Lighthouse Tour of Lake Erie 2013

Group photo at Marblehead Lighthouse




On the road again!




Vermilion Lighthouse replica




Wickies photographing Huron Harbor Pierhead looking faux light




Huron Harbor Pierhead Light




Darrell Brand (second from left) and other representatives of the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy graciously hosted our visit and told us of their restoration efforts.




Old Port Clinton Light group photo




The Group checks out the wooden boats at the Maritime Museum of Sandusky




Our hosts for the Lorain Lighthouse: Ed Baker, president; Steve Luca, chair; and Richard Yepko, board member of the Lorain Lighthouse Foundation




A happy bunch on their way to the Lorain Lighthouse




Lorain Lighthouse, the "Jewel of the Port"




Lorain East Breakwater Light




Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial




Val and Dimitri bundled up and ready to be chauffeured around Put-in-Bay Island!




Oops! Joan, Jill and George bail out as Judy jumps the curb




South Bass Island Lighthouse




Rattlesnake Island Light seen from the top of Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial




A fun evening at the Nagoya Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi




Randall, Roberta, Rick, Dimitri, Val and Cheryl pose before boarding their vessel to the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse




Toledo Harbor Lighthouse




Turtle Island Lighthouse ruin




The group in the Maumee Bay Lodge gathers in front of the 3.5 Order lens from the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse




Manhattan Front Range Light




Manhattan Rear Range Light




Donna, John, Denyse, Rich, Mary, Judy, Bill and Anita strike a pose in front of a not so striking light!




The museum freighter, SS Col. James M. Schoonmaker




Chris Gillcrest, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Historical Society, gives us a tour of the freighter.




Top: Rick inspects the freighter's throttle-"Full speed ahead!"
Bottom Left: Portrait of Col. James M. Schoonmaker and ship's bell;
Bottom right: Pilot house




Cedar Point Lighthouse




Sandusky Harbor Breakwater




Marblehead Light Station




Marty and Park Naturalist, Diane, at the entrance to Marblehead Lighthouse




Vern, Kay, Judy & Mary Lee enjoying the view on the gallery of Marblehead Lighthouse




The Merry-Go-Round Museum where we escaped back to our childhood




Top: A fascinating introduction to the art of carving and restoring carousel figures.
Bottom: Ann enjoys a ride on the 1939 Allan Herschell carousel.




Painted ponies and happy Wickies!




Riding to the sound of the "oom pa pa" carousel organ




Reliving our childhoods




Everyone agreed that this was one of the tour highlights.




Cleveland Harbor Main Entrance




Cleveland Harbor East Breakwater




The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame




Waiting for the Rock Hall to open & ready to relive our teen years!




Rick strums a tune on the guitar




Mary entertains us while we wait




Skip and Mary play a duet




Mary Lou and Judy take a lunch break




Judy checks out the travelling Rolling Stones exhibit




Joan and Jill leave the gift shop with smiles and souvenirs




Top: The group photo in front of the Nautica Queen, our dinner cruise ship.
Bottom: George, Jill, Jeanine, Glenn, Mary, Denyse, Joan & Anita




Top: Roberta, Bill, Evelyn, Rich, Linda & Rick
Bottom: Skip, Vern, Mary Lee, Judy, Bill, AJ, Mary Lou, Judy, Val & Dimitri




Top: Joe, Randall, John, Donna, Glen, Bill, Peggy & Cheryl
Bottom: Marty, Kay, Mary, Charlene, Glenn, Bruce, Donna & Steve




Cleveland's harbor lights




Cleveland in the evening




Lights of the city




Top left: Judy on the stairway in Lorain Lighthouse
Top right: Steve climbing the stairs in South Bass Island Lighthouse
Bottom left: Glen climbs the Manhattan Front Range Light
Bottom right: Bill makes it to the top of South Bass Island Lighthouse




AJ, Bruce, Mary, Glen & Donna check out the Cleveland East Entrance D9 Light




Ashtabula Lighthouse




George ponders the great display of surface transportation at the Ashtabula Maritime Museum




One of the USCG Search and Rescue patches




The Pilot House from the Steamer Thomas Walters




Conneaut West Breakwater Light




Erie Yacht Club Lighthouse




Victorian Princess Dinner Cruise-Wickies love to eat!




Top: Cheryl, Rick, Roberta, Marty, Bill & Peggy
Bottom: Judy, Glen, Steve, Charlene, Glenn & Bill




Top: Ann & Joe
Bottom: John, Donna, Jeanine & Glenn




Erie Yacht Club at night




Top: Kay, Denyse, Mary, Bruce, Mary & Donna
Bottom: Val & Evelyn




Top: Linda, Rich, & Anita
Bottom: Mary Lee & Vern




Erie Land Lighthouse




Linda Bolla, Education Programs Coordinator for the Erie Maritime Museum, Bill and Erie's lighthouse keeper love the Pennsylvania lights!




Mary W., Mary G. and Denyse, our high flying swingers!




Presque Isle North Pierhead Light




Floating houses on the Horseshoe Pond in Presque Isle State Park




Presque Isle Lighthouse




Linda Bolla and our hosts for the Erie lights gave us a terrific tour.




Fairport Marine Museum and Lighthouse




Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light




Top left: Glen and the Fairport Harbor 3rd Order Lens
Top right: Toledo Harbor 3.5 Order Lens
Middle left: Ashtabula Fourth Order Lens
Middle: Lorain Lighthouse optic
Middle right: South Bass Island Fourth Order Lens
Bottom left: Current Marblehead optic
Bottom middle: North Pier Fourth Order Lens
Bottom right: Marblehead 3.5 Order Lens




Happy faces at the Farewell Dinner--
Top left: Donna & John;
Top right: Anita
Bottom left: Joe has a few good words to share;
Bottom right: Glen




Dinner and farewell to good friends-
Top left: Randall;
Top right: Roberta & Rick
Bottom left: Mary Lou;
Bottom right: AJ with her Bosun whistle




Final smiles before signing off-
Top: Dimitri & Val;
Middle: Glenn & Charlene
Bottom left: Denyse;
Bottom right: Skip entertains the group




Our excellent bag handlers!



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