Lighthouse Tour of Norway 2008

Glen Tart, Phil and Mary Borkowski , and Don Broadbent at the Hard Rock Café in Oslo



Butch Skaar and Dave and Phyllis Idell on the roof of the new Oslo Opera House



The group at Vigeland Sculpture Park, Nobelsgt



Dave and Phyllis Idell and Donna and John Bowie on the boat to Lyngør



The group touring Lyngør



Lyngør Lighthouse



Butch Skaar presented a tour patch to our guide at Lyngør Lighthouse



The bus drove to the end of the pier so we could photograph Stangholmen Lighthouse



Oksøy Lighthouse (in the rain)



Butch Skaar and Mary Wheeler try to dry off inside Oksøy Lighthouse



Marty Martin at the top of Oksøy Lighthouse



Candace Hardin and Joyce Wichmann next to the first order Fresnel lens at Oksøy Lighthouse



Bill and Paula Raudio help keep Mary Wheeler dry on the boat from Oksøy



Gronningen Lighthouse



Odderøya Lighthouses, Old and New



Mary Borkowski, Dave Idell, and Marty Martin at lookout high above Mandal



Lindesnes Lighthouse



Marty Martin, Mary Borkowski, Lois Louvau, and Bill and Paula Raudio at the top of Lindesnes Lighthouse



Lindesnes Lighthouse



Lista Lighthouse



The group picture at Lista Lighthouse



On the boat to Lille Presteskjaer Lighthouse



At the dock, Lille Presteskjaer Lighthouse



Glen Tart, Joyce Wichmann, Mary Borkowski, Kathy Berel, and Don Broadbent on the "easy 10 minute walk" to Presteskjaer Lighthouse



Presteskjaer Lighthouse



Kvassheim Lighthouse



Waiting for our bus in Eigersund after our lunch break



Obrestad Lighthouse



Joyce Wichmann, Candace Hardin, Marty Martin, and Glen Tart enjoy the view from Obrestad Lighthouse



Obrestad Lighhtouse from the Old Hå Rectory



Paula and Bill Raudio, Don Broadbent, Marty Martin, Madeline Blackwood, Glen Tart, and Butch Skaar in front of Tungenes Lighthouse



Tungenes Lighthouse



Kvitsøy Lighthouse



Glen Tart climbing Kvitsøy Lighthouse



35 Marty Martin, Dave Idell, and Candace Hardin at the top of Kvitsøy Lighthouse



The Fresnel lens at Kvitsøy Lighthouse



Butch Skaar presents a tour patch to Sofus Tønnessen, our guide at Kvitsøy, while Glen Tart and our tour guide, Almar, look on



Madeline Blackwood, Shirley Roberts, Marty Martin, and Dave and Phyllis Idell boarding the boat to Geitungen Lighthouse



Geitungen Lighthouse



Several group members enjoy the view from Geitungen Lighthouse



Don Broadbent and Glen Tart with our lighthouse guide at Geitungen Lighthouse



Old Vikeholmen Lighthouse with part of the Skudeneshavn fishing fleet in the foreground



Old Vikeholmen Lighthouse



The group climbing up to visit Old Vikeholmen Lighthouse



Bill and Paula Raudio and Dave and Phyllis Idell enjoy a pizza at Dolly Dimple's Pizza in Stavanger



The group waits for the tour of Utstein Monastery



Glen Tart and Phil Borkowski visit with a horse at Utstein Monastery



On the boat to Engøyholmen



Svein Wilksnes, our lighthouse guide, gives us some background at Høyevarde Lighthouse. Glen Tart, Candace Hardin, John Bowie, and our tour guide Almar listen intently



Butch Skaar and Kathy Berel at Høyevarde Lighthouse



Høyevarde Lighthouse



We load our luggage in the rain at our Haugesund Hotel



Ryvarden Lighthouse



Butch Skaar photographing Ryvarden Lighthouse from the water, in the rain



Don Broadbent, Butch Skaar, Mary Borkowski, Dave and Phyllis Idell on the ferry to Fedje Island and Hellisøy Lighthouse



Donna Bowie, Marty Martin, and Candace Hardin on the boat to Hellisøy Lighthouse



Hellisøy Lighthouse



The group waiting to climb Hellisøy Lighthouse



Returning to the bus on Fedje Island from Hellisøy Lighthouse



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