-KNEE-me) Lighthouse




Marie takes a photo of herself at the top of Point Hueneme Lighthouse




More seals sunning themselves on a buoy near Santa Barbara




Port Hueneme Lighthouse




Pat & Ron at the top of Port Hueneme




At the top of Port Hueneme Al listens while Shannon shoots




Leaving Santa Barbara on the Condor Express - This is gonna be a "smooth ride" - Trust me, I'm a Doctor!




The Santa Barbara Lighthouse




Dolphins & sea lions lead us up the coast
By Bill Newblom




Playful dolphins are only a prelude to what is coming next!
By Bill Newblom




This is way better than Sea World!
By Shannon Thompson




Amazing shot!
By Shirley Reeve




Leaving to entertain some more tourists
By Bill Newblom




Ken, Sharon, Diana and Dorothy resting between whale sightings




Mary Ann & Mary Lee get some sun




This is why we came! Point Conception!




Point Conception Lighthouse




Getting an up close view of the inaccessible Point Conception




One of several whale sightings on the cruise from Santa Barbara




Anacapa Island Lighthouse




Anacapa Island Lighthouse




Arched rock frames another rock in the distance near Anacapa Island




Anacapa Island Lighthouse




Society members line the rails of the Condor Express to get that special picture of Anacapa




Mary Lee having a well deserved break on the cruise




Shuttle vans take the group up the winding road and through the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant property to reach Point San Luis




Learning about the Point San Luis lighthouse and lens




Point San Luis Lighthouse




A docent at Point San Luis Lighthouse explains the items in the kitchen of the lighthouse to Janice




The view from the top of the Point San Luis Lighthouse




Point San Luis Lighthouse Lens




Playful elephant seals at the Piedras Blancas rookery
By Carol Nettleton




Group checks out the thousands of elephant seals




All young adult elephant seals




Al gets a whiff of the elephant seals - Almost as bad as the whale breath




Group touring the Piedras Blancas lighthouse




The first-order lens from the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse on display in Cambria, California




The first-order lens from the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse resides in this enclosure on the main street of Cambria




Elephant seals in the rookery near Piedras Blancas




The Piedras Blancas Lighthouse as seen from the distance




Society members follow the docent on a nature hike at Piedras Blancas Lighthouse




The base of the Piedras Blancas lighthouse has the largest rotunda of any lighthouse in the United States




A docent talks to Sandy, Patt, and Shannon at Piedras Blancas lighthouse while Jerry rests in the background





The interior stairway of the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse




Jerry & Marie taking a break at Piedras Blancas




The geodetic marker at Piedras Blancas. All lighthouses have or had one of these markers on their property




A major bonus on this trip - Hearst Castle
By Shannon Thompson




One of the many statues at Hearst Castle
By Shannon Thompson




A Grecian fresco at the outdoor pool at Hearst Castle




One of several statues that adorn the outdoor pool at Hearst Castle




A lamppost at Hearst Castle




A pillar capital at Hearst Castle




More statuary at the outdoor pool at Hearst Castle




The outdoor pool at Hearst Castle




Just one of the many turrets at Hearst Castle




The rather ornate entrance to Hearst Castle. It was fashioned after Italian church facades




The indoor pool at Hearst Castle. That is real gold on the walls and floors




Close-up view of one of the floor mosaics at the indoor pool at Hearst Castle. The gold is real




Statue of Hans Christian Anderson in Solvang, California




Waiting for the bus after a great tour of Hearst Castle




Sun setting on Morro Rock and another great Society tour




We certainly ate well, including this wonderful pork loin dinner at Windows on the Water in Morro Bay




Watching them make Aebleskivers in Solvang. . . Yummmm!




Bill, Judy and Darlene do some shopping on the final day of the tour




Mission Santa Barbara




Rusty's Pizza - A must stop for lighthouse lovers




Ron, Skip, Bill, Judy, Al and Jerry at the farewell dinner at Pacifica Suites in Santa Barbara




Skip is about to award a calendar to one lucky recipient at the traditional drawing done at the farewell dinner, as Bill, Judy and Al look on




Our tour guides - Team Sherwood!



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