Lighthouse Tour of Poland 2010

"Postcard from Hel" sent to USLHS Headquarters from Poland




Gdansk Neptun, from left to right: Elinor, Tom, Pat, Darlene, Tom, a guide, Bob, Dennis, Gayle, Irene




We go to the Central Maritime Museum, In front of us Zuraw (a big crane)




Malbork Castle - XIV centuary




Krynica Morska Lighthouse




Inside a tower in Krynica Morska Lighthouse




Gayle & Dennis inside a lantern Krynica Morska Lighthouse




A rest in Krynica Morska from left to right: Gayle, Dennis, Pat, Ron, Apoloniusz, Bob, Norma, Mike, Irene, Elliott




Elinor and Chad give a memorablia to the ovner of Nowy Port Lighthouse Mr. Stefan Michalak




Lighthouse Gdansk Nowy Port - A time ball shows 12 o'clock




A base of aids to navigation (ATON) and buytender "Zodiak" (a blue vessel)




Nothern Port Lighthouse




Wisloujscie fortress




We go to the fortress. From left to right: Bob, Irene, Cdad, Dennis, Tom, Darlene, Elliot, Pat, Mike




Sopot Tower




Society members enjoying the sunshine while walking along the dock




A green light at a breakwater - A southern entrance to Gdynia Port




We visited a tollship museum Dar Pomorza. She was built 1909. Here is Pat with a hammer making a medal, while Darlene takes her photo




Ron has a hammer and making a special medal




We are on a board the ferry "Opal"




We are waiting for a coach to Hel Lighthouse: Tom,Norma, Elinor, Mike, Irene, Ron, Elliott, Pat, Bob, Darlene, Gayle




Hel Lighthouse




A commanding polish tank - Chad at the helm




A museum of Coastal Defense




Jastarnia Lighthouse




Chad gave a model of Fresnel lens to Dr. Ph. Fryderyk Tomala - President of The Society of the Friends of Polish Central Maritime Museum. It was in a machinery room at Rozewie Lighthouse




In the lantern in Rozewie Lighthouse l to r: Darlene, Pat, Elinor, Chad, Gayle, Apoloniusz, Dennis, Ron




A meeting with Mr. Fryderyk Tomala -President of The Friends Society of Polish Maritime Museum. All members of the trip to Polish lighthouses win a bronze medal after they climb 5 Polish lighthouses




Lightkeepers family Romuald & Weronika Lozicki with visitors - Stilo Lighthouse




In lantern Stilo: Apoloniusz, Chad, Ron, Pat, Dennis, Darlene, Elliot, Elinor




A general view to Stilo Lighthouse - on right side we can see our yellow coach




Sandy dunes in Slowinski National Park in Leba




Czolpino Lighthouse




In the lantern First order




Jaroslawiec Lighthouse




Lunch on a grass in Jaroslawiec




In lantern- Gayle and Andrzej Mazuruk (he had the keys to the lanterns)




Darlowo Lighthouse
A pilot's station was built at the base of the eastern breakwater in 1885. A further storey was added in 1927. The lantern was placed at a top of this, giving a total height 75ft. Restored in 1997-98, the building remains in use as the harbormaster's office.




Gaski Lighthouse from left to right: Dennis, Andrew, Gayle, Elinor, Chad, Bob, Apoloniusz, Tom, Darlene, Norma, Ron, Pat, Irene, Mike




Sunset in Kolobrzeg




Niechorze Lighthouse




In the lantern room at Niechorze Lighthouse: Elinor, Gayle, Dennis, Chad, Darlene & Tom




The tallest Lighthouse in Poland - Swinoujscie







Located in the popular seaside resort town of Sopot, this 1903 tower is 103ft tall and has a magnificent 360 degree panoramic view.










There were many lights located at Hel peninsula. The previous lighthouse was destroyed in 1939. The current (134ft) octagonal tower was built in 1942. The lighthouse is situated at the edge of Hel city.




Jastarnia Lightouse




Chad at the top of the the Jastarnia Lightouse




Group at the Jastarnia Lightouse




The present lighthouse is not the first on this site. This one was constructed in 1950 using the column of the fog horn that stood near Stilo Lighthouse. This column is 5ft in diameter and is only 43ft in high.







Rozewie Lighthouse was built in 1822. It is one of the oldest preserved monument of navigational technology in Poland. The Museum of Lighthouses was opened there in 1963. The displays include the earlier lens used at Rozewie and models of building from 1822, 1919 and 1978.




This is a sixteen-sided tower (110ft) of long, narrow steel segments screwed together in 1906. Situated on high (145 feet), tree-covered dunes, 1/2 mile from the seashore and 1/2 mile from the village of Stilo.








160 foot high sand dune, part of the Slowinski National Reserve, on our way to see the CZOLPINO LIGHTHOUSE




The Czolpino Lighthouse is located in the Slowinski National Reserve and stands 1/2 mile from the seashore.




This lighthouse is located in the Slowinski National Reserve. It stands 1/2 mile from the seashore on a 160ft high dune.



















Built in 1892, this is one of the few Polish lighthouses to escape WWII without damage. It's located in the popular seaside resort town of Ustka.








The lighthouse was originally built in 1830 at the edge of the village, some 0.3mi from the shore. The original lighthouse here proved to be too short; trees quickly grew taller than the light tower, which was not strong enough to be extended. Thus the lighthouse was replaced in 1838.




The tower (164ft) was completed in winter 1877-78 After having its deteriorating brickwork patched up repeatedly over the years, the tower was thoroughly restored in 1995-97. The lighthouse is now open to the public; the keeper's house includes a restaurant and gift shop.




The first navigational beacon was lit in 1666 at the entrance to the harbour. Frequently rebuilt, it was finally destroyed on the last day of the WW II. A new lighthouse was erected on the base of an 1830's Prussian fortress. Today, there is a small museum in the lighthouse.




Commissioned in 1866, the lighthouse buildings comprise a 148ft high tower built on the square base of living quarters and outbuildings. The tower was heavily damaged in World War II and required extensive reconstruction, which was completed in 1948. The lighthouse was fully restored in 1999-2000.




This magnificent lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse ever built (213ft); it is nearly 13 ft taller than the Cape Hatteras Light in the U.S. The lighthouse began operation in 1857. In 1998-2000, as a Millennium project, the lighthouse was completely restored and opened to the public, along with a lighthouse museum in the keeper's house. Located on the east bank of the river ?wina just inside the entrance.











Night time view of Dluga, the main street in old town Gdansk.




Society members walk along Dluga street in old town Gdansk, to see some of the sights of this 1,000 year old city.




The Crane (a part of Central Maritime Museum)
It is the oldest preserved portal hoisting system in Europe. It was built in 1442-44 in the form of two brick towers with a wooden pulley system placed between them. It had a triple function: a cargo hoist, defensive fortification and a city gate.




The group at Malbork Castle




Malbork Castle
During the medieval era, Teutonic Knights conquered vast areas of what is today, Poland. They built castles and watch towers every 30 kilometers to protect their possessions.
Malbork Castle was founded in 1274 and was the headquarters of the Order of Teutonic Knights.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the world's largest brick, gothic, castle.





The conical tower was built in 1951. It is capped by a metal lantern. The overall height is 90ft. The optical equipment consists of a cylindrical lens (Apparatus V class) and a lamp changer




(Decommissioned - 1984, reopened for tourists - 2004)

This lighthouse is located at the entrance to Gdansk Port. This 90ft tall structure built in 1894 is the twin of the Cleveland Lighthouse (Ohio, Main). The lighthouse entered world history on September 1st, 1939 when the German battleship Schleswig-Holstein opened fire on the Polish army, starting World War II. A time ball at the top of the tower was restored in 2008 - the ball drops four times every day.













The modern design - a rectangular, blue tower with two glazed galleries makes it quite unlike a traditional lighthouse. The light stands at 200ft, at a range 25 Nm.




Established in 1482, this is Poland's oldest lighthouse. The tower was originally used for both defensive purposes and as a lighthouse. The fortifications were added between 1518 and 1521.






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