Lighthouse Tour of Florida 2012

Group photo in front of Carysfort Reef Light, the first pile lighthouse built on the Florida Keys. Photo by Jenn Idell




John, Donna, Ruth, Norma, Mary Lee and Carol get acquainted at the Manager's Reception




Jeff, Reggie, Cindy and Jane enjoy a drink before the Welcome Dinner at the Embassy Suites in Miami




Patti, Esther and Bill meet Hendrik from the Netherlands




Lilla, Society member from Italy, welcomes newcomers Yvonne, Robert, Bobbie and Vince




Judy presents Eric Martin a check from the Society for the preservation of the Florida Reef Lights




Al meticulously stamps participants' passports




First cruise of the tour takes us to Fowey Rocks Lighthouse, Cape Florida and Stiltsville




Leaving Miami Beach for our first adventure




Mary Lee introduces Outré to Gaspar




Mary Lou brings her pink flamingo along on the cruise




Beautiful Cape Florida Lighthouse is located on the southernmost point in Key Biscayne




The Eye of Miami: Fowey Rocks Lighthouse is one of only two unique "bell-shaped" lantern designs in the United States




Two of the seven remaining houses in Stiltsville located south of Cape Florida on the edge of Biscayne Bay in Miami. No sleep walking please!




Dimitri demonstrates the proper attire to fight mosquitoes on Boca Chita Key!




The ladies of the Boca Chita Adventure, boat trip #2




The Boca Chita Key Lighthouse. This 65-foot faux lighthouse is part of the Biscayne National Park




Jenn and Phyllis are all smiles. No mosquitoes today on Boca Chita!




On the trip back from Boca Chita Key, Dave spins a tale while Reggie and Cindy take it all in




Dinner at Mario's Latin Café in Homestead. Where's the Sangria?




Waiting patiently for a taste of Cuban cuisine




Welcome to Everglades National Park!




Some of the interesting birds of Florida. Just keep those vultures away from your car tires!




Society photographers - What's got their attention?




Enough souvenirs for everyone!




Walking along the trail…don't wake that big guy!




All kinds of wildlife in Florida. Watch where you walk or wade!




Gift Shops - an important part of every Society tour! They love to see us coming!




We're in good hands as Hendrik takes the helm




Leah and Carol enjoying the great Florida sun on cruise #3




Skip with his harem




The 4-story faux lighthouse of Key Largo houses the lantern from the Rebecca Shoal Lighthouse




Jane and Jeff take in the sun and breeze




A popular way to pass the time on a cruise




Mary Lou and Dorothy out of the sun and ready for fun




Terry and Beth happy to be heading for Carysfort Reef Lighthouse




Carysfort Reef Lighthouse built in 1852 is 112 feet tall and now has the distinction of being the lighthouse in the 2012 USLHS group photo!




Esther, Patti and Hendrik having a chat




The windy ride home doesn't diminish the smiles from these lovely ladies




Skip talks to John about stamps, reef lights and wine-thirty!




First stop on Wednesday was in Founder's Park in Islamorada to visit the lantern from the Pacific Reef Lighthouse




Leaving the marina we pass the faux Faro Blanco Lighthouse




AJ and Nancy happy to embark on our fourth cruise, this time to Alligator Reef Lighthouse




Bundled up and ready for our next reef light adventure




Team Newblom along with Dave, Phyllis and Jenn dressed for the cool sea breezes




Lilla flashes her million dollar smile




George and the Bill bookends staying in the shade




Did anyone tell Judy tour leaders had to pilot the boat?




Alligator Reef Lighthouse, named for a shipwrecked schooner, was built in 1873 and stands 136 feet high




Marguerite strikes a seaworthy pose




Society sun lovers




On a sunny day some Society members welcome the shade




Shirley and Leah are happy to be heading to lunch!




A fun lunch place and AJ leaves her mark!




Lunch Florida-style




Waiting for fried Key Lime pie




Nothing like a cold one on a hot Florida day!




The Sombrero Key Lighthouse, Florida's tallest reef light at 156 feet high




The beautiful Key West Lighthouse. Where's Bill?




This first order Fresnel lens from Sombrero Reef Lighthouse is on display at the Key West Lighthouse Museum




A fourth order Fresnel lens also on display at the museum is still a mystery as to where it originated




Pilot Nikali, Norma, Ruth, Dave, Phyllis and Jenn get ready to take to the skies over the Dry Tortugas




Ruth's fabulous aerial view of the Fort Jefferson on Garden Key




AJ, Dimitri, Val, Leah and Pilot Nikali stop for a quick photo before embarking on their seaplane adventure




The Dry Tortugas Lighthouse on Loggerhead Key, up close and personal thanks to Ruth's super photography




Shannon, Patt and Hendrik, our third team of adventurers, ready for Pilot Nikali to show them lighthouses and shipwrecks from an amazing perspective




Susanne and George share a laugh while waiting for our 6th cruise-the Dry Tortugas




Team Sherwood with their new friends, the Slowski's




Vince and Bobbie enjoy an air conditioned cruise




The tour leaders said that this trip takes two hours and 15 minutes. Are we there yet?




The Yankee Freedom II docks at the Dry Tortugas National Park on Garden Key




Fort Jefferson - a great way to spend the day in Florida's lower keys




Patt and Shannon are happy to be on land and explore the famous fort and Tortugas Harbor Lighthouse




Tour Leaders, Team Newblom, with their mentors, Team Sherwood aka The Fighting Sand Crabs




Jenn takes a rare land shot of the group




The Tortugas Harbor Lighthouse was one of five lighthouses featured on the U.S. 2009 Gulf Coast Lighthouse Stamp Series




USLHS Tours are full of great photo opportunities for the avid photographer




A shady spot on the grounds of Fort Jefferson is a rare find!




Another feature of USLHS Tours are the friends you make for life




Sometimes known as "Garden Key Harbor Light" or "Fort Jefferson Lighthouse," the Tortugas Harbor Lighthouse is part of the largest coastal fort in the U.S.




On the way back to Key West, Lynda watercolors her favorite subject!




Beth, Terry, Jane and Dave pass the time by playing an intense bridge game!




Our seventh boat trip to our last two reef lights




Still smiling after all these trips!




The American Shoal Lighthouse was the final iron screwpile lighthouse built on the Florida reefs




Shirley, Leah and Lilla keep an eye out for Sand Key while Terry catches up on his latest novel!




Jenn, Phyllis and Dave made this a real family affair




The mighty Sand Key Lighthouse survived its share of hurricanes but a fire in 1989 damaged the stair column and keeper's quarters which later were completely removed




Worn out Wickies! Rest up for your next Tour!



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