Lighthouse Tour of the Chesapeake Bay 2011

Group photo at the Overfalls lightship




Fort Washington Lighthouse




Group enjoying a presentation by Tony and Alma Pasek of our Chesapeake Chapter




Display of the Chesapeake Bay Lighthouses




The Fort at Fort Washington




Display at Piney Point Lighthouse




The group having lunch at Piney Point Lighthouse




Piney Point Lighthouse




Point Lookout Lighthouse




Getting out passport stamps at Point Lookout




Joel and Candace in the lantern room at Point Lookout Lighthouse




MaDonna climbing Drum Point Lighthouse




Patricia at Drum Point Lighthouse




Barb and Sylvia learning about Drum Point Lighthouse




Megan and Carol at Drum Point




Marty, Ted and Lawrence at Drum Point Lighthouse




Larry, Patricia, Candace and Joel at Drum Point Lighthouse




Cove Point Lighthouse




Stairs inside Cove Point Lighthouse




Close up of lantern room at Cove Point Lighthouse




Drum Point Lighthouse




Approaching Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse for our tour




Tony helping with our tour of Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Marty getting ready to climb Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Joel , Candace, Myrna (aka Scout), and Martha; braving the cold on our way out to Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. Thanks to Myrna for all the help at Assateague Lighthouse and for knowing where the best local ice cream joint is!




Lawrence and Virginia in the lantern room of Thomas Point Shoal




Group 2 on their way to Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




The dock at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Jeff at the dock




Group 2 ready to climb Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Shari and Nancy ready to climb the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Susan at Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Steve at the top of Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Volunteer teaching the group about the lighthouse




Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse




Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse during one of our cruises




Rich and Ted enjoying the cruise




Everyone finding their spot for photos




Baltimore Harbor Lighthouse




Carol with Baltimore Harbor behind her




Ron, Nancy and Susan Relaxing between lighthouse




Shirley, Carol and Shari getting ready for the next lighthouse




Joyce, Patricia and Tony enjoying the cruise




Group with Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in the background... nice work Tony!




Interesting street in Annapolis, MD




The capitol building in Annapolis




Our Craighill Channel and Pool's Island cruise




Craighill Channel Upper Rear Range Light




Craighill Channel Upper Front Range Light




Craighill Channel Lower Front Range Light




Pool's Island Lighthouse




Marty is always smiles!




Sylvia staying dry on the cruise




Candace and Joyce enjoying the cruise




Craighill Channel Lower Rear Range Light




Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse at Baltimore's Inner Harbor




Chesapeake Lightship docked at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. US Lightship #116 "Chesapeake" marked the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay for over 29 years. It was initially assigned to Fenwick Island, DE in 1930. The Chesapeake was relocated to the approaches of Chesapeake Bay from 1965-1970 and finished its career marking the Delaware Bay approaches.




US Submarine "Torsk" sank the last enemy vessel of WWII. Torsk was launched in late 1944 and represented the state-of-the-art US Submarine technology in WWII. The submarine carried out tow wartime patrols in the Pacific, and on August 14, 1945, sank two Japanese coastal defense frigates, the last enemy ships sank during the war.




Jan and Larry Lacy at Concord Point Lighthouse




Judy at a dock near the Concord Point Lighthouse




Concord Point Lighthouse




Property surrounding Concord Point Lighthouse




Amy inside Concord Point




Original front door key for Concord Point Lighthouse... still in use




Lens at the top of Concord Point Lighthouse




Our bus driver Tom next to the lens at Concord Point Lighthouse. Tom is now a member of the Society and has a passport!




Shari at the Keeper's house at Concord Point Lighthouse




Display at the Concord Point Lighthouse




Display of how the lighthouse was first lit at Concord Point Lighthouse




The rest of the display




Cannon ball display in the Keeper's house at Concord Point Lighthouse




Megan and Judy in front of the Keeper's house at the Concord Point Lighthouse




Liston Rear Range Light




Reedy Island Rear Range Light




Reflection of Reedy Island Rear Range Light




Flags on the Overfalls Lightship




Barb on the Overfalls Lightship




Food compartments on the Overfalls Lightship




Looking up from inside the Overfalls Lightship




Happy Birthday Candace!




Overfalls Lightship




Getting our instructions for our next cruise




Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse




Judith Roales giving us a great tour of Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse




Now that's a breakwater




Lens at the top of Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse




If you look close you can see Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse in the distance, from the top of Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse




Lawrence at the top of Delaware Breakwater




Megan and Joyce having fun




Group 1 coming back from Harbor of Refuge




Gerry and Karen doning their mandatory lifevests on our wild boat ride to Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse




Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse




Megan, Judith and Rich after our tour of Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse and Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse




Display set up for us at Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Transpeninsular Line This stone monument, erected April 26, 1751, marks the eastern end of the Transpeninsular Line surveyed 1751-1751 by John Watson and William Parsons of Pennsylvania and John Emory and Thomas Jones of Maryland. This line established the east-west boundary between Pennsylvania's "Three Lower Counties" (now Delaware) and the Colony of Maryland. It established also the middle point of the peninsula, 35 miles to the west. The stone bears the coat of arms of the Calverts on the south side and the Penns on the north. It was accepted 1760 and finally ratified 1769 by King George III.




Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Garden at Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Stairs at Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Candace peeking around the lens at Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Steve almost at the top of Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Ted's right on Steve's heals




Ron and Nancy at the top of Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Inside the lens at Fenwick Island Lighthouse




Joyce and Forney relaxing on the Ocean City Boardwalk after their Thrashers French Fries!




Ocean City Boardwalk




Ocean City Boardwalk




Assateague Lighthouse




Photo line at the Assateague Lighthouse




The path to Assateague Lighthouse




Lens at the top of the Assateague Lighthouse




View from the top of the Assateague Ligthouse




Larry at the top of the Assateague Lighthouse




The fog started rolling in to make for some dramatic sights




Front door of the Assateague Ligthouse




The famous Ponys of Chincoteague Island




A little closer view of the Ponys




A quick stop by the Chincoteague Island museum to see the original Fresnel Lens from the Assateague Lighthouse




Our Ice Cream break at a local favorite, Island Creamery




Everyone enjoying a delicious meal at the end of the day




The beginning our our longest cruise of the tour, nearly 6 hours




Ron getting ready for a wild ride. Water looks pretty smooth... not for long




Thumbs up all the way




Jan and Nancy ready for anything




Our fearless Captain




Lawrence and Virginia enjoying the cruise from inside the cabin




Shirley is ready for a fun cruise




Bonus Light that wasn't on the itinerary. Holland Island Bar Lighthouse, 1889




Solomon's Lump Lighthouse




Ron, Virginia, Martha and Shirley with Solomon's Lump behind them




Smith Point Lighthouse




Point No Point Lighthouse. For a second I thought I was back in Washington, but everyone reassured me that we were still in Maryland




Hooper Island Lighthouse




Everyone enjoying lunch on our way to the next lighthouse




Sharp's Island Lighthouse




Everyone getting there photos of Sharp's Island




Another view of Sharp's Island




Straighten view of Sharp's Island Lighthouse lantern room




Photo of the other half of the group at Sharp's Island Lighthouse... They finally caught up with us




Megan, Sylvia, Mary and Barb looking for a ride to the next lighthouse. Now that is a group of hitchhikers that will have no problem getting a ride




Hooper Straight Lighthouse




Megan and MaDonna at Hooper Straight Lighthouse




Hooper Striaght Lighthouse




Lens at the top of Hooper Straight Lighthouse




Everyone said we would never stay on schedule, because of the traffic. This was us pulling into the parking lot of the last hotel one minute early... thanks Tom!



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