Explore: Tour of Moss Cottage, Triangle Island Lighthouse (BC); public-art walks

Treat yourself to a history lesson Saturday with free tours of Moss Cottage and the Triangle Island Lighthouse at the Sooke Regional Museum.

Triangle Island British Columbia, CA - USLHS archive

Historian Lanny Seaton will welcome visitors to the lighthouse, which was built on Triangle Island in 1910. He will tell stories of life at the lighthouses of Vancouver Island as well as the saga of the journey of the lighthouse from Triangle Island (off Cape Scott, on the northern tip of Vancouver Island) to the Sooke Region Museum.

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Lake Superior lighthouse volunteer position sees massive response

Well, that didn't take long. 

The application window for volunteers to stay  part of the summer inside a bucolic lighthouse on an island in Lake Superior closed as quickly as it was opened.

Sand Island, WI - USLHS archive

A call for help from the National Park Service posted on Facebook requested anyone interested in being a caretaker for the Sand Island Light off the coast of northern Wisconsin. Not even a day had passed before the NPS closed the application window "due to an abundance of applicants."

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Portsmouth Harbor (NH) Lighthouse: Future of iconic landmark in doubt as storms do damage

Two recent January storms caused extensive damage to the base of the historic Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and an adjacent 1903 oil house.

Portmouth, NH - Portsmouth Herald image

The storms hit almost back to back on Jan. 10 and Jan. 13 and threw around huge slabs of the lighthouse's base - which dates back to 1804-like they were "grains of sand," according to Jeremy D'Entremont, a longtime member of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. He has volunteered for the group since 2001.

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Repair work underway at Gibbs Hill (Bermuda) Lighthouse

Repairs are under way at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse to fix a mechanical malfunction in its engine.

The Department of Marine and Ports Services is working on the electrical gearbox motor after the ceased rotating.

Gibb's Hill, Bermuda - Thomas A Tag

It said: "Earlier this week, the light ceased rotating due to a mechanical malfunction in the engine, prompting its immediate shutdown. 

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Guided hike to Runde (Norway) lighthouse

On a guided trip to the Runde lighthouse our nature interpreter tell stories from the island, about a sunken treasure and knowledge about the coastal nature.

Runde, Norway - Chell Hill

There's something admirable about lighthouses and all the stories they conceal, perhaps you have wondered what they are hiding?

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Many changes ahead as the Cape Hatteras (NC) Lighthouse project enters a highly-active phase of restoration

The multi-year project to restore the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and surrounding grounds is about to enter a new and highly active phase.

Cape Hatteras, NC - David Zapatka

Over the next few months, an estimated 25 tractor-trailers will be heading to and from the Buxton site to deliver materials. Scaffolding will be built around the structure to make interior and exterior work more accessible, and the lighthouse will go dark for up to two months as the current 1950's-era beacon is replaced with a temporary light, followed by the final installation of a replica of the lighthouse's original 1854 Fresnel lens.

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As Canadian lighthouse keepers, we've kept our love alive through endless storms

When people discover that my husband and I were lighthouse keepers together on the Pacific Coast for 13 years, their facial expressions betray horror at the idea of living in isolation on some remote island.

Lennard Island, Canada - USLHS archive

Or their eyes droop to half-mast, followed by a dreamy smile, as they perhaps imagine a burly lightkeeper wielding a telescope, while a willowy young woman is propped on a rock gazing out to sea, yearning for someone - or something.

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Proud to Serve: Bloody Point Bar (MD) Lighthouse

This is a WBOC news clip

Bloody Point Bar, MD - Mike & Carol McKinney

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Stargaze at the Ponce Inlet (FL) Lighthouse

The National Historic Landmark Ponce Inlet Lighthouse will host Museum at Night: Stargazing at the Lighthouse from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday Feb, 16, at 4931 Peninsula Drive, Ponce Inlet.

Ponce Inlet, FL - David Zapatka

Stargaze, learn about the night sky from experts and see the lighthouse at night, up close and personal.

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Photos: Soggy walk out to the Saugerties (NY) Lighthouse

High tide and recent rains created a soggy and in places flooded walk out to the Saugerties Lighthouse Thursday afternoon, Feb. 8, 2024

Saugerties, NY - USLHS archive

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