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Buffalo North Breakwater Light Station - 1915

Fog Signal Equipment

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Fog Signal Kind:

Internal Combustion Kind:

Internal Comb Manufacturer:

Internal Comb Date:

Internal Comb Size:

Internal Comb Horsepower:

Internal Comb Fuel:

Internal Comb Starter:

Internal Comb compressor:

Compressor Maker:

Compressor seat:

Compressor Machinery:

Compressor diameter:

Compressor stroke:

Compressor rpms:

Character of air inlet:

Kind of Unloader:

Diam of Delivery Pipe:

4 cycle, starts on gasoline, continues on fuel oil

Fairbanks, Morse & Co.



fuel oil

by compressed air or by detonation of parlor match

direct connected opposed cylinders piston type

Fairbanks, Morse & Co.

On same bed, compressor cyl opposed to power cyls.


1.5" & 4"


Internal Combustion Signal