Lighthouse Tour of British Columbia 2008

Group photo in front of Brockton Point Lighthouse




Here are 3 Charts which outline the boat crusies we enjoyed on the tour
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    Straits of Georgia Tracks                          Victoria Area Tracks                           West Coast Tracks



Entrance Gate to Point Atkinson Lighthouse – Vancouver



Point Atkinson - Society members climbing on the rock face

Point Atkinson Lighthouse
Le Phare De Point Atkinson
"This lighthouse replaced an 1875 building of which the foundations of the keeper's dwelling survive. Built in 1912 by contractor W.H. Rourke, the hexagonal reinforced concrete tower, 18.3 metres high, is an early example of this design. The exterior buttresses are similar to those found on the lighthouses elsewhere in Canada. The importance of this light on the outer approach to Burrard Inlet is indicated by the powerful third order dioptric light which is a product of the English firm of Chance Brothers. It has a focal plane of 32.9 metres above high water."



Canadian Coast Guardsman, Kevin Carrigan and his family were kind enough to meet the USLHS group at Point Atkinson so that we could tour the station.



View of the gorge from atop the Capilano Suspension Bridge



Darlene making her way across the Bridge - The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 136 metres long and 70 metres above the river. The original bridge was constructed of hemp rope and cedar planks. 450 feet (137m) long and 230 feet (70m) high, today's bridge is made of reinforced steel safely anchored in 13 tons of concrete on either side of the canyon.



Kathie and Holly at the Capilano Suspension Bridge



Patrick and Dolores at the Capilano Suspension Bridge



Dick and Pebble at the Capilano Suspension Bridge



Sylvia, Steve and Sue taking a break outside the gift store at the Capilano Suspension Bridge.



Roger and Martha enjoying the view of people crossing the Capilano Suspension Bridge.



Hostas and many other types of plants adorn British Columbia’s Stanley Park, a highlight for the USLHS group. Stanley Park is recognized around the globe as one of the great parks of the world! Vancouver's first park and one of the city's main tourist attractions, Stanley Park is an evergreen oasis of 400 hectares (1,000 acres) close to the downtown core. Its natural west coast atmosphere offering a back drop of majestic cedar, hemlock and fir trees embraces visitors and transports them to an environment rich in tranquility.



Tom in the mist of the rhododendron grove in Stanley Park.



Shirley, Gary and Debbie enjoying a stroll in Stanley Park.



Cape Beale
Photo courtesy of Debbie Roark



A cute squirrel poses for a picture in Stanley Park



Our bus parked next to the rhododendron grove in Stanley Park



Historic Totems at Stanley Park - The totem pole display area at Brockton Point is the most visited tourist attraction in all of British Columbia and it has an interesting history. In the early 1920s, the elected Park Commissioners of the day supported the idea of constructing an Indian Village in Stanley Park near the Lumbermen's Arch area. This site was chosen as it had been the location of a massive midden, or cultural mound, resulting from years of habitation by the native aboriginal peoples.



Brockton Point Lighthouse – Vancouver - Brockton Point Lighthouse is located in Stanley Park and is one of two park lighthouses serving the Port of Vancouver. The original tower was built in 1890 and the current one in 1914.



Path along the Stanley Park waterfront leading to Prospect Point Lighthouse



Lion’s Gate Bridge from below



USLHS members boarding a chartered vessel in Vancouver for a cruise through the Straits of Georgia.



The city of Vancouver from the harbor with



Prospect Point Lighthouse with Lion’s Gate Bridge towering above



Point Atkinson Lighthouse



Sue and Steve aboard the vessel with Point Atkinson in the background



Holly getting warm



Bill enjoys a quiet cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the British Columbia coastline.



Distant view of a bald eagle – many were scene during the coarse of the tour



Pebble, Martha and Sylvia sailing through the Straits of Georgia.



Merry Island Lighthouse



Vessel captain relied heavily on a modern, computerized GPS navigation system



USLHS members at the rear of the craft admiring the view.



Sisters Islets Lighthouse



Chrome Island Lighthouse



Ballenas Island Lighthouse



Quaint harbor where the group docked for lunch along the Straits of Georgia cruise.



Dan taking a moment to reflect while docked for lunch.



Entrance Island Lighthouse



Active Pass Lighthouse



Portlock Point Lighthouse



Displayed at the Sooke Museum is the acutal Lantern Housing from the Triangle Island Lighthouse, and inside is the 1st order Chance Brothers. Fresnel Lens from the .Estevan Lighhtouse. The whereabouts of the Triangle Island lens is unknown.



Another view of the lens display at the Sooke Museum.



USLHS members were treated to a wonderful picnic lunch at the Sooke Museum, with beautiful weather gracing the day.



Retired Triangle Island Lighthouse Keeper . . . . signing Holly’s passport. He and his wife met the USLHS group at the museum and gave us a tour of the lantern and lens.



Lens segment from the Sheringham Point Lighthouse. Only one panel is on display while the rest of the optic remains in storage.



A photo of a photograph showing the lantern housing being removed from Triangle Island Lighthouse destined for the Sooke Museum.



Estevan 1st Order Fresnel Lens detail



Estevan 1st Order Fresnel Lens detail



Sheringham Point Lighthouse



Jay and Joy taking a break after hiking back from the Sheringham Lighthouse



Sylvia and Shirley returning from the Sheringham Lighthouse



Fisgard Lighthouse



Fisgard Lighthouse
Photo courtesy of Debbie Roark



































Race Rocks Lighthouse





Trial Island Lighthouse



Discovery Island



Discovery Island





Trial Island Lighthouse



Trial Island Lighthouse



Original Lantern Housing from Trial Island Lighthouse – Lens: Original 4th order Chance Bros. – Bastion Square – Victoria



Original Lantern Housing from Trial Island Lighthouse – Lens: Original 4th order Chance Bros. – Bastion Square – Victoria







Port Alberni Maritime Museum – Faux Lighthouse







Pachena Point Lighthouse = 1st order lens discontinued, but remains in the tower.







Carmanah Point Lighthouse





Carmanah Point Lighthouse





Amphitrite Point Lighthouse







Sister’s Islets Lighthouse







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