Report for Cobb Point Bar Light Station (Maryland) - 1938

District: 5th
Inspector: Major W.E. Craighill, Lighthouse Engineer
Location: On the bar of same name making out southeasterly from Cobb Point, westerly side of entrance to Wicomico River, N side of Potomac River
Date of Report: 01/16/1938
Latitude: 38° 14' 33"
Longitude: 76° 49' 37"
Site: Submarine
Date of Reservation:
Date of Deed:
Date of Permission:
Date of Lease:
Area of the Entire Site:
Area Inclosed:
Character of Soil:
Distance of tower from Nearest High-Water Mark:
Inclosures to Premises / Type of Fence:
Wharf or Landing on Premises:
Road to Land or Wharf Chararacter of and Distance:
Means to Reach Light Station: Boat
Distance to Nearest Road: 10 miles to Base at Wayside, MD.
Distance to Post Office: 2 miles Rock Point, P.O., MD
Distance to Village: 2 miles Rock Point, MD
Facilities for Public Conveyance: None
Facilities for Private Conveyance: None
Means Used for Support of Lantern: Lantern on dwelling
Number of Separate Lights: One
First Built or Established: 1889
Last Rebuilt, Repaired, or Renovated:
Condition at This Date: Good
Shape of Tower in Plan:
Form of Tower:
Height from Base to Ventilator Ball: 43'
Height of Focal Plane Above Mean High Water: 39'
Background of Lighthouse as Seen from Sea: Woods
Color of Tower: White dwelling with green shutters; brown piles & red roof; lantern black
Color of Tower/ How Produced: By paint
Tower Connection: No tower
Object of Navigation: General & local
Building Materials: Wood & iron
General Description:
Wall Thickness at Base:
Wall Thickness at Parapet:
Diameter at Base:
Diameter at Parapet:
Kind of Stairway and Steps: Wood
Number of Landings: 2
Size of Glass: 8" x 12"
Number of Windows and Size of Sash: 10, 26.5" x 28.5"
Number of Doors: 12
Kind of Foundation and Depth Below Surface: Sand, 9
Character of Soil Surrounding the Lighthouse: Soft
Soil Susceptibility:
Miscellaneous Remarks: Screwpile, doors in main dwelling,upper panels glass 20 1/4" x 10"; leading to 2nd story glass 20 1/4" x 9"; leading to lantern 16 1/4" x 9"
Lantern and Fixtures
Order of Lantern: 4th
Shape of Lantern: Polygonal
Diameter to Glass: 7' 8"
Diameter in the Clear:
Number of Sides: 8
Type of Bars: Vertical
Thickness of Bars:
Height Glazed: 35 7/8"
Number of Plates in Height: One
Number of Plates Each Side: One
Thickness of Plates: 3/8"
Size of Plates: 36 5/8" x 34 1/4"
Number of Storm Panes: 8
Unglazed Side of Lantern: None
What Bearings:
Construction Material Lantern: Wood, iron & copper
Construction Material Roof / Cowl: Copper
Ventilator / Cowl: Copper
Lightning Spindle: Brass -platinum point
Description of Lightning Rod: Copper, fastened to roof & led down side of house to foundation & water
Balustrade: Wood
Lantern Doors: Wood, fitted with hinges fastened to frame of lantern, not covered with iron.
Floor of Lantern: Wood
Watchroom Doors: None
Parapet Diameter:
Location / Number: 3 in lower part of lantern
Ladders / Cleaning Arrangement: 1 small step ladder
Curtain Hooks / Hanger: Brass, screwed into vertical flanges of cornice
Illuminating Apparatus
Kind of Apparatus:
Intensity in Candles:
Name of Maker: Sautter, Lemonnier Cie., Paris
Year Made: 1889
Marks and Number: No. 343
Order of Apparatus: 4th
Inside Diameter: 20"
Light Characteristic: Fixed white with fixed red sectors
Time of Revolution:
Flash Interval:
Duration of Flash:
Arc of Each Fixed Part:
Number of Panels: 4; 1 - 90 degree door
Number of Flash Panels: None
Arc of Each:
Number of Elements in Central Drum: 5
Number of Prisms Above Center Drum: 6 (2 top prisms broken)
Number of Prisms Below Center Drum: 4
Does Apparatus Revolve?: False
Is There a Revolving Belt?: False
Revolving Panels:
How Flash is Produced:
Number of Vertical Elements Panel:
Fixed Lens Covered:
Pedestal: Iron, 4' high
Service Table: Bench on side of lantern
Draft Tube Description: 18" inverted funnel in top of lantern with opening in center leading into ventilator ball
Revolving Machinery: None
Standby and Description:
Chariot Float or Balls: None
Chariot Description: None
Length of Drop Tube:
Clock Weight:
Length of Winding Time:
Drive During Rewind:
Machinery Protection:
Lens Protection:
How Color is Produced: By ruby glass; 6" x 36 1/8" on N side; 8" x 36 1/8" on NW side
Red Sectors Description: 285 degrees 30' true (WNW 3/16 W mag.) & 293 degrees 40' true (NW by W 7/16 W mag.) & another between 109 degrees true (SE by E 7/8 E mag.) & 120 degrees true (SE 7/8 E mag.) 6" & 8" widths
Where Color Attached: To lantern on inside face of astragals.
Form of Colored Glass:
Lamp Description: Aladdin
Type of Illuminant:
Number of Spare Lamps: 1
Number of Spare Burners: None
Candle Power:

Vapor Oil Lamp
Number of Wicks or Mantels:
Diameter of Outside Wick: 1 5/8"
Diameter of Mantel:
Diameter of Circum Circle:
Closets and Store Rooms
Tower Closet Use: In rooms, with hooks & shelves
Oil House Description: Discontinued oil tank under house 275 gal.
Oil House Inside Dimension:
Oil House Construction Material:
Oil House Capacity:
Other (Describe): 4 on 1st floor; 4 on 2nd floor, fitted with shelves, for general purposes.
Suitability: Suitable
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: Stevens Bell Machine
Time to Start: At once
How Long Will Pressure Last:
Manufacturer: Geo. M. Stevens Co., Boston, Mass.
Year of Manufacture: Not given
Characteristic: Double blow every 15 sec. GP 2 strokes 15 sec.
Duplication: J. Register, Balto. 1889
Timing Device:
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown:
Height Above Water:
Compass Direction:
Location: For general navigation
Distance and Direction: On roof
Water Supply:
Reached from Lighthouse:
Description of Fog Signal Building:
Pressure And Recording Gauge:
Bell Signal
Weight: 1000 lbs.
Metal: Bell metal
Diameter: 3'
Height: 2' 5"
Time: 1 hr. 30 minutes
Weights for Operation:
Coloring: White
Construction Materials: Wood & iron
Number of Rooms: 6
Number of Dwellings:
Heating Plant: Magnum #15
Number of Keepers: 2
Furnished Quarters:
NOT Furnished Quarters:
Outhouse Coloring:
Paths and Walks:
Area Inclosed:
Area of Garden:
Area Timber or Shrubbery:
Cultivation Area Available:
Area Cultivated:
Character of Surroundings:
Stove, Maker: Balto. Kitchen range
Stove, Size: 3 burner
Sink, Maker: N.B. Wrhr
Sink, Size: 18" x 30" Enamel sink, high apron, LH drain
Pump, Maker:
Pump, Size:
Lamps: 2 kerosene oil lamps (1 table, 1 hand)
How Procured: From roof
Quality: Good
Quantity: Ample
Injury Possible: Not
Purity Precaution: By cleaning tanks
Tank Capacity: 3 wood, 1 steel tank, 200 gals. each
Tank Material: 3 wood, 1 iron
Distilling Apparatus: False
Distilling Manufacturer:
Well Description:
Well Diameter:
Well Lining:
Pump or Bucket:
What Power Used:
Distance from Dwelling:
General Opinion: Good
Local Causes:
Recommended Improvements:
Access to Lighthouse: Marine location
Distance and Direction:
Miscellaneous Remarks: SW side 4 turods broken - better without (Mr. Johnson, Mr. Jeannette); 20' on NW end stone gone - wood etc. on platform.; 10' SE end stone gone, wood etc. on platform
Boat #1
Boat Number: 486
Type: Motor Boat
Length: 5' 10"
Width: 18'
When Built:
Date Harbored at Station: 12/18/1928
Sails: False
Suited to Work:
Boat #2
Boat Number: 398
Type: Sail boat
Length: 5' 9"
Width: 18'
When Built:
Date Harbored at Station: 12/17/1921
Sails: True
Suited to Work:

Power Boat
Engine Type: Single cylinder make & break
Horsepower: 4 HP
Engine Maker: Marine Gasoline Engine Co., Mystic, Conn.
Spare Coil: Made by New York Coil Co., NY, NY no size number
Magnet: Robert Bosch, Germany. Number not given
Battery: 6 dry cell
Propeller Diameter: 14"
Propeller Pitch: 14