Fog Signal Kind:

Time to start:

How long will pressure last:


Year of Manufacture:



Timing device:

If whistle, siren or trumpet, Pressure at which blown:

Height above water:

Compass direction:


Distance and direction:

Water supply:

Reached from Lighthouse:

Desc of Fog signal building:

Pressure and recording gauge:

Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Thimble Shoal Light Station

Fog Signal General

#3 Daboll Trumpet

8 to 10 min

12 min.

2 sec blast, 4 sec silent

Engines, operating clocks, supply tanks, fuel tanks.

Crosby Automatic signal

10 lbs



Machinery in basement, horn on NW side of lantern - its mouth 10' above focal

on lighthouse

cisterns & gravity for fresh water. Salt water tank supplied by hand pump for circulating water.

on lighthouse

N side of basement as shown on drawings.

Report Sections:

Premises | Lantern and Fixtures | Ventilators and Watchroom | Illuminating Apparatus | Closets and Storerooms


Fog Signal General | Fog Signal Equipment | Dwelling | Asst. Keepers Dwellings | Water | Healthfulness


Lighthouse Access | Station Boat Info | Tools and Accessories | Light Vessel Specific | Inspection Reports


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