The two Cape Henry lighthouses

There are two lighthouses at Cape Henry in Virginia, marking the south side of the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. The older of the two lighthouses was built in 1792, authorized by President George Washington. The sandstone tower stands 92 feet tall. A new, taller lighthouse was built in 1881 to replace the original one, which remained standing. Since 1930, the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse has been owned and operated by Preservation Virginia. Rachel Balderson is the site coordinator for Old Cape Henry Lighthouse. Also in this episode, host Jeremy D’Entremont and co-host Michelle Jewell Shaw read excerpts from Jeremy’s article "Lighthouse Keeper Wars," from the latest edition of the U.S. Lighthouse Society’s quarterly journal, "The Keeper’s Log." Over the years, at the light stations that had multiple keepers, most got along just fine with each other. There were, however, some notable exceptions, as you will hear.

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