St. George Reef Lighthouse aerial view

The seas off the northern California coast are notoriously rough, and no area is more treacherous than St. George Reef. It took nine years to complete a lighthouse on the reef: a massive 90-foot-tall granite tower on top of a 50-foot-tall base. A powerful first-order Fresnel lens was installed, and the lighthouse began service on October 20, 1892. After a large navigational buoy was positioned nearby in 1975, the light station was discontinued. 

The St. George Reef Preservation Society was formed in 1988 for the purpose of restoring and maintaining the lighthouse. The organization has also provided public tours via helicopter. Interviewed in this episode is John Zimmerman, president of the St. George Reef Preservation Society. Also taking part in the interview is Jen Lewis, outreach manager for the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. Jen also co-hosts the episode.

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