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National Archives, Washington D.C.
Lighthouse Records Database

The information for this database was originally compiled for the U.S. Coast Guard Historian's Office by volunteers of the U.S. Lighthouse Society's Chesapeake Chapter. It contains information reproduced from U.S. Government "Description of Light Station" inspection reports in Record Group 26 of the National Archives, Washington, DC. Most U.S. lighthouses are represented here. Light Vessel reports in this database also come from Record Group 26.

To access the database, click "Enter" or on the photograph below. Once there choose a state and then a lighthouse. Please note that we are continuing to place information in this database and it is not complete. If you have a question about a lighthouse that has not yet been updated, please contact the U.S. Lighthouse Society's office and we will be happy to help or you can check back at a later date.


The U.S. Lighthouse Society gratefully wishes to acknowledge several members of the Chesapeake Chapter for their principal contribution. The dream of this database would not have become a reality if not for the work of members Lauren Liebrecht, Paula Liebrecht, Marie Vincent and Jerry Waters. Assisting them were Diana Chappell, Anne Puppa and Joan Wade. As volunteers with the Coast Guard Historian's Office, they each devoted several years to this project and their devotion has made possible this unparalleled resource.