Passport Stamp Collecting Goals & Guidelines

    Goals of the Lighthouse Passport Program
  • Provide a vehicle for participating locations to obtain donations to continue their preservation, restoration and educational efforts.  To this end, we suggest a minimum donation of $2 for each stamp you receive. 
  • Act as a fun way to chronical lighthouse visits and learn more about the important role they have played in American maritime history.
Passport entries that qualify for Passport Achievement Awards

Stamps for the USLHS Passport Program are primarily available for lighthouses.  However, some USCG stations, life-saving stations, maritime museums and Fresnel lenses are also included.  Any reference to “lighthouses” in our policies includes all of these types of locations. 

For domestic and international lighthouses listed on the USLHS website of participating locations:

  • The stamp must be for a listed location.
  • If the stamp is only an image, write underneath it the name of the lighthouse and where you obtained the stamp so we can verify its availabilty for others.
  • If more than one stamp design is available from a listed location they may be included in your Passport.  Note:  It is always a good idea to ask if another stamp with a different design is available. 
  • Stamps with different designs (listed as Design #1, #2, etc.) for the same lighthouse may be available at different locations.  Each of these designs counts as a separate entry.
  • A photo may be used in place of a stamp.  Write the name of the lighthouse underneath it in your Passport. 
  • Note:  National Park cancellation stamps are part of a different program and should not be included in your passport, with 2 exceptions:  Cape Hatteras and Bodie Island, both of which have an image of the lighthouse.  No other lighthouse stamp is available at these locations.  All other NP lighthouse locations have an acceptable stamp available at a participating site.  Note:  Cape Hatteras and Bodie Island also have a cancellation stamp without the image.  Only the ones with the image should be included.

For domestic lighthouses not listed

  • Submit a copy to the Passport Club via email for possible inclusion on the list of acceptable stamps. 
  • If you find a location not listed that is interested in becoming part of the program, have them send an inquiry to

For international lighthouses not listed

  • A stamp may be included IF it has both an image and the name of the lighthouse as part of the stamp.
  • Image or name only stamps as well as photos of international lighthouses may not be included for awards.


Participating location hours/days of opening

Many participating locations are only open seasonally.  In addition, the days and hours of the week they are open may be limited by the availability of volunteers.  It is strongly suggested that you call or check the location’s website to determine their current hours.

Obtaining stamp images via mail  

If a stamp is unavailable when you visit or you visited it before you started collecting stamps, some locations are willing to provide you with a copy of the stamp via mail.  This normally requires a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and a donation (suggested amount $2) for each stamp requested.  Additionally, some locations require more proof of your visit (e.g. a photo).  Requirements are clearly identified for each site on the website along with their mailing instructions.  

Stamps available on Lighthouse Cruises & Excursions

Some stamps are available from companies that provide cruises or excursions to one or more lighthouses.  Most require that you participate in the cruise in order to obtain the stamp.  In many cases a stamp with a different design for the same lighthouses is available at another location.

Obtaining your achievement awards (Patches, Wings & All Stamp Flags)

In order to obtain your achievement awards and be listed in our Hall of Fame, each Passport must contain 60 acceptable entries.  If you are not able to fit four stamps on each page, use the blank pages in the back of the book to complete this requirement. 
There are several ways for you to obtain your awards:
(1)   The preferred way is to attach scans of your Passport pages in an email to:
(2)  Mail a photocopy of the pages to:  USLHS Passport Program, 9005 Point No Point Rd., NE, Hansville, WA 98340.  Include a SASE to receive your patch and/or flag by return mail. 
(3)   Mail the completed passport book along with $4 for return postage and tracking service.  It is recommended that you obtain a tracking number when you mail it to the office. 

Note:  If you have any questions regarding your completed passport or the status of your award request, please do not call the office.  Send your inquiry to: