Illuminating Apparatus:

Service Lamp:


Service Lamp Burner:

Service Lamp Burner Level:

Plate Glass:

Lens Cover:

Lantern Curtains:

Carillon or Alarm Bell:

Rod Lamp:


Stairway and Landing:

Inside of tower:

Glazing of Dwelling:

Improvements Needed:




Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Fort Washington Light Station - 1870

Inspection Reports Page 1 of 2

In good condition.

Very clean

In good condition.

Oil examined & found to be free from all objectionable matter, it had not been filtered.

In good order.

It was found to be level.

Free from scratches, stains or dirt.

In good condition, clean, hung up when not in use.

1 set clean, put up & taken down at proper time.


Rod lamp in good condition, clean, in order for use.

None. Keeper is a resident of the fort.

Clean & painted

good & clean.


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Supplemental Reports

Condition of:

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Lantern and Trap Doors:

Watch or Trimming Room:

Lucernes or Matches:




Lens is never touched improperly.

They fit properly.

There are none of the above articles to be seen at time of inspection.

None of these articles were to be seen.

Keeper understands use of heater.

He understands use of ventilators & how to air the bldg.

It is painted according to instructions & lightning conductor was in good condition with the end in the ground.

Equipment Care

Does Keeper Understand the Use and Care of:

Oil Room:

Oil Carriers:

In good condition & clean.

In good condition.

Oil Room

Condition of:

Number of:

100 gallon oil:

50 gallon oil:

Small butts for Waste Oil:

Dripping Buckets:

Oil Tanks:




2 holding 100 gallons

Oil butts made according to regulation:

Oil butt covers:

Drip Bucket Placement:

Oil Butt Platform:

Empty Oil Butts:

They are so made.

Gutters were filled with refuse oil, covers on. Keeper understands use of covers &
air cocks.

There was one so hung.

They are placed upon a wooden bench.


General Information: