Sheboygan's (WI) lighthouse adds a romantic touch. A cow once bellowed for days in response to its foghorn, answering 'for hours, but in vain.'

Since 1839, before the bulk of immigrants arrived, a lighthouse of some kind has illuminated the way for mariners off the western shore of Lake Michigan, according to records from the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.

Sheboygan Pierhead, WI - Joyce Dixon

The first lighthouse was built on the North Point bluff. The bluff rose some 50 feet above the shoreline, warning those early sailors about the Niagara escarpment, a limestone ridge that projects out into the lake a few hundred feet or just at the water line. It was a hazard for navigation.

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What it's like to be a volunteer lighthouse keeper on Dungeness Spit (WA)

During my 5-mile hike on Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sand spit in the United States, I considered what it might be like to be a lighthouse keeper. Words like "austere" and "lonely" jumped to mind.

New Dungeness, WA - USLHS archive

But as a volunteer keeper Jim Biermann welcomed me for a winter tour of the New Dungeness Lighthouse, near the end of the spit on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, he told me "it's actually an incredibly fun experience." His wife, Shauna, added that "it's so unique."

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New 'Battle of Trafalgar' rages on historic site over lighthouse development plans

More than 200 years after Lord Nelson's famous victory over Napoleon's fleet, a new 'Battle of Trafalgar' is raging over the future of the coastal headland that gave its name to the naval clash.

Trafalgar, Spain - Victor Guerrero Rubio

The lighthouse on Cape Trafalgar has withstood the winds on a promontory near Spain's southernmost tip since 1860, becoming an iconic beauty spot that locals are now fighting to protect amid plans to convert the building into a restaurant and an information centre about the 1805 battle.

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Almost £800,000 is to be committed to essential improvement work to a lighthouse and piers on the North Yorkshire coast, England.

North Yorkshire Council said £ 543,000 would be spent on design work at Scarborough's lighthouse pier, which has been deemed at risk of failure.

Whitby, UK - USLHS archive

A further £252,000 will be committed to the west pier lighthouse in Whitby, which is also in a poor condition.

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Monster Waves Slam St Joseph North Pier (MI) Lighthouse

Big waves crashed on the shores of Lake Michigan on Wednesday, February 28, as the National Weather Service (NWS) advised of strong, gusty winds across the region.

Saint Joseph, MI - USLHS archive

Video taken by Nathan Voytovick shows large waves crashing into the St Joseph North Pier Inner Lighthouse in St Joseph, Michigan, on Wednesday.

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Op-Ed: The Time to Preserve Ham's Bluff (USVI) Lighthouse is Now

The other day, I got a text from a hiker friend of mine asking if I saw the picture of the lighthouse on the front page of a local newspaper. I did. I have written several articles over the years about preserving the historic lighthouse on Ham's Bluff in the northwest corner of St. Croix, which is part of Maroon County's steep cliff wilderness area. In the 1990's, I took thousands of schoolchildren, and beyond that over the years, to this historic and sacred landscape of St. Croix.

Ham's Bluff USVI - USLHS archive

In those days, I would contact the U.S. Navy in Puerto Rico to get permission to carry the schoolchildren to see the historic lighthouse since the property was managed by the U.S. Navy or U.S. Coast Guard, I was told. Nevertheless, I would pick up the lighthouse key from the U.S. Navy site at Estate Sprat Hall. 

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World's smallest working 'lighthouse' powered by vegetable oil

Meet the man who runs the world's smallest working "lighthouse" - which can shine for three miles and is powered by vegetable oil.

North Queensferry, Scotland - Thomas A Tag

Gary Irvine looks after the historic 23ft Harbor Light Tower - climbing its 24 steps three times a week. 

The famous tower replaced an original lighthouse which was constructed across the street in 1811.

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Rose Island (RI) artist residency application now open

The Rose Island Lighthouse & Fort Hamilton Trust - a 501c3 nonprofit organization that works to preserve the historic and environmental integrity of Rose Island and maintain the lighthouse as open for public access and education - is offering this opportunity to Rhode Island- based artists to come to stay on the island for 6 nights in mid-September to work on their projects.

Rose Island, RI - David Zapatka

Up to 8 artists may be selected for participation. Artists whose work may be uniquely inspired by the environment and/or history of Rose Island are encouraged to apply

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Southport Lighthouse (WI) was built in 1866

This is a Fox Kenosha 3 minute video

Southport, WI - USLHS archive

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Willem Dafoe Revisits 'The Lighthouse' and Robert Pattinson's Approach to Rehearsals: He Felt They 'Inhibited Spontaneity'

Willem Dafoe is pointing to the black-and-white differences between him and "The Lighthouse" co-star Robert Pattinson.

Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson from "The Lighthouse" - IndieWire

In the introduction to A24's Screenplay Book for Robert Eggers' 2019 two-hander "The Lighthouse," Dafoe wrote that while he "got along well" with Pattinson, they are distinctly "different" actors.

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