Scotland 2017

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Northern Lighthouse Board Journal Winter 2017
The U.S. Lighthouse Society tour was mentioned in the Northern Lighthouse Board's Winter 2017 Journal and includes a couple of nice group photos!


Group photo at the Souter Lighthouse
Everyone wanted to take one of these Fresnel lens table from the NLB office.
The first lighthouse of the tour was Elie Ness.
Our first tour stop was at the Northern Lighthouse Board where we were greeted by Commissioner Mike Bullock.
The pretty little town of Anstruther was the launching point for the boat to the Isle of May
Glen, Mary & Trinity awaiting our trip to the Isle of May.
Our ride to the Isle of May - Great weather!
Elinor, Jeremy and Mary relax on the way to the Isle of May.
Jan, Leann, Melissa, Skip & Mary Lee waiting for the boat to get going.
Isle of May High and Low Lighthouses and the what remains of the oldest lighthouse in Scotland. (1636)
Yvette makes the long up hill climb to the Isle of May High Lighthouse
Isle of May was the first of many "puffin" stops.
Jeremy poses in front of the Robert Stevenson designed Isle of May Lighthouse
Darlene, Ken, Dianne & Glen climbing to the top of Isle of May.
While not a lighthouse, the NLB used this building as a depot and to test lenses in the lantern room.
The Newhaven Pier Light was the best of several lights we viewed along the Firth of Forth shoreline in Edinburgh.
Our guide David doing what he did best - Explain British history!
Waiting for our appointed time to board the Royal Yacht.
The Royal Yacht Britannia.
Karl & Claire aboard the Royal Yacht.
Carol & Yvette tour the Royal yacht while Ron orderd a pizza.
How the other half dines!
Sir Bill the bartender.
Bosley found a whole bunch of new friends on the yacht.
Our second day began with a boat tour of the Firth of Forth.
Inchkeith lighthouse.  The island by some accounts has been inhabited fro over 1,800 years.
A Firth of Forth seal condo.
Roy and Ian from ALK were our personable and excellent guides for most of Scotland.
Oxcars lighthouse. 1886 (Thomas and David A. Stevenson).
Some of the fortifications along the Firth of Forth.
The three Firth of Forth Bridge.  The new bridge opened about a month after our visit.
Our ride from the Scottish Seabird Center to Fidra & Bass Rock Lighthouses
We did get rained on during our trip to Bass Rock, but Bob was prepared!
Fidra Lighthouse.
Bass Rock Lighthouse.
Never saw so many birds.  Like an old Hitchcock movie.  20,000 gannets!
Marcia & Jan pose at Barnes Ness Lighthouse
Leann, Yvette, Trinity, Darlene & Jeff at Barnes Ness.
Nancy & AJ enjoying the great weather at Barnes Ness.
Thanks to the NLB we were able to get inside the St. Abbs Head Lighthouse even though it was being renovated.
Elinor & Ian at St. Abbs Head.
Alnwick (pronounced ann-ick) Castle was used in several Harry Potter movies.
Bill took some time to miss several putts at the Bamburgh Castle Golf Club.
The legend of Grace Darling was relived at her grave and museum.
Is was a rainy day when we visited the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
Tour mascots picked up a puffin along the way.
Baby seal along the path to Longstone Lighthouse.
The iconic Longstone Lightouse - home to Grace Darling.
Interesting Fresnel lens at Longstone Lighthouse.
Marching up the hill on Inner Farne Island preparing to battle the birds!
Inner Farne Island Lighthouse.
End of a great day to the Farne Islands.  Switching days for this trip really paid off.
Our ride to view Coquet Island Lighthouse.
Coquet Island.
Captain Peggy at the helm.
Lightship Tyne III - We were able to get inside when a member of their club was working nearby.
An great sign at the lightship marina.
Blyth East Pier Light.
Blyth High Lighthouse.
Tyne N Pier light helps guide ships into the Tyne River.
Tyne South Pier Light.
Mary & Phil at the Herd Groyne Light.
From this vantage point you can see the Fish Quay High, Low and Old lighthouses
Elinor, Jan and Peggy pose on the Tyne south pier.
The long (about 1 mile) walk to the Tyne South Pier Light.
Lots of fish & chips on this tour - some added mushy peas.
An unusual place for a lighthouse - on top of a swing bridge in Newcastle.
The Millennium Bridge was our access to restaurants and shops across the Tyne.
Phil, Ken, Mary Lee and Ron pose in front of St Mary's Lighthouse.
Partial group shot at St. Mary's Lighthouse.
Trinity and Grandpa atop St. Mary's Lighthouse.
On our free day some took the side trip to the Housesteads Roman Fort at Hadrian's Wall
David said - Hadrian's wall isn't like the Great Wall of China - He was right!
One of the best experiences of the tour was the Souter Lighthouse.
Here is another group shot from Souter.
Skip addressed the assembled multitudes - his people!
Ken & Dianne inside a lens at Souter.
Souter's stacked clamshell lenses.
Pirate wenches Betty & Trinity - Arrgghhh!
Norma & Ruth pose in the lens at Souter.
Ron - through the lens glass.
Old Rocker Pier Light - Orange marker was not for boats, it was for sky divers!
A view of Rocker Pier lighthouse through the "eye."
Tom & Darlene never give up taking pictures.
AJ takes a selfie with her new friend.
We learned that Andy Capp, the working-class figure who never actually worked, lived in Hartlepool.
A common sight was Peggy looking for heart shaped rocks - here Shelley lends a hand.
HMS Trincomalee at Hartlepool Maritime Experience.
A good shot of all four Whitby Pier Lights.
Our ride to see the Whitby High Lighthouse.
Good view of the Whitby High Lighthouse from the water.
David got into the spirit of things taking pictures of all the lighthouses.
One of the more impressive pier lights, this one at Scarborough (Are you going to Scarborough Fair?)
Flambrough Head Lighthouse.
Mary, Phil along with Ron and the Withernsea lighthouse cat.
We have made our way to lighthouses using many different means - this was our first unimog!
Getting to the Spurn Point Lighthouse was a definite highlight of the tour.
A small snack the folks at Spurn Point prepared for just half of our group.
Skip at the top of Spurn Point.
The city grew up around the Withernsea Lighthouse.
One of the last lighthouses on the tour was the Paull Lighthouse.
Glen, Trinity & Jeff in the duck blind.
Elinor, Leann, David, Bob & Joan on the Spurn Lightship
We took an interesting tour of the Anne Hathaway Cottage.
Shelley, Steve, Peggy & Bill at Anne Hathaway Cottage.
These two were responsible for a smooth trip - Bob & David.
Performance in the garden at Shakespeare's birthplace.
Jeff & Melissa pose on the Avon.
David providing background information at Oxford.
This was a common sight on moving days.
Here is another common sight on the trip - lines for the loo!
Oxford's Bodleian Library.
Church of St Mary the Virgin at Oxford.
Our last major stop was at historic Windsor Castle.
Windsor Castle Guards.
Ice Cream + Diet Coke = Dianne
Jeff, Ron, Leann, Harry & Ron - The Bag People (The coach driver's best friends)
Jeremy Hawes, Head of Operation Europe, and his wife helped Skip & Mary Lee end the tour with a lunch on the Thames.