Lighthouse Tour of Puget Sound 2010

Group in front of Admiralty Head Lighthouse







Group photo at Skunk Bay Lighthouse looking out on Useless Bay




Welcome reception - Tony, Carolyn & Shirley




Welcome reception - The NY connection - Linda, Gail & Bob (Patches)




Joan, John, Lenni & Nancy talk about the upcoming tour




Rich giving a welcome to Bill & Peggy




Joanne, Dave and Linda anticipating the tour




Our first beach walk - This one to Alki Point




Mac poses in front of Alki Point Lighthouse




Our ride for the tour




West Point Lighthouse which is still undergoing restoration




Judi, Lawrence & Shirley in front of West Point




Group touring the Mukilteo Lighthouse




Carol at the top of Mukilteo




Team Sherwood at Mukilteo




Ron, Richard and Kathy enjoy lunch and great weather at the Mukilteo Lighthouse




When travelling around Puget Sound a good deal of time is spent in line, waiting for the ferry




The group passes time while waiting for the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island




Our ride to Friday Harbor




Our trusty bus driver, Dave, guards the bus while on board the ferry




Al and Mac compare high quality Passport Books and Stamps




John, Jill, Joan & Vince get a head start on happy hour while on the ferry to San Juan Island




We had a great view from the top of Lime Kiln Lighthouse - Too bad the Ocras had departed three days before!




Lime Kiln at sunset




The Orcas Express - Our ride through the San Juan Islands




All aboard the Orcas Express




Vince, Jill & George enjoying the ride up to Patos Island




Patos Island Lighthouse




Patos Island Lighthouse




Patos Island with Mt Baker in the background from Shirley Reeve




East Point Lighthouse on Saturna Island in Canada was a bonus we hadn't planned on




Turn Point Lighthouse




Turn Point Lighthouse




A fishing boat loaded to the scuppers passes Lime Kiln Lighthouse




Cattle Point Lighthouse located on San Juan Island




Burrows Island Lighthouse




Burrows Island Lighthouse




Patricia posing with the tour mascots Boz, Augie (short for Augustin-Jean Fresnel) and new arrival Patos)




Admiralty Head Lighthouse




Fresnel lens display at Admiralty Head




Sterling heads back for more crab won-tons and walnut shrimp at China City on Whidbey Island




The man responsible for the group assault on the Oak Harbor Dairy Queen waves to the crowd




It was a good thing that someone called ahead and warned the Dairy Queen they were about to be run over by a bunch of wickies!




Glen gets his reward!




Richard, Tony, Carolyn, Rich, Linda and Dorothy enjoying the much requested Dairy Queen




Carol getting ready to take the first bite




Is this breakfast or a Board of Directors meeting?




Waiting for another ferry - This one to take us to Port Townsend




The group exits the bus for the ferry ride to Port Townsend




Shirley, Anita and Retta enjoying the sunshine that Puget Sound is so famous for!




Frieda and Sterling with Mount Baker in the background




Jill being Jill in line to climb the Point Wilson Lighthouse




Point Wilson Lighthouse




An immature eagle poses for us with Mount Baker in the background at Point Wilson




Point Wilson keepers - Vince, Al, Patricia and John




Point Wilson Lighthouse




"THAT'S our ride to New Dungeness?"




We were all grinning as we loaded the boat - Oblivious to what was in store!




Just like Noah's Ark!




Into the water to reach our destination at New Dungeness




"Dang, Richard, when was the last time you shaved those puppies?"




Dave and Joanne get ready to go back in the water




New Dungeness Light Station




Al, of course, assured us that it was all worth it!




Team Sherwood at New Dungeness wondering if volunteering for this duty was a wise move!




Back in the water - Why is the boat further out than before?




Nancy in the process of air drying her socks




Our fearless leader rests after storming the beach
Photo By Bob Eisele




True "wickies" will endure any hardships to complete their task. All those aboard were presented with certificates of bravery for "demonstrating their dedication, courage and lack of better judgement" in storming the beaches of the New Dungeness spit!




Skunk Bay Lighthouse




Skunk Bay Lighthouse




Richard checks out the gallery at Point No Point




Point No Point Lighthouse




The group overruns the museum gift shop at Point No Point - much to Marie's delight!




We think that John would rather be fishing for salmon




Climbing into the tower at Point No Point - Unidentified individual's better side!




The group enjoying a picnic lunch at the Society Headquarters




Seattle skyline from the Bainbridge-Seattle ferry, with Coast Guard escort




Seattle harbor with Mt Rainer in the background




Vince, Nancy and Glen atop the Seattle Space Needle
Photo By Bob Eisele




Swiftsure Lightship docked at Lake Union is Seattle
Photo By Bob Eisele




Part of the group chose the Mustard Seed for breakfast in Seattle




Dorothy, Carol and Shirley enjoying breakfast at Bernard's on Seneca




Skip and Dave check out the hill leading down to Point Robinson. Other than a few scrapes, Dave negotiated the hill with no problem




The group follows Captain Joe for more history at the Point Robinson Lighthouse




Point Robinson Lighthouse




Glen building a teepee on the beach at Point Robinson




Carol, Kathy, Richard and Linda check out the goodies in the lunch at Point Robinson




Browns Point Lighthouse




Browns Point Keepers House and vacation rental




The group enjoyed a nice reception and book signing at Browns Point




Our last stop - just what we needed - more food!



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