Lighthouse Tour of England 2006

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Group Photo at Beachy Head


Group Photo at Smeaton's Tower


Trinity House Tour, London


View of Westminster from the hotel


Darlene Chisholm, Linda & Marv Bowen at Belle Tout Light


Darlene & Tom Chisholm at the Berry Head Geodesic Marker


USLHS Official Hitchhikers


Al & Jean Krueger, Shirley Roberts & Chas Nicklin at Hurst Castle Lighthouse


Lizard Point Lighthouse

Photo By Tom LeNay


Tom LeNay & Nona O'Gara on the exterior deck of Lizard Point


Karen Dillon enjoys the cliffs of Pendeen


Candle from Smeaton's Eddystone Lighthouse - Dated 1759

Can you guess who's reflection that is?


Phil & Mary Borkowski on the exterior deck of Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth


Holly Hinnrichs-Dahms at the top of Smeaton's Tower, Plymouth, inspecting the original illuminating candle opera


Group makes their way to Southforeland Light where a clockwork mechanism is still in tact and operates the second order fresnel lens, which is now decommissioned


Saint Catherines Oratory Tour

(Ancient Roman Lighthouse)


Jim Braun, Cindy Mitzen & Carol Nettleton inspect Saint Catherines lantern housing


Start Point Lighthouse

Photo By Shirley Reeve


Glen Tart & Phil Borkowski at Tintagel Castle


Dave & Jake strategize the route to the next lighthouse


Group makes their way to Trevose Head


Trinity House Depot Tour, Harwich


Portland Bill

By Phil & Mary Borkowski


Smeaton's Pier, St. Ives

By Phil & Mary Borkowski


Warwick Castle

By Phil & Mary Borkowski


Dubris Pharos


By Tom & Darlene Chisholm



Harwich High


By Tom & Darlene Chisholm



Chisholm Lightship
St. Catherines Wharf


By Tom & Darlene Chisholm



Merry Mouse Lightship
Haslar Marina

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm



By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


North Foreland

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


Old Dungeness Keeper's House

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


Split Bank Fort

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


Spurn Lightship

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


St. Ives Harbor

By Tom & Darlene Chisholm


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