Lighthouse 'friends' support group being formed in Muskegon, MI

Muskegon's two lighthouses need "friends" and a support group for them is being formed with help from the city.

Muskegon Pier & Breakwater, MI - USLHS archives

The city has posted an online signup form for those interested in helping crate a nonprofit "Friends of Muskegon Lighthouses support group."

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Tale of South Solitary Island Lighthouse (AU) lovers who found romance through morse code transcends time

A 1900s love story that began with morse code messages across the sea has emerged from the colorful history of a remote island lighthouse off northern New South Wales.

South Solitary Island, Australia - Jo Young/Precision Helicopters

The South Solitary Island Lighthouse, offshore from Coffs Harbour, is marking its 144th anniversary, and as locals celebrate the milestone, a light has been shone on the love story of John "Harry" Fisher and Maud Damerell.

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Drone interrupts wildfire battle near Split Rock Lighthouse in northern MN

State authorities are warning drone pilots after a drone flying near a wildfire burning in northern Minnesota interfered with firefighting efforts.

Split Rock, MN - USLHS archives

The Minnesota Interagency Fire Center said the recent incident on Tuesday is one of many drone sightings near wildfires. It is illegal to fly a drone near a wildfire under federal law. It's also against state law for a drone to interfere with firefighting duties.

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'Winter Fighting Back': Massive Wave Slams St. Joseph Michigan Lighthouse

A massive wave pounded against a  lighthouse along the shores of Lake Michigan on Wednesday, March 20, as the National Weather Service advised of gust winds up to 30 mph.

Saint Joseph, MI - USLHS archives

The scene was captured by Nathan Voyovick, from Nate's Dronography, who remarked: "Winter is trying to fight back!"

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Washington state to reopen updated Admiralty Head lighthouse

Admiralty Head Lighthouse at Fort Casey State Park will open later than usual, in mid-April with an update to its exhibits, according to a news release from Washington State Parks.

Admiralty Head, WA - Bill Provence

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Ferry dock repairs at Cape Lookout Lighthouse (NC) cause temporary passenger drop-off change

Attention Cape Lookout Lighthouse visitors: The ferry dock servicing the lighthouse and south beaches area of South Core Banks will be out of commission for some time while repairs are being made.

Cape Lookout, NC - Rich Buckner

An alternate ferry drop-off area is north of the current dock where the ferry can come in close enough so that passengers can get off without having to step into the water.

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Councillor beckons for beacon to be funded as historic Port Burwell Lighthouse (Canada) sits in limbo

A year after being shorn up to prevent collapse, the future of the historic lighthouse in Port Burwell, Ont. again looks a bit dim.

Port Burwell, CA - Peter Giesbrecht

Cables and a steel stabilizer ring still support the 184-year-old Port Burwell structure. In 2023, $100,000 was spent to ensure it would not collapse.

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Varnes lighthouse, Norway

In rough surroundings, on the cliffs at the extreme north-west of the Lista peninsula, lies Varnes lighthouse. Out here, you will get an impressive view along the coast of Listalandet and into the Fedafjord, with a panoramic view that stretches from Lista lighthouse to the islands of Hidra and Andabeloy in Flekkefjord. This is a great destination with a really exciting history.

Varnes, Norway -

History - Varne's lighthouse was placed approximately 30 metes above sea level over the rough stretch of sea in Listafjorden, it was supposed to make the approach to Flekkefjord safer. It happened in 1836, the same year that the Lista lighthouse was erected, around 8 kilometers further out on the peninsula.  The piece of sea here had claimed countless lives, and the two lighthouses were seen as a great improvement in the safety of the many seafarers.

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Sunderland's Roker Pier (UK) lighthouse gets giant football scarf as city prepares to cheer on SAFC vs Durham Women

Roker Pier lighthouse is boasting an impressive new look, donning in a giant football scarf cheering on Sunderland AFC and rivals Durham.

Roker Pier, UK - Little Dot Studios

The striking video of the landmark, which includes a giant football rolling up the pier, has been created by using CGI by a team working on behalf of the Barclays Women's Super League and the FA.

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Progress at the Hillsboro Inlet (FL) Lighthouse

Historian Ralph Krugler tells The New Pelican that two major projects have been completed at the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. The staircase to the top of the tower has been restored to its original color and the entrance doors, replaced in 2023, have been painted. The Diamond design, put on the doors in 1939, was also restored. "After all, the tower is the Big Diamond," Krugler said.

Hillsboro Inlet, FL - Ralph Krugler

The epoxy used for the doors was very expensive, he added, "But what isn't nowadays?" It is the same paint that will be used on the interior walls...

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