Report for Ragged Point (Maryland) - 1910

District: 5th
Inspector: John Murdoch, Assistant Light-House Engineer
Location: Ragged Point, Md., in 8 feet of water, on the SW'ly side of Potomac River, and on the point of the shoal making off from Ragged Point, Va.
Date of Report: 03/13/1910
Latitude: 38° 09" 17"
Longitude: 76° 36' 07"
Site: Submarine
Date of Reservation:
Date of Deed:
Date of Permission:
Date of Lease:
Area of the Entire Site:
Area Inclosed:
Character of Soil:
Distance of tower from Nearest High-Water Mark:
Inclosures to Premises / Type of Fence:
Wharf or Landing on Premises:
Road to Land or Wharf Chararacter of and Distance:
Means to Reach Light Station: Small boat
Distance to Nearest Road: Steamboat landing Piney Point, 3 miles
Distance to Post Office: 3 miles
Distance to Village: 3 miles
Facilities for Public Conveyance: None
Facilities for Private Conveyance: Small boat
Means Used for Support of Lantern: Dwelling
Number of Separate Lights: 1
First Built or Established: 1910
Last Rebuilt, Repaired, or Renovated:
Condition at This Date: Excellent
Shape of Tower in Plan: Structure is Hexagonal
Form of Tower: No tower
Height from Base to Ventilator Ball: 50 feet
Height of Focal Plane Above Mean High Water: 44 feet
Background of Lighthouse as Seen from Sea: Sky
Color of Tower: Structure white, sustructure brown
Color of Tower/ How Produced: Paint
Tower Connection:
Object of Navigation: General & local
Building Materials: Wood & iron
General Description:
Wall Thickness at Base:
Wall Thickness at Parapet:
Diameter at Base:
Diameter at Parapet: 6' 4.5"
Kind of Stairway and Steps: Wood
Number of Landings: 2
Size of Glass: 10' x 14"
Number of Windows and Size of Sash: 9; 5 2' 10" wide x 2' 6". 4 24" x 24" x 1.5"
Number of Doors: 24
Kind of Foundation and Depth Below Surface: Sand & oyster shells, 15 feet.
Character of Soil Surrounding the Lighthouse:
Soil Susceptibility:
Miscellaneous Remarks:
Lantern and Fixtures
Order of Lantern: 4th
Shape of Lantern: Polygonal
Diameter to Glass: 7 feet
Diameter in the Clear:
Number of Sides: 8
Type of Bars: Vertical
Thickness of Bars:
Height Glazed: 36.5 inches
Number of Plates in Height: 1
Number of Plates Each Side: 1
Thickness of Plates: 3/8"
Size of Plates: 26.5" x 34"
Number of Storm Panes: 4
Unglazed Side of Lantern: None
What Bearings:
Construction Material Lantern: Wood, iron & copper
Construction Material Roof / Cowl: Copper
Ventilator / Cowl: Copper
Lightning Spindle: Brass
Description of Lightning Rod: Copper, fastened to base of lantern, led over roof & side of house & fastened to one of the iron piles
Balustrade: Wood
Lantern Doors: With hinges, fastened to frame of lantern
Floor of Lantern: Wood
Watchroom Doors:
Parapet Diameter:
Location / Number: Lower part of lantern
Ladders / Cleaning Arrangement:
Curtain Hooks / Hanger: Screwed into frame of lantern

How is Watchroom Fitted:
How is Relief Called: Fitted to lens
Where is Call System Led: To kitchen
Illuminating Apparatus
Kind of Apparatus: 5 hours
Intensity in Candles:
Name of Maker: Chance Bros. & Co., Limited, near Birmingham, Eng.
Year Made: 1907
Marks and Number: USLHE 433
Order of Apparatus: 4th
Inside Diameter: 19"
Light Characteristic: Flashing white every 10 seconds
Time of Revolution: 40 seconds
Flash Interval:
Duration of Flash:
Arc of Each Fixed Part:
Number of Panels: 4
Number of Flash Panels: 4
Arc of Each: 90 degrees
Number of Elements in Central Drum: 5
Number of Prisms Above Center Drum: 5
Number of Prisms Below Center Drum: 3
Does Apparatus Revolve?: True
Is There a Revolving Belt?: False
Revolving Panels:
How Flash is Produced:
Number of Vertical Elements Panel:
Fixed Lens Covered:
Pedestal: Tubular, iron & brass
Service Table: None
Draft Tube Description: None
Revolving Machinery: Standard clock
Standby and Description:
Chariot Float or Balls: Balls
Chariot Description:
Length of Drop Tube: 20 feet
Clock Weight:
Length of Winding Time: 5 hours
Drive During Rewind:
Machinery Protection: By a glass case
Regulated: Skew gear-driven fan governor
Lens Protection:
How Color is Produced:
Red Sectors Description:
Where Color Attached:
Form of Colored Glass:
Lamp Description: Improved one wich 4th-order
Type of Illuminant:
Number of Spare Lamps: 2
Number of Spare Burners: None
Candle Power:

Clock Cord Description
Revolving Cord: Cord, led through floor
Size of Clock Cord:
Length of Clock Cord:
How Led:
Diameter and Length of Clock Drum:

Chariot Balls
Balls Description: V grooves
Cage to Separate Balls: False
Number of Balls: 19
Diameter of Balls: 1/2 inch
Closets and Store Rooms
Tower Closet Use: With shelves & hooks
Oil House Description: Second floor; on stand covered with zinc.
Oil House Inside Dimension:
Oil House Construction Material:
Oil House Capacity:
Other (Describe): Closets in each room; with shelves & hooks
Suitability: Dry and suited
Fog Signal General
Fog Signal Kind: No. 4 Gamewell bell machine
Time to Start: Can be started at once
How Long Will Pressure Last:
Manufacturer: Gamewell Fire Alarm Telegraph Co., Boston, Mass.
Year of Manufacture: Not known
Characteristic: A double blow every 10 seconds.
Timing Device:
If whistle, siren, or trumpet, Pressure at Which Blown:
Height Above Water:
Compass Direction:
Distance and Direction:
Water Supply:
Reached from Lighthouse:
Description of Fog Signal Building:
Pressure And Recording Gauge:
Bell Signal
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Metal: Bell metal
Diameter: 36"
Height: 29.5"
Time: 1 hour
Weights for Operation:
Location: No tower
Coloring: White
Construction Materials: Wood
Number of Rooms: 8
Number of Dwellings:
Heating Plant:
Number of Keepers: 2
Furnished Quarters:
NOT Furnished Quarters:
Outhouse Coloring:
Paths and Walks:
Area Inclosed:
Area of Garden:
Area Timber or Shrubbery:
Cultivation Area Available:
Area Cultivated:
Character of Surroundings:
Stove, Maker:
Stove, Size:
Sink, Maker:
Sink, Size:
Pump, Maker:
Pump, Size:
How Procured: From roof
Quality: Good
Quantity: Ample
Injury Possible: Not liable
Purity Precaution: By cleaning out tanks regularly
Tank Capacity: 4 tanks, 200 galls. each; on 1st floor
Tank Material: Iron
Distilling Apparatus: False
Distilling Manufacturer:
Well Description:
Well Diameter:
Well Lining:
Pump or Bucket:
What Power Used:
Distance from Dwelling:
General Opinion: Healthy
Local Causes:
Recommended Improvements: