Condition at this date:

Shape of tower in plan:

Form of tower:

Height from base to ventilator ball:

Height of focal plane
above mean high water:

Background of lighthouse as seen from sea:

Color of tower:

Color of tower/ how produced:

Tower connection:

Object for navigation:

Building materials:

General desc:

Wall thickness at base:

Wall thickness at parapet:

Diameter at base:

Diameter at parapet:

Kind of stairway and steps:

Number of landings:

Size of glass:

Number of windows and size of sash:

Number of doors:

Kind of foundation and depth below surface:

Character of soil surrounding the lighthouse:

Soil susceptibility:

Misc remarks:

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Essex Reef Light Station

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wood color

natural color of shingle

no dwelling



Pyramid is filled with small stone, sheathed at sides & top w/ 3" planking; corners are protected by 1/4" x 18" boiler iron plates & angle iron, 4.5". Up stream sides are protected by 1/4 x 18" horizontal strips of iron at further level.

2" sheathing & shingles in frame

2" sheathing & shingles in frame

8' across hexagon

4' across hexagon at top

wooden ladder with small platform at top to enable keepers to attend to lamp.

no windows

no windows

1 door with upper portion glazed.

15' Square crib foundation of yellow pine timbers sheathed with 3" planking & filled with small stone resting in rocky bottom of river, protected by rip rap. Crib extends to high water above is a frustrum of a square pyramid 15' base, 10' top, 6' 8" high.

water site

water site

Tower is a frustrum of an hexagonal pyramid surmounted by a small lantern set on the top frame; inside has plain joist & ceiling varnished; outside is shingled.

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