Lighthouses of Georgia

As the crow flies, the coastline of Georgia measures only some 100 miles, which doesn't give the state a whole lot of elbow room on the otherwise expansive Atlantic seaboard. One can be excused, therefore, from making the natural deduction that, with such a limited tract of oceanfront real estate, Georgia would have little in the way of lighthouse history and tradition. Nothing could be further from the truth.

St. Simons Island Lighthouse

In October 1804, John Cooper (or Couper) sold four acres
of land, known as Couper’s Point to the government for one dollar.
Finally, three years later, an act passed on March 3, 1807, authorizing
$19,000 to build the lighthouse. This amount far exceeds
funds authorized for other lighthouses in this era. As an example, in
1806 $5,000 was authorized for each of the following lighthouses: on
Fairweather Island, Connecticut, and Franklin Island, Maine, and a
two-towered station at Chatham, Massachusetts. The extraordinary