Apply to Become a Participating Location

There are a few simple steps in the application process.  First, fill out the form below.  Once your application is approved, our graphic artist will create a design based on your input. The stamp will be designed, fabricated and shipped for $45.  Discounts are available for multiple stamps.  If you have questions or need more information email Skip Sherwood, Program Director ( or call Society headquarters - 415-362-7255

Additions to the program require that a new stamp location:
1.  Be  listed in one or more of the following recognized lighthouse database sites:  Lighthouse Friends, Lighthouse Explorer Database and Lighthouse Directory. 
2.  Is currently (or at one time was) an active aid to marine navigation (ATON).  This can be a recognized private or a U.S. Coast Guard aid.  In addition, lifesaving stations, Coast Guard Stations and museums with historical lighthouse artifacts, such as 1st order Fresnel lenses, can be considered for the program.
3.  Use the income from providing the stamps to collectors to support lighthouse preservation.   Collectors are encouraged to donate a minimum of $2 for each stamp they receive.

Describe where the Passport Stamp would physically be located including name of building or organization, address, phone number and website if available (and different from above).
Provide this office a photograph or logo you wish the Passport stamp to be based upon.
Files must be less than 3 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg png.
Provide any text you wish to have presented on the Stamp. Most lighthouses include the name of the light, the state it is located and the date it was established.