Order of Lantern:

Shape of Lantern:

Diameter to glass:

Diameter in the clear:

Number of sides:

Type of bars:

Thickness of bars:

Height glazed:

Number of plates in height:

Number of plates each side:

Thickness of plates:

Size of plates:

Number of storm panes:

Unglazed side of lantern:

what bearings:

Construct Material Lantern:

Construct Material roof / cowl:

Ventilator / cowl:

Lightning spindle:

Desc of Lightning rod:


Lantern doors:

Floor of lantern:

Watchroom doors:

Diameter parapet:

Lighthouse Inspection Reports Database

Baltimore Light Station

Lantern and fixtures



3' 6"







3/8" x 34 1/8" x 36 9/16" outside, & 3/8" x 32 1/8" x 36 7/8" inside



wood, iron, tin & copper

Iron rafters, covered with 8 copper plates 1/32" thick, & lined with 8 zinc plates

Copper 1/16" thick

with platinum point, is placed on top of copper ventilator ball.

Lightning conductor ribbon, 1/8" x 1.5" copper, fastened to iron sill of lantern with brass tap bolt, carried down side of lantern, over lantern gallery deck & down

A gallery inclosed by an iron railing surrounds the lantern

1, hung with hinges & fitted with lock.

Yellow pine, 7/8" thick.

A door, 2'4" x 6' 8", with upper panels glazed, leads into stairway to lantern.

Watchroom, octagonal, 23' 6" in dia.

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Premises | Lantern and Fixtures | Ventilators and Watchroom | Illuminating Apparatus | Closets and Storerooms


Fog Signal General | Fog Signal Equipment | Dwelling | Asst. Keepers Dwellings | Water | Healthfulness


Lighthouse Access | Station Boat Info | Tools and Accessories | Light Vessel Specific | Inspection Reports


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