Illuminating Apparatus:

Service Lamp:


Service Lamp Burner:

Service Lamp Burner Level:

Plate Glass:

Lens Cover:

Lantern Curtains:

Carillon or Alarm Bell:

Rod Lamp:


Stairway and Landing:

Inside of tower:

Glazing of Dwelling:

Improvements Needed:




Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Fort Washington Light Station - 1867

Inspection Reports Page 1 of 2

Lens was in bad order & Keeper's attention was called to the fact.

Lamp, which was a common house lamp wanted cleaning. Keeper's attention was called to the fact.

Oil was clear; it had not been filtered.

It was in bad order, like the lamp.

There was none.



Dwelling was clean & whitewashed. Railing around the porch was giving way and should be

Glazing was in good condition.

Dwelling should have a conductor.

They are in good condition.

There are none.

They are in very good condition. Grounds appear to receive the requisite care & attention.

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Supplemental Reports

Condition of:

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Lantern and Trap Doors:

Watch or Trimming Room:

Lucernes or Matches:




He has no heater

There is no conductor to the dwelling.

Equipment Care

Does Keeper Understand the Use and Care of:

Oil Room:

Oil Carriers:

Oil room is very damp; is in bad condition, ventilation by a window & the door.

In rather bad condition & in no order of arrangement.

Oil Room

Condition of:

Number of:

100 gallon oil:

50 gallon oil:

Small butts for Waste Oil:

Dripping Buckets:

Oil Tanks:


2 dripping cups

1, holding 50 gallons

Oil butts made according to regulation:

Oil butt covers:

Drip Bucket Placement:

Oil Butt Platform:

Empty Oil Butts:

It is made according to the directions of the Lighthouse Board.

Gutters were filled; air cocks closed. Keeper understands use of covers & cocks.

There was a dripping cup instead.

Oil butt was placed upon a box & was above the floor of the oil room.

There was no empty oil butt.

General Information: