Report for Guard Island (Alaska) - 1910

District: 13th
Inspector: Maj. JF McIndoe, Corps of Engineers, USA
Location: At N'ly entrance to Tongass Narrows on N'ly Guard Island.
Date of Report: 02/18/1910
Latitude: 55° 26' 42"
Longitude: 131° 52' 49"
Site: Reserved by Executive Order
Date of Reservation: 01/06/1901
Date of Deed:
Date of Permission:
Date of Lease:
Area of the Entire Site: 9.5 acres
Area Inclosed: None
Character of Soil: Rock
Distance of tower from Nearest High-Water Mark: 65'
Inclosures to Premises / Type of Fence: None
Wharf or Landing on Premises: Landing made at NE'ly extremity of island. Landing can be made at any stage of tide & at boatways at a stage of 5' above low water.
Road to Land or Wharf Chararacter of and Distance: Cement footwalk 200' to head of boatways; boatways 3' gauge, 200' long.
Means to Reach Light Station: By small boat from passing steamers, by hired steamer, launch or sailboat from Ketchikan. Landing can be made at almost any time except in strong N'ly wind at boatways
Distance to Nearest Road: Ketchikan, Alaska, 10.5 miles SE'ly in Tangoes Narrows
Distance to Post Office: Ketchikan, Alaska, 10.5 miles
Distance to Village: Ketchikan, Alaska, 10.5 miles
Facilities for Public Conveyance: None except by small boat from passing steamers
Facilities for Private Conveyance: Boat may be hired in Ketchikan, Alaska, distant 10.5 miles.
Means Used for Support of Lantern: Tower also carrying bell
Number of Separate Lights: 1
First Built or Established: September 15, 1904
Last Rebuilt, Repaired, or Renovated:
Condition at This Date: Good
Shape of Tower in Plan: Square
Form of Tower: Pyramidal
Height from Base to Ventilator Ball: 39' 6"
Height of Focal Plane Above Mean High Water: 79'
Background of Lighthouse as Seen from Sea: Approached from N'd, a dark background about 3 miles distant - from S'd faint background 15 miles distant
Color of Tower: White
Color of Tower/ How Produced: Paint
Tower Connection: Detached
Object of Navigation: For vessels entering & leaving N'ly entrance to Tongass Narrows.
Building Materials: Frame & concrete foundation
General Description:
Wall Thickness at Base: 10" cement foundation, frame about 8"
Wall Thickness at Parapet: 8"
Diameter at Base: 16' square
Diameter at Parapet: 10' square at top
Kind of Stairway and Steps: Wooden stairway
Number of Landings: 1 landing in 1st floor stair; then clock room; then 1 flight to lantern
Size of Glass: 1st floor, 14" x 26 - 4 lights; 2nd floor, 18" x 20" - 2 lights all 21 oz.
Number of Windows and Size of Sash: 3 - 1st floor 18" x 30" 2-sash each; 4 - 2nd floor 22" x 25" - 2 sash each
Number of Doors: 1 outside door at base of tower, 1 trap door to lantern, 1 door lantern parapet.
Kind of Foundation and Depth Below Surface: Concrete foundation, 3' deep to rock
Character of Soil Surrounding the Lighthouse: Rocky
Soil Susceptibility: No growth can be cultivated except what is planted by nature.
Miscellaneous Remarks: Tower is on highest point of N'ly island.
Lantern and Fixtures
Order of Lantern: 4th
Shape of Lantern: Polygonal
Diameter to Glass: 7' across faces
Diameter in the Clear:
Number of Sides: 8
Type of Bars: Vertical
Thickness of Bars:
Height Glazed: 3'
Number of Plates in Height: One
Number of Plates Each Side: One
Thickness of Plates: 5/16"
Size of Plates: Regular glass - 2' 10 1/4" - 3' 5/8"
Number of Storm Panes: 3 - 3' 8 1/4" x 3' 5/8"
Unglazed Side of Lantern: Glazed all around
What Bearings:
Construction Material Lantern: Cast iron sills, bronze posts, cast iron soffit wrought iron rafters & purlins - main parapet wood
Construction Material Roof / Cowl: Copper
Ventilator / Cowl: Copper with opening at base
Lightning Spindle: Brass spindle with platinum on top screwed into ball on dome
Description of Lightning Rod: None
Balustrade: Wooden balcony rail around gallery, gallery floor covered with copper
Lantern Doors: 1 hinged trap door in floor 20" x 26"; 1 door hinged parapet 26" x 33" with galvanized hinge & brass lock.
Floor of Lantern: Wood
Watchroom Doors: Trap door from clockroom in lantern floor hinged.
Parapet Diameter: Balcony rail 10' square.
Location / Number: 4 cast iron ventilators, 5" dia. with brass damper plate on inside
Ladders / Cleaning Arrangement: Wooden portable step ladders
Curtain Hooks / Hanger: Curtains hung on Hartshorn spring rollers in bronze brackets.

How is Watchroom Fitted: 1st floor of tower is used as watchroom with locker, desk, 2 chairs, stove, coat & hat hooks
How is Relief Called: None
Where is Call System Led:
Illuminating Apparatus
Kind of Apparatus:
Intensity in Candles:
Name of Maker: Supplied from Thompkinsville
Year Made: 1904
Marks and Number: None
Order of Apparatus: Lens lantern
Inside Diameter: 11 3/4"
Light Characteristic: White lens lantern, 360 degrees 5-day
Time of Revolution:
Flash Interval:
Duration of Flash:
Arc of Each Fixed Part: 360 degrees
Number of Panels: 4 panels in lantern
Number of Flash Panels:
Arc of Each:
Number of Elements in Central Drum: 7
Number of Prisms Above Center Drum: None
Number of Prisms Below Center Drum: None
Does Apparatus Revolve?: False
Is There a Revolving Belt?: False
Revolving Panels:
How Flash is Produced:
Number of Vertical Elements Panel:
Fixed Lens Covered:
Pedestal: Wooden pedestal to bring lens lantern to focal plane of 4th order lantern.
Service Table: None - lamps filled in oil room.
Draft Tube Description: None
Revolving Machinery:
Standby and Description:
Chariot Float or Balls:
Chariot Description:
Length of Drop Tube:
Clock Weight:
Length of Winding Time:
Drive During Rewind:
Machinery Protection:
Lens Protection:
How Color is Produced: By ruby panels in lantern
Red Sectors Description: 297 degrees 45' & 381 degrees 40' covering Roca Reef & Vallinar Point.
Where Color Attached: To lantern inside of plate glass.
Form of Colored Glass: Strips of ruby glass of necessary width secured by wooden cleats at top & bottom.
Lamp Description: Lens lantern lamp, 5th order
Type of Illuminant:
Number of Spare Lamps: 3 - note there are 2 lens lanterns complete at station, 1 is 5-day
Number of Spare Burners:
Candle Power:

Vapor Oil Lamp
Number of Wicks or Mantels:
Diameter of Outside Wick: 1 1/4"
Diameter of Mantel:
Diameter of Circum Circle:
Closets and Store Rooms
Tower Closet Use: Lockers in 1st floor fitted with 1 shelf & coat & hat hooks.
Oil House Description: 40' E'ly of tower
Oil House Inside Dimension: 8' x 7'
Oil House Construction Material: Concrete, galv. iron wood
Oil House Capacity: 1700 gallons
Other (Describe): None except in dwelling
Suitability: Dry & suitable
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: Stevens improved fog-bell striker & 1200 lb bell operating weight 800 lbs, 3/8" steel wire cable 50' long.
Time to Start: Ready for immediate service
How Long Will Pressure Last:
Manufacturer: Boston, George M. Stevens
Year of Manufacture: 1904
Characteristic: 1 blow every 20 sec.
Duplication: None
Timing Device:
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown:
Height Above Water:
Compass Direction:
Location: Bell hung from beam on N'ly face of tower on 2nd floor, clockwork placed on 2nd floor, weights passing thru to 1st floor.
Distance and Direction: Attached to lighthouse
Water Supply: None required
Reached from Lighthouse:
Description of Fog Signal Building: Bell tower supports lantern
Pressure And Recording Gauge:
Bell Signal
Weight: 1200 lbs
Metal: Bell metal
Diameter: 40"
Height: 28 5/8"
Time: 2 1/4 hours
Weights for Operation:
Location: 1 dwelling about 100' N'ly from tower
Coloring: White with brown roof
Construction Materials: Lower story cement - this story, on acct of hillside, shows as basement on W side - Upper story is frame, shingled.
Number of Rooms: 6 living rooms, fuel room, cellar, pastry bathroom & garret.
Number of Dwellings:
Heating Plant:
Number of Keepers: 1 keeper & 1 asst. keeper
Furnished Quarters:
NOT Furnished Quarters:
Outhouses: 1 boathouse & 1 car house, both frame
Outhouse Coloring: White with brown roof
Paths and Walks: Cement walks from dwelling to all bldgs at station.
Area Inclosed: None
Area of Garden: None
Area Timber or Shrubbery: 1/2 acre in all, bulk being on S island which can be reached dry shod at half-tide
Cultivation Area Available: None
Area Cultivated: None
Character of Surroundings: Rocky
Stove, Maker:
Stove, Size:
Sink, Maker:
Sink, Size:
Pump, Maker:
Pump, Size:
How Procured: Rain water off roofs
Quality: Fair
Quantity: Ample
Injury Possible: Well protected in cement cistern 10' above high water.
Purity Precaution: Filtered thru brick walls, cistern painted inside with P&B paint
Tank Capacity: 1, 12000 gal cap, placed 6' from N'ly end of bldg
Tank Material: Cement concrete
Distilling Apparatus: False
Distilling Manufacturer:
Well Description:
Well Diameter:
Well Lining:
Pump or Bucket: Pump
What Power Used: Hand force
Distance from Dwelling: Pumped at sink in dwelling to tank in attic thence piped to fixtures
General Opinion: Healthy
Diseases: None
Local Causes: None
Recommended Improvements: Nothing required; grounds slope away from bldg.
Access to Lighthouse: Landing made at boatways abt 300' from tower. Boats can land at any stage of tide but cannot reach ways below a 5' stage. Boathouse, 16' x 40' contains 2 boats, 1 boat car & carpenter shop, stands at head of boatways up which cars are hauled by windlass.
Distance and Direction: 300' NE'ly
Miscellaneous Remarks: Gauge of boatway - 3'; length 20'. A push car stored in 7' x 9' car house connecting with turntable in front of boathouse.