Icon restored: Missing leg replaced on historic Sanibel (FL) Lighthouse

Winds whipped the waters off Lighthouse Beach Tuesday as construction workers prepped the Sanibel Lighthouse for final reconstruction.

Sanibel, FL - Ralph Krugler

The chocolate brown iron structure is a beacon on the island, for the community as well as  for visitors; and it's a historical marker that's emblematic to Sanibel and its relaxed, lo-key feel.

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Why visitors may not be able to access Cape Hatteras (NC) Lighthouse for at least 18 months

The first phase of a multi-million project to restore Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is set to begin soon, according to the National Park Service.

Cape Hatteras, NC - Dave Zapatka

The project, which will cost over $19 million, will improve and reserve elements of the lighthouse's interior and exterior. Plans include reserving the lighthouse's treatments, installing new railing on the lantern balcony and repairing masonry.

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Repairs are almost done at the Old Point Loma (CA) Lighthouse

The Old Point Loma Lighthouse has sat atop a high peak for 169 years, so it's understandable that it needs some repair and renovations now and then. The iconic building is closed for repairs right now.

Old Point Loma, CA - USLHS archives

When the lighthouse opened, California had only been a state for five years. From 1855 until it was decommissioned in 1891, the lighthouse shone a bright light out onto the Pacific, warning ships away from the rocky shores of Point Loma.

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Maine town plans to rebuild historic Pemaquid Point Lighthouse damaged by storm

The caretakers of part of one of Maines most beloved lighthouses said Thursday they believe they can rebuild a portion of the structure that was damaged in a storm this week.

Pemaquid Point, ME - Robert F Bukaty/ AP Photo

The strong storm that brought high winds and heavy rains to the Northeast badly damaged the site of Pemaquid Point Light in Bristol. The nearly 200-year-old lighthouse is featured on the state quarter and is a popular coastal destination.

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This 120-year-old Greens Ledge (CT) Lighthouse Is Now Open To Overnight Guests - Here's What It's Like To Stay There

Growing up in coastal New England, I ranked lighthouses on par with sunblock and snowplows-essential, ordinary, and totally lacking romance (my prior preoccupation). Only later did these storied structures, and their keepers, capture my imagination. 

Greens Ledge, CT - Dave Zapatka

What's it like to live at the edge of the world, guiding mariners to safety? To look out the window and see nothing but sea? When I met my partner and fell in love, my fantasy expanded: just the two of us, a cozy bed, and water, water everywhere, lulling us to sleep. 

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Ottawa County Historical Society Nabs Grant

In the lead-up to America's 250th anniversary, the Ottawa County Historical Society recently received a grant for a historical marker honoring Benajah Wolcott, a Revolutionary War veteran who became the first keeper of Marblehead's lighthouse.

Marblehead, OH - USLHS archives

The historical society received a Trillium Local Activity Grant from the America 250-Ohio Commission for its upcoming project titled Daughters of the American Revolution America-250 Patriots Marker.

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Drone video gives haunting view of historic St. Joseph (MI) Outer Lighthouse encased in ice

Footage shot on Monday captures images of the St. Joseph North Pier Inner and Outer Lighthouses in southwest Michigan that turned into a frozen wonderland.

St. Joseph, MI - Nates Dronography

On Sunday, waves from Lake Michigan pummeled the Outer Lighthouse. As the water on the lighthouse began to freeze, a haunting winter scene began to take shape.

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Dream 'Job' Alert: Here's Your Chance to Be a Tawas Point (MI) Lighthouse Keeper in the Great Lakes

If you've ever wanted to be a lighthouse keeper, here's your chance. The state of Michigan is currently accepting applications for team for four to spend two weeks manning the historic Tawas Point Lighthouse on the shores of Lake Huron.

Tawas Point, MI - USLHS archives

Over the course of two weeks, you and your team will be responsible for greeting visitors, leading tours, and performing basic maintenance tasks. In total, the program estimates you'll have to spend about 35 hours volunteering over the course of your stay.

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Watch Hill (RI) Lighthouse sold to local nonprofit for $1

The Watch Hill Lighthouse is now under new ownership. According to the deed, the U.S. government sold the lighthouse to the Watch Hill Lighthouse Keepers Association (WHLKA) for $1.

Watch Hill, RI - J Candace Clifford

The nonprofit organization was founded with the purpose of preserving the lighthouse. 

"Since 1986, we have maintained abundant, responsible, and free public access to the property, establishing a museum and a website, and protecting the property by enhancing shoreline revetment and mitigating substantial erosion, especially after hurricanes and Superstorm Sandy," said Ann Snowden, the nonprofit's president.

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The Butt of Lewis (Scotland) Lighthouse inspires author Donald S Murray

Where is it? The Butt of Lewis Lighthouse in Ness, at the northern tip of Lewis.

Butt of Lewis, Scotland - USLHS archives

Why do you go? Its red tower was always on my horizon when I grew up. I associate many of my childhood memories with both the beam of its light and the sound of its foghorn. in Gaelic, it also has the most unusual name of any place of which I am aware.

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