2022 Australia and Tasmania Tour
Nov 05, 2022 to Nov 29, 2022

The essence of mainland Australia and its smaller cousin Tasmania will be discovered by spending time in their thriving, cosmopolitan cities and undertaking an epic journey along their awe-inspiring coasts.

Our trip begins in Sydney and then it is off to Melbourne followed by Launceston and Hobart Tasmania.  We then fly back to Melbourne and off by coach to Adelaide.  We stop at Ayres Rock (Uluru) at Alice Springs where we will experience the ever-changing colors of Uluru at sunset in the desert before heading back to Sydney.  And just because this is what we do we will see 54 lighthouses along the way plus an additional 11 lighthouses if you take the optional helicopter tours.

You will have the opportunity to see the Sydney Operas House, climb 440 feet to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and take in the cultural and culinary delights as well as seeing the 19th century penal settlement at Port Arthur sitting on the Tasmania peninsula.  However, no floggings will be allowed.  At Cleland Wildlife Park we will listen and learn about Ancient Dreaming stories, cuddle Koalas, feed Kangaroos and you can even hold a snake if you are so inclined.

So come join us down under in the land of Crocodile Dundee, the Tasmanian Devil and Koalas.

The dates of this tour have changed.  They are now November 5, 2022 to November 29 2022.  (updated 5-20-2022)


Day 1       Saturday 5 November 2022                   Sydney Australia
                Arrive Sydney Airport at various times throughout the day and night.   On your own to transport to hotel Radisson Blu.

Day 2       Sunday 6 November 2022 - Sydney
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                Free Day until welcome dinner.
                1900    Welcome Dinner at Hotel

Day 3      Monday 7 November 2022 - Sydney
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0900    Depart for Australian National Maritime Museum
                           Cape Bowling Green Lighthouse
                           CLS4 Carpentaria Lightship
                1100    Depart for MV Sydney ferry at Circular Quay for tour of Sydney Harbour and the following Lighthouses. 
                           Fort Denison, Shark Island, Vaucluse Bay Front Leading Light, Vaucluse Bay Rear Leading Light, Eastern Channel Pile, Western Channel Pile, Bradley’s Head, Robertson Point, Blues Point, Goat Island
                1500   Return to hotel. 
                          Dinner is on your own.

Day 4      Tuesday 8 November 2022 - Sydney
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0830   Depart for Macquarie Lighthouse Old South Head Rd.
                0900    Arrive Macquarie Lighthouse for tour.
                1030    Depart for Hornby Lighthouse S. Head Heritage Trail.
                1100    Arrive Hornby Lighthouse (trail is 2/3 of a mile one way)
                1200    Lunch on your own at Watson Bay.
                1330    Depart for hotel 
                1400    Arrive at hotel. The rest of day is on your own or
                1430    Depart for Optional helicopter flight to see the additional lighthouses
                1800    Return to hotel
                1830    Dinner is on your own.

Day 5      Wednesday 9 November 2022 - Sydney – Wollongong – Batemans Bay
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0800    Check out Bags on Bus
                0815    Depart for Wollongong head and Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouses 
                1000   Arrive at Wollongong head and Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouses
                1115   Depart for Kiama Lighthouse 
                1200    Arrive Kiama Lighthouse
                1245    Depart for Point Perpendicular Lighthouse 
                1345    Arrive Point Perpendicular
                1430   Box Lunch at local restaurant
                1500   Depart for Warden Head Lighthouse 
                1600    Arrive Warden Head Lighthouse
                1715    Depart for Lincoln Downs Resort, Batemans Bay
                1815    Arrive at Lincoln Downs Resort
                1900    Dinner at hotel

Day 6     Thursday 10 November 2022 - Batemans Bay – Green Cape – Lakes Entrance
              0700   Breakfast at hotel
              0800    Check out Bags On Bus and depart to pick up box lunch
              1100    Rest Stop
              1245    Arrive Cape Green Lighthouse
              1400    Depart for rest stop
              1715    Rest stop
              1745    Depart for hotel Bellevue on the Lakes
              1830    Arrive at a hotel
              1930    Dinner

Day 7    Friday 11 November 2022 - Lakes Entrance - Melbourne
              0800    Breakfast at hotel
              0900    Check out Bags On Bus and depart
              1100    Lunch at MacDonalds 
              1400    Arrive Cape Schanck Lighthouse
              1545    Depart for St. Kilda Marina Lighthouse
              1700    Depart for Novotel Hotel in Melbourne
              1730    Arrive Hotel 
              1900    Dinner at hotel

Day 8    Saturday 12 November 2022 - Melbourne to Davenport Tasmania
              0700    Breakfast at hotel
              0800    Morning is free to enjoy Melbourne
              1100    Check out and Bags on the bus and depart
              1130    Arrive to see Point Gellibrand Pile Light at Seaworks Maritime Precinct
              1230    Lunch at Titanic Restaurant     
              1330   Depart to see Williamstown Timeball Tower, Melbourne Front Range Light and Port Melbourne Rear Range Light
              1600    Depart for Spirit of Tasmania Ferry for overnight ferry ride to Devonport Tasmania
              1630    Check into cabins for overnight.
              1800    Ferry departs - Dinner on the ferry on your own

Day 9    Sunday 13 November 2022 - Melbourne – George Town
             0515    Wake up calls
             0530    Breakfast begins
             0900    Board new bus and transfer Bags 
             0930    Depart for George Town
             1100    Arrive George Town
             1130    Lunch at local restaurant
             1300    Depart for Tamar Rear Leading Light, Tamar Front Leading Light, Low Head Lighthouse and She Oak Lighthouse
             1600    Depart for for Gateway Hotel in Devonport
             1730    Arrive hotel
             1830    Dinner at hotel

Day 10   Monday 14 November 2022 - George Town – Rocky Cape - Wynyard
               0600   Breakfast at hotel
               0900   Bags on the bus  
               0915   Depart to see Highfield Point Lighthouse and Rocky Cape Lighthouse
               1300   Lunch at local restaurant
               1400   Depart for Table Cape Lighthouse
               1600   Depart for hotel in Wynyard for the evening.
               1615   Arrive at hotel
               1900    Dinner at hotel

Day 11    Tuesday 15 November 2022 - Wynyard - Launceston    
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0900    Bags on the bus
                1915    Depart along the coast stopping at Round Hill Point Lighthouse overlooking the harbour at Burnie and Mersey Bluff Lighthouse near Devonport.
                1230    Lunch in Devonport
                1330    Depart for Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston for the night.
                1500    Arrive at hotel
                1900    Dinner

Day 12     Wednesday 16 November 2022 - Launceston - Hobart
                 0630    Breakfast at hotel
                 0800    Bags on the bus
                 0815    Depart for Cape Tourville Lighthouse
                 1200    Lunch at local restaurant
                 1330    Continue onto Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city for the next three nights. 
                1900     Dinner at hotel

Day 13     Thursday 17 November 2022 - Hobart
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0800    Depart for ferry at Kettering to Bruny Island
                10:00   Arrive Bruny Island.  We will be split into smaller coaches for a full day food, sightseeing & lighthouse tour to Bruny Island today. We will be guided through the Mount Mangana rainforests in search of White Wallaby in the wild, cross and climb the narrow sandy isthmus known as The Neck and Wildlife Zone and onwards to the Cape Bruny Lighthouse Station. Here we will be split into groups and join Australia’s southernmost Lighthouse Tour. The Iconic Cape Bruny Lighthouse is the only Southern Tasmanian Lighthouse open for Tours. We will climb the original wrought iron spiral staircase to the top of the tower and step out onto the balcony to take in the breath taking views of the sweeping southern ocean to the wild Tasman Sea, South East Cape, Whale Head and the small islands dotting the coastline. For lunch, you can choose from an extensive menu of locally caught fresh fish, succulent local lamb, salmon, seafood chowder or the popular seafood platter for two. (lunch on your own)
               1600      Arrive at ferry terminal
               1630      Cross to Kettering and depart for hotel
               1800      Arrive at hotel - dinner is on your own

Day 14    Friday 18 November 2022 - Bruny Island Full Day Sightseeing
               0630    Breakfast at Hotel
               0730    Free Day to explore Hobart.  Today is yours to spend at leisure in Hobart. 
                           Lunch and Dinner will be on your own.

Day 15    Saturday 19 November 2022 - Hobart – Melbourne – Cape Otway - Warrnambool    
               0630    Breakfast
               0845    Bags on bus and depart for Hobart Airport
               1020    Flight departs
               1135    Arrive in Melbourne Airport
               1200    Depart for Narana Aboriginal Cultural Center (lunch at this location on your own)
               1500    Depart for Split Point Lighthouse
               1700    Depart for Mantra Lorne Hotel
               1730    Arrive Hotel
               1900    Dinner at hotel

Day 16    Sunday 20 November 2022 - Warrnambool – Cape Northumberland – Mount Gambier    
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0730    Check out Bags on Bus
                0745    Depart for Cape Otway (3 hours 45 min.)
                0845    Rest Stop and pick up box lunches
                0930    Arrive Cape Otway Lighthouse
                1100    Depart for Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Lady Bay Lighthouse Front and Rear
                1330    Arrive Flagstaff Maritime Museum
                1500    Depart for Deep Blue Resort in Warrnambool
                1515    Arrive at hotel 
                1900    Dinner at hotel

Day 17     Monday 21 November 2022 - Mount Gambier – Adelaide    
                0630    Breakfast at hotel
                0830    Check out Bags on Bus
                0845    Depart for Port Fairy Griffiths Island Lighthouse
                0930    Arrive Port Fairy Griffiths Island Lighthouse
                1030    Depart for Whalers Bluff Lighthouse 
                1130    Rest Stop
                1230    Arrive Whalers Bluff Lighthouse
                1300    Lunch Pick up
                1315    Depart for Cape Nelson Lighthouse 
                1330    Arrive Cape Nelson Lighthouse
                1445    Depart for Cape Northumberland Lighthouse
                1615    Arrive at Cape Northumberland Lighthouse
                1700    Depart for hotel Comfort Inn at the Lake in Adelaide 
                1730    Arrive hotel Adelaide Overnight 
                1900    Dinner

Day 18     Tuesday 22 November 2022
                0630     Breakfast at hotel
                0730     Check out and bags on bus
                0745     Depart for Cape Banks Lighthouse
                0830     Arrive Cape Banks Lighthouse
                0900     Depart for Cape Martin Lighthouse
                0930     Rest Stop
                1030     Arrive Cape Martin Lighthouse
                1100     Depart for Robe Lighthouse
                1145     Arrive Robe Lighthouse
                1230     Lunch in Robe
                1345     Depart for Crowne Plaza Hotel in Adelaide
                1600     Rest Stop
                1800     Arrive at hotel
                1900     Dinner

Day 19    Wednesday 23 November 2022 -  Adelaide
               0630    Breakfast at hotel
               0730    Explore Cleland Wildlife Park with Private Koala Experience
               1230    Enjoy the town of Adelaid.  Lunch is on your own.  
               1700    Overnight in Adelaide 
               1800    Dinner at local winery in Barossa Valley

Day 20    Thursday 24 November 2022 - Adelaide
                0630    Breakfast
                0800    Free day in Adelaide
                            Lunch and Dinner on your own.

Day 21    Friday 25 November 2022 -  Adelaide - Uluru
                0430    Breakfast
                0500    Check out Bags on Bus and depart for Sydney airport
                0635    Flight to Sydney Airport
                0850    Arrive Sydney Airport  (Breakfast is on your own and at airport)
                0950    Depart for Uluru Airport
                1135    Arrive at Uluru Airport
                1300    Lunch at nearby restaurant
                1500    Check into Desert Gardens Hotel
                1800    Dinner

Day 22     Saturday 26 November 2022 - Uluru
                0500 - Visit Uluru at sunrise to witness how the sunlight plays with the landscape and how the colours change. Depart the viewing point & return to the hotel for breakfast.
                0900 - After a short break begin the tour of the base of Uluru, experiencing the Mutitjulu waterhole walk & Mala walk. Hear the explanations of the native Aboriginal rock paintings and the stories behind them. Your guide will also explain the cultural significance of this natural wonder to the local people. Visit the Cultural Centre before returning to your hotel.
                1100 - Return to hotel and lunch is on your own.  
                1630 - You will travel to Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas.  Make a stop at the lookout point before walking through Walpa Gorge. From here you will return to Uluru and the best viewing spot to witness the sunset (1918 PM).
                2000 - Dinner at hotel

Day 23     Sunday 27 November 2022
                 0630     Breakfast at hotel
                              Free day to explore Uluru on your own or just relax at the pool and catch your breath.  Optional camel ride to see Uluru at sunrise or sunset.

Day 24     Monday 28 November 2022 - Uluru - Sydney
                 0630    Breakfast
                 1000    Bags on the bus depart for airport and flight to Sydney - departure time 1220.
                 1500    Arrive Sydney airport and take hotel shuttle to Rydges Sydney hotel (by airport)
                 1900    Farewell dinner

Day 25   Tuesday 29 November 2022 - 
               0630    Breakfast
                           Shuttle to airport and Flights home.




