Castellammare Di Stabia Lighthouse
Tamelos Lighthouse
Brucoli Lighthouse
Naples Archaeological Museum

2022 Italy/Sicily/Malta
May 18, 2022 to Jun 02, 2022

Follow this link to view a special video preview presentation of our Italy 2022 tour.

Don't miss this great International Tour to Scenic Italy.  We will start in Naples and then head down the west coast to visit or view 30 lighthouses.  We will also dine on the best Italian food in the world (what else from Italy).  We will visit many archeological sites and museums.  A few boat excursions will take us out in the beautiful waters surrounding Italy.  What a great way to see lighthouses.  Join us and sign up early.


Wed-May-19-2021   Day 1  Arrive at Naples airport and transfer to Pozzuoli.  Remainder of day free until the Welcome dinner at local restaurant.  Overnight in Pozzuoli.


Thu-May-20-2021  Day 2  Travel to Capo MisenoStop to view Capo Miseno Lighthouse.  Travel to Fortino TenagliaStop to view Fortino Tenaglia Lighthouse.  Travel from Fortino Tenaglia to NaplesYou will then enter the National Archaeological museum.  Travel from Naples to Pozzuoli to enter the Flavian Amphitheatre.  Overnight in Pozzuoli.


Fri-May-21-2021     Day 3    Travel to Naples port and ferry to Ischia.  View  Castello d'Ischia lighthouse.  Take foot passenger ferry to Procida.  View Punta Imperator Lighthouse from ferry.  Free time to explore in Procida.    Travel back to Pozzuoli and stay there overnight.


Sat-May-22-2021   Day 4   Travel to Pompeii and stop to view Mole lighthouse.  There will be a local guide for half day tour of  Pompeii archaeological site.  Travel to Castellamare di Stabia.  Stop to view Castellamare di Stabia Lighthouse.  Travel to Sorrento.  Overnight  in Sorrento.


Sun-May-23-2021   Day 5  This will be a full day excursion to Capri.  A Charter boat will take us to Capri with a stop to view Punta Carena Lighthouse   and view the Blue grotto from boat.  The boat will return to Sorrento and then we will travel to Positano with an overnight in Positano.


Mon-May-24-2021   Day 6   Travel to Paestum where we will enter the Paestum archaeological site.  Overnight in Paestum.


Tue-May-25-2021  Day 7  Travel to Agropoli.  Stop to view Il Faro d'Agropoli.  Travel to Licosa.  Stop to view Licosa Lighthouse.  Travel to Palinuro.  Stop to view Palinuro Lighthouse.  Travel to Scario.  Stop to view Scario lighthouse.  Travel to Sapri.  Stop to view Sapri Lighthouse.  Overnight in Sapri.


Wed-May-26-2021   Day 8   Travel to Capo Vaticano.  Stop to view Faro di Capo Vaticano.  Travel to Castello di Scilla.  Stop to view Faro di Scilla.  Travel to Punta Pezzo.  Stop to view Faro Punta Pezzo.  Travel to Reggio Calabria.  Overnight in Reggio Calabria.


Thu-May-27-2021   Day 9  Travel to Villa San Giovanni.  Board a ferry to Messina.  Stop to view Punta San Raineri Lighthouse.  View the Astronomical Clock of the Cathedral.  Travel to Punta del Faro.  Stop to view Punta del Faro lighthouse.  Travel to Taormina.  We will enter the Greek Theatre.  Overnight in Taormina.


Fri-May-28-2021   Day 10  Travel to Catania.  Stop to view Capo Mulini lighthouse.  Stop to view Sciara Biscari lighthouse.  View Mt. Etna.  View Porta Garibaldi.  Travel to Syracuse.  Stop to view Capo Maniace lighthouse.  Stop to view Castelluccio lighthouse.  Overnight in Syracuse.


Sat-May-29-2021   Day 11  Travel to Augusta.  Stop to view Capo Santa Croce lighthouse.  Stop to view Brucoli Lighthouse.  Return to Syracuse to enter the Archaeological Park and museum.  Overnight in Syracuse. 


Sun-May-30-2021   Day 12  Travel to Noto.  Visit Pantalica Necropolis.  Travel to Isola casa Passero.  Stop to view Capo Passero lighthouse. Travel to Ragusa.  Take part in Festivities.  Overnight  in Ragusa.


Mon-May-31-2021   Day 13  Travel to Scoglitti.  Stop to view Scoglitti Lighthouse.  Travel to Punta Secca.  Stop to view Punta Secca Lighthouse.  Travel to Pozzallo and take a Ferry to Valletta.  A Local coach will transfer us to hotel in Sliema.  Overnight in Sliema.


Tue-Jun-1-2021   Day 14  Travel to Fort Elmo.  We will have a local coach for full day excursion which will include entry into Fort Elmo.  View Ricasoli Light from Fort Elmo.  Travel to Marsaxlokk.  Stop to view Delimara lighthouse  and view the harbor.  Travel to Megalithic Tombs where we will enter inside.   Return to Valletta and coach to hotel in Sliema.  Dinner on your own tonight.  Overnight in Sliema.


Wed-Jun-2-2021   Day 15   Ferry to Gozo for a full day excursion.  View Cirekewwa lighthouse from ferry.  Visit Giordano lighthouse.  Stop to view Giordano lighthouse.  Return to Valletta by ferry and local coach will take us to hotel in Sliema.  Overnight in Sliema.  Farewell Dinner.


Thu-Jun-3-2021   Day 16  Travel home after breakfast.    

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Double (per person): $7,850
Single: $9,381
What's Included: 

Pozzuoli: 3 nights
                Sorrento: 1 night
                Positano: 1 night
                Paestum: 1 night
                Sapri: 1 night
                Reggio Calabria: 1 night
                Taormina: 1 night.
                Syracuse: 2 nights
                Ragusa: 1 night
                Valletta: 3 nights


         Breakfast:15 included
         Lunch: 14 included
         Dinner: 13 included


Naples: Private transfer to hotel day 1
          Pozzuoli- Pozzallo: Touring coach to remain with group days 2 to 14
          Pozzuoli: Issue of return  ferry ticket to Ischia day 3
          Sorrento: Charter boat for full day, day 5
          Reggio Calabria: Issue of one way ferry ticket to Messina day 9
          Pozzallo: Ferry to Valletta day 13
          Valletta: Local coach for transfer to hotel day 13
          Valletta: Local coach for full day excursion day 14
          Valletta: Local coach for transfer to port day 14
          Valletta: Issue of return foot passenger ferry to Gozo day 15
          Gozo: Local coach for half day, day 15
        Valletta: Local coach for transfer to hotel day 15

           Naples: National Archaeological museum
           Pozzuoli: Flavian Amphitheatre
           Pompeii: Pompeii archaeological site
           Paestum: Paestum Archaeological site
          Taormina: Greek Theatre
          Syracuse: Archaeological Park and museum
          Valletta: Fort Elmo
          Malta: Megalithic Tombs




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