Lighthouse Tour of Hawai'i 2011

Group photo in front of Diamond Head Lighthouse




The Pride of America, our home and transportation for the week.




Aston Waikiki hotel room




View from the Aston Waikiki Hotel




The Aloha tower




Aloha tower dedication plaque




Honolulu from the top of the Aloha tower




Sunset on the Pacific




View of Molokai from helicopter




Kalaupapa Lighthouse on Molokai




Lahaina Lighthouse




Esther and Joanne at Lahaina Lighthouse




Stan and Betty in Lahaina




Bill getting "up close and personal"




Vicky and Darla at Lahaina Lighthouse




Bill walking around Lahaina




McGregor Point Lighthouse




waiting for the shuttle at McGregor Point




Pat and Betty at McGregor Point




Alma and Tony at McGregor Point




Dot and Sandy at McGregor Point




One of Hawaii's active volcanoes




The group enjoys the volcanoes




Skip and Mary Lee with Bosley at the volcano




Fran in conversation with one of the locals at Volcanoes National Park




a blast of steam from a volcano




Jim and Helen at the "steam bath"




Volcanoes National Park




Joanne, Marie and Toni at Volcanoes National Park




Judy and Bill at Volcanoes National Park




Lush vegetation near the Thurston Lava Tube




Tony and Alma near the entrance to the lava tube




Inside the lava tube of an extinct volcano




A park ranger explains volcanic activity




A tree grows in the middle of the lava field near Kumukahi Lighthouse




Ray is in position to photograph Kumukahi Lighthouse




Learning about lava




at Kumukahi




The Kumukahi Lighthouse said to be spared from the lava by Madame Pele as a reward for the keeper's kindness




Our transportation crew while in Hilo




A view of "the Big Island" from the ship




The group hikes to Nawiliwili Lighthouse on the island of Kauai




Nawiliwili Lighthouse




Waiting to climb Nawiliwili




visiting with our Coast Guard host at Nawiliwili




Howard sets up his shot of the lighthouse




Looking straight up at Nawiliwili Lighthouse




The lens at the top - there is no lantern




The view from the top of Nawiliwili - our shuttles are
wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ay over at the top of the photo




A plane flies over the lighthouse




Waterfall on Kauai




Ron pauses on the hike back to the bus




Gay and Ken at Kilauea Lighthouse




Kilauea Lighthouse is currently undergoing extensive restoration




Darla found some ne-nes




The visitor's center at Kilauea Lighthouse




Enjoying the view of Nawiliwili from the top deck of the Pride of America




Minor aid to navigation near Nawiliwili




Harbor tug




Nawiliwili from the ship




Relaxing by the pool




One of our cabins on the ship




Ray, Kay, Marisa, Dave, Phyllis, and Sue in the Mardi Gras Lounge aboard ship




Some of the beautiful Hawaiian scenery we passed while onboard ship




Helen, Jim, Gene, Ann, and Betty enjoy a beverage on the Pride of America




Mary and Phil enjoy the sea air from the deck of the Pride of America




taking in the view from the ship




Rich and Linda are enjoying the Hawaiian scenery




Part of the group poses on the grand stairway on the Pride of America




One of the many decks of the ship




Dinner at the Skyline Restaurant aboard ship




Dinner at the Skyline Restaurant aboard ship




Portia celebrated her birthday on the cruise




The map traces our route through the islands




Honolulu from the ship - that's the Aloha tower on the left




Ron and Al relax in the Mardi Gras Lounge on the ship




The Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor




Gene and Ann on the shuttle to the Arizona




Ken & Gay on the shuttle to the Arizona




The Stars and Stripes fly over the Memorial




Tony inside the shrine at the Arizona Memorial




The wall of the shrine is inscribed with the names of all those who lost their lives in the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor




inside the Arizona Memorial




The statue of King Kamehameha in front of the Aliiolani Hale in downtown Honolulu




Marie and Toni in front of the Iolani Palace in downtown Honolulu




Fran and Ellen rest for a bit in Honolulu




Kay at the Iolani Palace




Waiting for the bus at the Aliiolani Hale




Waiting for the bus at the Aliiolani Hale




Diamond Head Lighthouse




Keeper's house at Diamond Head, now home to the Coast Guard District commandant and his family




At the top of Diamond Head




Al on the grounds of the Diamond Head Lighthouse




Pat and Marge enjoying the commandant's reception at Diamond Head




Our hosts at Diamond Head




The flags fly at Diamond Head while Mary & Phil get more photos




Skip, Bill, Bill's grandson (who joined us for the day) and Jim at the top of Diamond Head




enjoying their climb of Diamond Head




Bill and his grandson inside Diamond Head Lighthouse




Linda starts her climb




steping out onto the gallery




Phyllis at the top of Diamond Head Lighthouse




Joyce climbs the lighthouse




Jerry takes a smoke break at Diamond Head




The commandant surprised us with some refreshments at Diamond Head




Taking a break at Diamond Head




at the base of Diamond Head Lighthouse




John and Carol admire the view from the guest house at Diamond Head




Jim and Terrie on the deck at Diamond Head




Enjoying more of the commandant's hospitality




Pat relaxes at the commandant's reception




Susan and Ray give the party a thumbs up




Diamond Head Lighthouse




The pedestal that holds the lens at Diamond Head




The lens at Diamond Head




Barber's Point Lighthouse




On the beach near Barber's Point Lighthouse




Tony at Barber's Point




Diana, Don, Mary, Phil, Fran and Portia on the beach below Barber's Point




Waiting to climb Makapu'u Lighthouse




Mary Lee (& Boz) with Diana and Don at Makapu'u




Marisa at Makapu'u




The hyper-radial lens inside the lantern at Makapu'u Lighthouse




Our coastie host at Barber's Point shows off his lighthouse tattoo



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