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  1. Parriwi Head Lighthouse
  2. Grotto Point Lighthouse
  3. Western Channel Pile Light
  4. Hornby Lighthouse
  5. Eastern Channel Pile Light
  6. Vaucluse Leading Light Front
  7. Vaucluse Leading Light Rear
  8. Macquarie Lighthouse
  9. Shark Island Lighthouse
  10. Bradley's Head Lighthouse
  11. Robertson Point Lighthouse
  12. Fort Denison Light
  13. Henry Head Lighthouse
  14. Cape Baily Lighthouse
  15. Flagstaff Point Wollongong Lighthouse
  16. Head Lighthouse
  17. Kiama Lighthouse
  18. Point Perpendicular Lighthouse
  19. Warden Head Lighthouse
  20. Burrewarra Point Lighthouse
  21. Green Cape Lighthouse
  22. Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
  23. Cape Schanck Lighthouse
  24. McCrae Eastern Lighthouse
  25. Point Gellibrand Pile Lighthouse
  26. Williamstown Timeball Tower
  27. Port Melbourn Front Light
  28. Port Melbourn Rear Light
  29. Queenscliff Low Lighthouse
  30. Point Lonsdale Lighthouse
  31. Split Point Lighthouse
  32. Cape Otway Lighthouse
  33. Lady Bay Front Light
  34. Lady Bay Rear Light
  35. Griffiths Island Lighthouse
  36. Whalers Bluff Lighthouse
  37. Cape Nelson Lighthouse
  38. Cape Northumberland Lighthouse
  39. Cape Banks Lighthouse
  40. Cape Martin Lighthouse
  41. Robe Lighthouse
  42. Cape Jervis Lighthouse
  43. Marino Rocks Light
  44. Troubridge Lighthouse
  45. Cape Spencer Lighthouse
  46. West Cape Lighthouse
  47. Corny Point Lighthouse
  48. Warburto Point Light
  49. Point Lowly Lighthouse
  50. Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse
  51. Cape Borda Lighthouse
  52. Cape Willoughby Lighthouse
  53. Cape St. Albans Lighthouse
  54. Cape Bruny Lighthouse
  55. Point Home Lighthouse
  56. Cape Tourville Lighthouse
  57. Eddystone Point Lighthouse
  58. Middle Channel Leading Light
  59. She Oak Point Leading Light
  60. Low Head Lighthouse
  61. Devonport Front Light
  62. Devonport Rear Light
  63. Mersey Bluff Lighthouse
  64. Round Hill Point Lighthouse
  65. Table Cape Lighthouse
  66. Rocky Cape Lighthouse
  67. Highfield Point Lighthouse
Parriwi Head Lighthouse
Grotto Point Lighthouse
Western Channel Pile Light
Hornby Lighthouse
Eastern Channel Pile Light
Vaucluse Leading Light Front
Macquarie Lighthouse
Shark Island Lighthouse
Bradley's Head Lighthouse
Robertson Point Lighthouse
Fort Denison Light
Henry Head Lighthouse
Cape Baily Lighthouse
Flagstaff Point Wollongong Lighthouse
Kiama Lighthouse
Point Perpendicular Lighthouse
Warden Head Lighthouse
Burrewarra Point Lighthouse
Green Cape Lighthouse
Cape Liptrap Lighthouse
Cape Schanck Lighthouse
McCrae Eastern Lighthouse
Point Gellibrand Pile Lighthouse
Williamstown Timeball Tower
Port Melbourn Front Light
Port Melbourn Rear Light
Queenscliff Low Lighthouse
Point Lonsdale Lighthouse
Split Point Lighthouse
Cape Otway Lighthouse
Lady Bay Front Light
Lady Bay Rear Light
Griffiths Island Lighthouse
Whalers Bluff Lighthouse
Cape Nelson Lighthouse
Cape Northumberland Lighthouse
Cape Banks Lighthouse
Cape Martin Lighthouse
Robe Lighthouse
Cape Jervis Lighthouse
Marino Rocks Light
Troubridge Lighthouse
Cape Spencer Lighthouse
West Cape Lighthouse
Corny Point Lighthouse
Warburto Point Light
Point Lowly Lighthouse
Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse
Cape Borda Lighthouse
Cape Willoughby Lighthouse
Cape St. Albans Lighthouse
Cape Bruny Lighthouse
Point Home Lighthouse
Cape Tourville Lighthouse
Eddystone Point Lighthouse
Middle Channel Leading Light
She Oak Point Leading Light
Low Head Lighthouse
Devonport Front Light
Devonport Rear Light
Mersey Bluff Lighthouse
Round Hill Point Lighthouse
Table Cape Lighthouse
Rocky Cape Lighthouse
Highfield Point Lighthouse


Double (per person): $12,220
Single: $14,479
What's Included: 

All coach transportation
All hotel accommodations
All Ferry and Boat Transportation
Airfare from Melbourne to Launceston Tasmania
Airfare from Hobart Tasmania to Melbourne
Airfare from Adelaide to Uluru
Airfare from Uluru to Sydney
23 Breakfasts
15 Lunches
19 Dinners

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