Report for Sentinel Island (Alaska) - 1913

District: 16th
Inspector: Compiled from various sources
Location: On island N entrance to Favorite Channel
Date of Report: 12/17/1913
Latitude: 58° 32' 40"
Longitude: 134° 54' 37"
Site: Public lands reserved by Executive Order
Date of Reservation: 01/06/1901
Date of Deed:
Date of Permission:
Date of Lease:
Area of the Entire Site: 6.55 acres
Area Inclosed:
Character of Soil:
Distance of tower from Nearest High-Water Mark: 110'
Inclosures to Premises / Type of Fence:
Wharf or Landing on Premises: Wharf, boathouse & derrick
Road to Land or Wharf Chararacter of and Distance:
Means to Reach Light Station: By water from Juneau 38 miles
Distance to Nearest Road:
Distance to Post Office:
Distance to Village:
Facilities for Public Conveyance:
Facilities for Private Conveyance:
Means Used for Support of Lantern: 2-story, square frame bldg surmounted by square tower.
Number of Separate Lights: 1
First Built or Established: 1902
Last Rebuilt, Repaired, or Renovated:
Condition at This Date:
Shape of Tower in Plan:
Form of Tower:
Height from Base to Ventilator Ball:
Height of Focal Plane Above Mean High Water: 82'
Background of Lighthouse as Seen from Sea: Skyline
Color of Tower: White bldg, brown roof
Color of Tower/ How Produced: Paint
Tower Connection: Surmounts keepers dwelling
Object of Navigation: For general navigation of Lynn Channel
Building Materials: Wood, etc.
General Description:
Wall Thickness at Base:
Wall Thickness at Parapet:
Diameter at Base:
Diameter at Parapet:
Kind of Stairway and Steps: Wood & iron
Number of Landings:
Size of Glass: 10" x 10"
Number of Windows and Size of Sash: 6; 2' x 2'
Number of Doors: 1; 2' 4" x 6' 4"
Kind of Foundation and Depth Below Surface:
Character of Soil Surrounding the Lighthouse:
Soil Susceptibility:
Miscellaneous Remarks: Located on a small flat-topped islet upon which there are a few trees. Vessels may pass on either side of islet, but channel on W side is 1 most used.
Lantern and Fixtures
Order of Lantern: 4th
Shape of Lantern: Cylindrical
Diameter to Glass: 7' 8 1/16"
Diameter in the Clear:
Number of Sides:
Type of Bars: Helical
Thickness of Bars:
Height Glazed: 3' 1 1/4"
Number of Plates in Height: 1 & 2
Number of Plates Each Side:
Thickness of Plates: 1/4"
Size of Plates: 2' 1.081" x 2' 1.081", glass curved
Number of Storm Panes:
Unglazed Side of Lantern:
What Bearings:
Construction Material Lantern: Iron, brass, bronze, glass
Construction Material Roof / Cowl: Conical, iron, zinc lining
Ventilator / Cowl: Iron, 17" dia.
Lightning Spindle: Brass, platinum point.
Description of Lightning Rod:
Balustrade: Wood, coppered floor, octagonal 2' 7" high
Lantern Doors: 1, hinged with lock, iron
Floor of Lantern: Wood, 7/8" x 4" t&g, wire nails
Watchroom Doors: None
Parapet Diameter:
Location / Number: In lantern parapet
Ladders / Cleaning Arrangement: Wooden step ladder
Curtain Hooks / Hanger: Spring rollers, brass hangers
Illuminating Apparatus
Kind of Apparatus:
Intensity in Candles: 520
Name of Maker: Henry LePaute, Paris
Year Made: Not known
Marks and Number: None
Order of Apparatus: 4th
Inside Diameter: 19.68" (19 11/16")
Light Characteristic:
Time of Revolution:
Flash Interval:
Duration of Flash:
Arc of Each Fixed Part: 360 degrees
Number of Panels: 4
Number of Flash Panels: None
Arc of Each:
Number of Elements in Central Drum: 5
Number of Prisms Above Center Drum: 6, fixed
Number of Prisms Below Center Drum: 3, fixed
Does Apparatus Revolve?: False
Is There a Revolving Belt?: False
Revolving Panels:
How Flash is Produced:
Number of Vertical Elements Panel:
Fixed Lens Covered:
Pedestal: Steel plate 19"dia. on 4 brass columns
Service Table:
Draft Tube Description: Draft tube to ventilator ball, no damper.
Revolving Machinery:
Standby and Description:
Chariot Float or Balls:
Chariot Description:
Length of Drop Tube:
Clock Weight:
Length of Winding Time:
Drive During Rewind:
Machinery Protection:
Lens Protection:
How Color is Produced:
Red Sectors Description:
Where Color Attached:
Form of Colored Glass:
Lamp Description: 4th
Type of Illuminant: Oil
Number of Spare Lamps: 3 lamps in all
Number of Spare Burners: None
Candle Power: 52

Vapor Oil Lamp
Number of Wicks or Mantels: 1
Diameter of Outside Wick: 1.5"
Diameter of Mantel:
Diameter of Circum Circle:
Closets and Store Rooms
Tower Closet Use: Locker on attic floor
Oil House Description: 1, 65' N of dwelling, 60' E of fog signal
Oil House Inside Dimension: 7' 10" x 8' 3" x 11' 4"
Oil House Construction Material: Wood & cor. iron
Oil House Capacity: 980 5-gal cans
Other (Describe): Lockers in pantry; closet in each bedroom, storeroom 2nd floor in hall.
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: 3rd class Daboll trumpet
Time to Start: 10 min.
How Long Will Pressure Last: 6 min
Year of Manufacture:
Characteristic: 5 sec blast, 25 sec silent
Duplication: Engine, compressors & receivers
Timing Device: Chain tripping gear, connected to engines
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown: 10 lbs
Height Above Water: 55'
Compass Direction: 246 degrees
Location: Near lighthouse on W side of islet, horn faces channel on W side of islet.
Distance and Direction: 160' 300 degrees
Water Supply: 2 cisterns under bldg, storing rain water from bldg.
Reached from Lighthouse: By cement walks
Description of Fog Signal Building: 1 story frame bldg 20' x 20'
Pressure And Recording Gauge: 4"
Internal Combustion Signal
Fog Signal Kind:
Internal Combustion Kind: Mietz & Weiss oil
Internal Combustion Manufacturer: August Mietz
Internal Combustion Date: 1908
Internal Combustion Size:
Internal Combustion Horsepower: 4
Internal Combustion Fuel: Oil
Internal Combustion Starter: Torch
Compressor Maker: Clayton Air Compressor Co.
Compressor Seat: On same bed, chain driven
Compressor Machinery: 86:24 ratio
Compressor Diameter: 6"
Compressor Stroke: 7"
Compressor RPMs:
Character of Air Inlet: 1 1/4"
Kind of Unloader: 1 1/4" S5
Diameter of Delivery Pipe: 1 1/4"

Daboll Signal
Daboll: 3rd
Daboll Reed:
Daboll Length: 8 7/16
Daboll Breadth: 2 1/4"
Daboll Base Thickness: 3/8"
Daboll Tip Thickness: 3/16"

Trumpet Signal
Trumpet Length: 12'
Trumpet Diameter: 3" & 40"
Trumpet Material: Copper

Air Receiver
Number: 2
Diameter: 3' 6"
Height: 7' 10"
Capacity Cubic Feet: 76
Pressure in Each: 30 lbs
Make of Reducing Valve:
Location: In same bldg, double dwelling
Coloring: White
Construction Materials: Wood
Number of Rooms: 6
Number of Dwellings:
Heating Plant: Hot air; RB & Co., (perfect #347)
Number of Keepers: 1
Furnished Quarters:
NOT Furnished Quarters:
Outhouses: Oil house, carpenter shop, toilet, boathouse, chicken house
Outhouse Coloring: White with lead colored trimmings
Paths and Walks: Cement walk connecting dwelling, fog signal & oil house.
Area Inclosed:
Area of Garden:
Area Timber or Shrubbery:
Cultivation Area Available: 1/8 acre
Area Cultivated: 1/8 acre
Character of Surroundings: Rock
Stove, Maker: Bridge & Beach Mfg. Co (2)
Stove, Size: 168-20 (2)
Sink, Maker:
Sink, Size: 18" x 30" (2)
Pump, Maker: Douglas (2)
Pump, Size: #3 (2)
Lamps: 2 5th O table lamps, 6 hand lamps
How Procured: Rain water
Quality: Good
Quantity: Ample
Injury Possible: No
Purity Precaution: Filter walls in cisterns
Tank Capacity: Cisterns under woodsheds 970 cu ft. each
Tank Material: Concrete
Distilling Apparatus: False
Distilling Manufacturer:
Well Description:
Well Diameter:
Well Lining:
Pump or Bucket: Pump
What Power Used: By hand
Distance from Dwelling: Tanks in dwelling.
Access to Lighthouse: Wharf, derrick & boathouse tramway to tower dwellings.
Distance and Direction: 350', 128 degrees (true)
Miscellaneous Remarks:
Boat #1
Boat Number: 18
Type: Double ender
Length: 5' 8"
Width: 18'
When Built: No data
Date Harbored at Station: No data
Sails: True
Suited to Work: Yes
Boat #2
Boat Number: 19
Type: Skiff
Length: 4'
Width: 15'
When Built: No data
Date Harbored at Station: No data
Sails: False
Suited to Work: Yes
Boat #3
Boat Number: 20
Type: Double end
Length: 5'
Width: 20'
When Built: No data
Date Harbored at Station: No data
Sails: True
Suited to Work: Yes

Hoisting Engines
Hoisting Engine Kind: Hand power triple purchase winch
Engine RPMs:
Engine Diameter:
Engine Stroke:
Engine Boiler:
Engine Maker and Date:
Serial Number:
Cylinders and Size:
Hoist Starter:
Hoist Miscellaneous: