Report for Janes Island (Maryland) - 1867

District: 5th
Inspector: J.M. Berrien, Inspector, 5th LH Dist.
Date of Report: 10/10/1867
Date of Reservation:
Date of Deed:
Date of Permission:
Date of Lease:
Area of the Entire Site:
Area Inclosed:
Character of Soil:
Distance of tower from Nearest High-Water Mark:
Inclosures to Premises / Type of Fence:
Wharf or Landing on Premises:
Road to Land or Wharf Chararacter of and Distance:
Means to Reach Light Station:
Distance to Nearest Road:
Distance to Post Office:
Distance to Village:
Facilities for Public Conveyance:
Facilities for Private Conveyance:
Means Used for Support of Lantern: Screwpile, new
Number of Separate Lights: 1
First Built or Established: 10/7/1867
Last Rebuilt, Repaired, or Renovated:
Condition at This Date:
Shape of Tower in Plan:
Form of Tower:
Height from Base to Ventilator Ball:
Height of Focal Plane Above Mean High Water:
Background of Lighthouse as Seen from Sea:
Color of Tower:
Color of Tower/ How Produced:
Tower Connection:
Object of Navigation:
Building Materials:
General Description:
Wall Thickness at Base:
Wall Thickness at Parapet:
Diameter at Base:
Diameter at Parapet:
Kind of Stairway and Steps:
Number of Landings:
Size of Glass:
Number of Windows and Size of Sash:
Number of Doors:
Kind of Foundation and Depth Below Surface:
Character of Soil Surrounding the Lighthouse:
Soil Susceptibility:
Miscellaneous Remarks: Lighthouse was still in the hands of the workmen & keeper absent. Very few supplies etc., were in place. Light was displayed for 1st time the evening before the inspection. A regulation clock in one of the rooms, in good condition.
Illuminating Apparatus
Kind of Apparatus:
Intensity in Candles:
Name of Maker:
Year Made:
Marks and Number:
Order of Apparatus: 4th
Inside Diameter:
Light Characteristic: Fixed white
Time of Revolution:
Flash Interval:
Duration of Flash:
Arc of Each Fixed Part:
Number of Panels:
Number of Flash Panels:
Arc of Each:
Number of Elements in Central Drum:
Number of Prisms Above Center Drum:
Number of Prisms Below Center Drum:
Does Apparatus Revolve?: False
Is There a Revolving Belt?: False
Revolving Panels:
How Flash is Produced:
Number of Vertical Elements Panel:
Fixed Lens Covered:
Service Table:
Draft Tube Description:
Revolving Machinery:
Standby and Description:
Chariot Float or Balls:
Chariot Description:
Length of Drop Tube:
Clock Weight:
Length of Winding Time:
Drive During Rewind:
Machinery Protection:
Lens Protection:
How Color is Produced:
Red Sectors Description:
Where Color Attached:
Form of Colored Glass:
Lamp Description: Lens of 4th order, Franklin lamp.
Type of Illuminant:
Number of Spare Lamps:
Number of Spare Burners:
Candle Power:
Closets and Store Rooms
Tower Closet Use:
Oil House Description:
Oil House Inside Dimension:
Oil House Construction Material:
Oil House Capacity:
Other (Describe): There is a closet provided for the preservation of utensils, wicks, chimneys and cleaning materials. Paints, oils, spirits of turpentine, paint-brushes, etc. are kept in a closet by themselves.
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: A bell worked by machinery.
Time to Start:
How Long Will Pressure Last:
Year of Manufacture:
Timing Device:
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown:
Height Above Water:
Compass Direction:
Distance and Direction:
Water Supply:
Reached from Lighthouse:
Description of Fog Signal Building:
Pressure And Recording Gauge:
Access to Lighthouse:
Distance and Direction:
Miscellaneous Remarks: Lighthouse displayed a light for 1st time on evening of 10/7/1867. Inspector visited the station on the 8th of Oct., finding workmen still employed at station. For this reason, the inspection rpt couldn't be made as it would had things been working longer
Lantern: Lantern was in perfect condition.
Illuminating Apparatus: Clean, & new - in perfect condition.
Service Lamp: In good condition. Had only been in use the night previous to the 8th Oct., day of inspection.
Oil: Was clean & clear
Service Lamp Burner: Was in good condition. Perfectly new had been used but one night.
Service Lamp Burner Level:
Plate Glass: Perfectly clean & new
Lens Cover: The lens cover was on, was clean; & made of ticking.
Lantern Curtains:
Carillon or Alarm Bell:
Rod Lamp:
Stairway and Landing:
Inside of Tower:
Glazing of Dwelling:
Improvements Needed:

Equipment Care
Does Keeper Understand the Use and Care of
Lantern and Trap Doors: Yes
Watch or Trimming Room:
Lucernes or Matches:
Heater: Note: Lighthouse still in hands of workmen, & keeper was absent.

Oil Room
Oil Room Condition: Clean & well ventilated
Oil Carriers: In good condition
Number of 100 Gallon Oil Butts:
Number of 50 Gallon Oil Butts: 3
Number of Small Butts for Waste Oil: 1 of 25 gals., 1 of 10 gals.
Number of Dripping Buckets: 4
Number of Oil Tanks: 5 holding 185 gals.
Oil Butts Made According to Regulation: They are so made
Oil Butt Covers: Gutters were not filled - keeper was absent. (House in charge of workmen)
Drip Bucket Placement: Yes
Oil Butt Platform: They were placed on a raised platform.
Empty Oil Butts: There was no empty oil butt.

Keeper and Assistants
Keeper Appearance:
Keeper Interested in Duties:
Keeper Capacity for Duties:
Keeper Understanding of Regulations:
Keeper Complaints:
Keeper Family:
Keeper Name: N.M. Lawsen
Keeper Age: Young
Keeper Present or Absent: Absent on public business, as stated to the Inspector.
Number of Assistants:
Assistants Attend to Duty:
Assistants Capability:
Assistants Complaints:
Assistants Family:
Assistant Keeper Names:
Did Principal and Assistant Keepers Accompany the Inspector?: